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“suck out the inside of an egg with a strapon” humorous rant about hubby

Note: for those of you who do NOT follow me on facebook and thus may have NO FUCKING IDEA bout what is going on my life… i am in the process of divorcing my husband of 11 years married but 13 in total, he is the biological father of my 6yr old and the adopted father of my other two boys (12 & 16)…

as with any divorce there are issues aplenty and this is no exception!

i am trying VERY FUCKING HARD to stay neutral and objective so that the children have the least problems with the most benefit from the situation… while my husband is acting a bit more … well.. manipulative and giving me many reasons to NEED to vent

so i hope you can see the humor in my frustrations haha and help me laugh away these frustrations 😀


– – –


i would like to take this opportunity to say that 
i love my boyfriend 
for the simple reason…

that he doesnt make me feel like i am trying to suck out the inside of an egg with a strapon…

now, if you can understand how impossible that task would be without some sort of SERIOUS modifications… you now understand what a cunt i am dealing with in regards to Ze Ex IT (Ze Ex In Training) …(written with a Ze instead of The because he is french)

though i do admit TinMan is awesome for other reasons as well haha


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