day 20 #FebPhotoFest

more and more i find myself lost in dreams

waiting for spring

wanting the sun

wearing summer dresses

laying in bed

daydreaming of adventures to come

exploring the forest

walking through fields

picnics by the lake

coffee licked off your lips

a hand slipped up my thigh

higher and higher

my dress fluttering in the breeze

lost in my dreams

in reality i lay on my bed

wishing for the warmth

to watch that warmth color your cheeks

your eyes on my chest

seeing me pull loose the strings at my chest

IMG_1338 a

ah how i day dream

of kisses

your hands on me

sensual spring

IMG_1348 a

till then i have my bed

my dress

my dreams


An Accident In Space And Time

Just your average, friendly Vulcan

Charlie In The Pool

Sometimes there are boobs.

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