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15 of 31 March photography challenge + #sinfulsunday

Mixing things up again…

Participating in a… “normal” … daily photography challenge with a new theme per day…

Keeping it family friendly for Instagram

While also adapting a more sensual, sexual, erotic, kinky or just fun way to twist the challenge for here

Today’s challenge is

“someone you love”

Since I’m focusing on ME this month…

Trying to wake up my sexuality

The someone I love…

Is me

The weather was lovely

I took advantage of the sunshine

Knowing the rain would come tonight…

I still feel as if I’m not fully whole


Overall my creativity is waking back up…

I’m starting to feel more Me

I’m not there yet

But it’s much like “edge play”…



Worth it all…

Tomorrow’s challenge is “your street”

Click on the lips to see what fun others are up to this Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday

Please “like”, share and leave positive feedback for all those participating

14 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “breakfast”

Ok I admit…

I didn’t actually eat any food until 16:00 but I did drink copious amounts of coffee

I was too distracted working on a number of things around the house and just wasn’t hungry

Then I decided to use the last of the dough from the other day

A mix of coconut flour, corn flour and normal flour…plus sesame oil and sugar, salt, water and rising stuff

It turned out like a cross between a tortilla and naan bread but with a sweetness like a thin cookie

Topping with leftovers that were pan fried to reheat, as well as a canned tomato that I diced, added shredded cheese and pan fried to reduce some of the juice… Ohhh and the cream cheese and egg…

It was fantastic and an orgasm for my mouth!

Yeah… I love cooking

This is why I cook ingredients separately and allow others to mix in what they want when eating at mine

It allows me creative freedom to take leftovers and do all kinds of tasty mad science in the kitchen

But sadly my cooking skills just aren’t sexy enough hehe

So I decided to get creative with tonight’s more erotic picture

I’m exhausted from trying to heal from a sinus infection and so much necessary housework but…

I’m heading off to Dreamland and even Mistress Insomnia won’t keep me away tonight

Tomorrow’s challenge is “someone you love”

Definitely need to get creative with that one

dream a little dream of me #SinfulSunday

i am always lost in dreaming

even when i am awake

IMG_4339 a

i dream….


though my eyes see the world as it is

my brain filters through the images

my feelings warp and twist them

though i am forced to live in reality

i dream

the music plays

i close my eyes

i know reality is there around me

but her voice sings

i feel her words within me

then he beings to sing

gravel and deep but warm and charming

ahh how i long for a time that still doesnt yet exist

the beauty of corsets and flowing chemise

IMG_4324 a

the grace of dancers

the wit and charm

the music that calls to me

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you
Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you
But in your dreams whatever they be
Dream a little dream of me

Read more: Ella Fitzgerald – Dream A Little Dream Of Me Lyrics | MetroLyrics

the song changes and i feel like i opened a more pleasant version of Pandora’s box

IMG_4361 a

how i wish that there was more creativity in the world

the mixing of modern and past

IMG_4383 a

sensual and sexual

IMG_4292 a

i know that sinful sunday is all about the image

that each week is a chance to share how we see the world of sexuality

for me the words are just as important

i see the images created in words

but thats me

please, take a moment to go through the other bloggers images

comment, like and share

Sinful Sunday
ps…thanks to TinMan for playing my cameraman today, his help made these pictures possible ❤

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