day 10 #FebPhotoFest2015

if you have been following along

i have been sick for the past 5 days

i still enter pics for the february photo fest of 2015


but everyone asks how come i look so go even when sick

easy answer

IMG_1189 a

i fake it!

the thing is

i have been sick, chronically, in one way or another

for the past 23 YEARS

i have an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder

it takes a lot of energy to look normal

i am used to hearing

“but you dont look sick”

and thats because i fake it

i try hard to still be me

just not as often

the recovery time is often very long

ps… thats is the only thing i fake *evil grin*

Don’t worry Be happy #SundayResolution

post 2 for my sunday resolutions!!

why wait for next week!

i will post as many as inspire me but only on sundays hahah


so! Don’t Worry!



yay for friends with a foot fetish!!

having fun with markers!


who says you have to grow up and stop being playful with colors!

i love drawing on my skin like when i was a kid

its fun!


why deny yourself a simple pleasure!

go draw on yourself too! 😉

An Accident In Space And Time

Just your average, friendly Vulcan

Charlie In The Pool

Sometimes there are boobs.

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