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how i naturally cope with sickness…. #CoconutOil

ok last weekend my 7yr old had a fever

just a slight one

he gets better and goes back to my ex


wednesday night TinMan gets ill plus horrid back pains

thursday he gets meds (doctors like him)

thursday night or after midnight friday morning… i start to get ill


…….. note to self :

when one is truly allergic to codeine.. don’t kiss someone taking codeine


right away i started having tingling and numbness in my lips

slight lung issue

by 7am friday morning i went home cause i was getting worse fast

i didn’t start hallucinating but reading on my kindle became way more vivid


saturday i am in and out of sleep, low fever, body aches, horrid hangover like migraines, swollen abdomen, lungs burnt like i smoked a pack of cigs in one go or ran a mile in the freezing air… dry mouth/throat/nose and more

normally a thing like this would knock me on my ass for a month and another month to mostly recover

the joys of having an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder


when i started taking coconut oil, on a regular basis, starting in april last year

 i started to heal faster overall, suffer less and stopped taking any meds unless it got too heavy for me to cope

even then i usually only take paracetamol

i hate meds, i suffer too many side effects or develop allergies to the meds

one medication made me lose feeling in my clit…. i took 3 low does pills and nearly 2 years later i still dont have full sensation!

so yeah, i try for more natural ways to get better


i know i need to drink plenty of fluids and eat, even though i am not really hungry

i made myself some chicken legs/thighs

they where frozen and i put them in a baking dish with warm water covering 2/3rds up the side of the chicken leg

added lots of parsley flakes and some Himalayan rose salt to the water

when it was mostly done baking, i added some garlic powder to the broth and on top of the skin which was crispy

i also baked up some carrots, mostly just reheating them as i bought them pre-vapor cooked

added the carrots, both and some chicken into a bowl

IMG_1026 a

my mom and i have been reading up on health benefits of various herbs and such for years

she sent me some green tea pills and red algae pills

IMG_1032 a

i hate pills but i figured if i opened the soft gels (you never know what they are made of or if they will cut the beneficial properties of what is inside) and mixed with hot water to dissolve the powder and make a sort of tea…

well i poured the tea like mix into my soup and it had a nice flavor


but before all that i made myself one of my hot coconut oil drinks

easier to drink something healthy while prepping and baking

IMG_1033 a

my drink consisted of a large Guinness mug, filled 1/3rd with hot milk

then i add coconut oil… i used a heaping tablespoonful of cold/solid oil (it is only liquid when warm)

then coffee and some passion fruit syrup

the oil in that amount is hard to drink

so slimy feeling but the milk and coffee thin it out and the syrup makes you feel special

pretty tasty


i drank half the mug and less than 20 min later i suddenly had a productive cough instead of dry cough

it started cleaning my system out as if i was way more into the cold/flu/thing

the neat part about coconut oil is that it is antibacterial like antibiotics but not harsh on the body unless you are one of the rare people allergic to coconut

the coconut oil is ALSO antiviral! it is a kick ass plant with a ton of health benefits

but many people are stupid and cry out “no no it’s fat it’s fat it’s SATURATED fat”

that just means it burns higher without changing chemical composition (thus going from good to toxic)…unlike all the other (non tropical/non medium chain fatty acids) oils we have been told are healthy for us (some are still very healthy, so long as you don’t heat them and they are not exposed to light or air)


on the side i have been drinking lots of tea with honey

mainly these two flavors

lavender, thyme and rosemary…. very sweet even without honey

the other tea is from the brand loyds, EXTREMELY flavorful, rosehips (high in vitamine c) and apple

IMG_1048 a

so if we say i started getting noticeably sick after midnight of friday morning and it is now early evening sunday

i am detoxing my system extremely fast whereas it would take me at least 2 weeks to get to the productive cough stage at my “normal”/messed up healing rate

it is helping me, the coconut oil and it augments the other healthy stuff i have been doing for most of my life


in the words of reading rainbow “but you don’t have to take my word for it”

health, a #SundayResolution

i have been thinking
everyone makes new years resolutions and then give up after a few seconds or maybe months
but when i think about what they are doing…
it doesn’t fit with me

i have noticed that people treat new years resolutions like lent
i must give up something and become a better person for losing this sin

i don’t want to give things up
i do that all the time
i constantly try to get rid of the negative in my life and be cheerful
if you read my posts on facebook you might say the opposite
but my life is full of struggle and pain
so facebook is my venting space
but overall i really am a very happy person
more so considering all the shit i live with on a daily basis

since i am not religious… but i understand the concepts in various religions and philosophies..
i don’t do “lent”…
and i wont give up things like energy drinks and chocolate for the new year

i want to ADD things into my life

i always TRY to eat healthy and i always want to exercise more
but those are not things i will do simply because it is the new year

so i have been looking at the various lists out there
what people think are important to do in a resolution

one said read more
and i like that idea because that falls into the category of being good to myself
setting up a calm space for me, a nice drink of some kind, comfy pillows and background music
just relaxing with a book

now i do read a lot of sci fi but i should be reading more smutt
i have so many friends who write erotica and i should be devoting more time to their words
that is what a good friend does and i would like to be a good friend

i decided
my new years resolution is complicated
and since i want to blog more and take more pictures
i will do like molly from Molly’s Daily Kiss

she and others are often participating in Memes that mix photography and ideas
i loved her advent calendar of pictures with the alphabet theme
and there have been others she has done… as you can tell she is an inspiration for me

what i want to do is be realistic
i am lazy due to so much stress in my life
i know i cant post every sunday but i try for the #SinfulSunday meme

i had the idea to count how many sundays there are, per month, in 2015
most have 4 but some have 5
if i stick with the idea of the once a month theme for sinful sunday that removes one sunday per month from the list of resolutions

if i take off the 4 extra sundays throughout the year where there are a total of 5 sundays in a month…
and if i take off one more sunday per month…

well roughly that means i will keep trying to post the themed sinful sunday and 2 more sundays per month
i think i can do 3 sundays a month in total for posting blogs and pictures
it is a small goal but it is something i want to do

so each sunday blog entry will be my personal theme and interpretation of one of my new years resolutions

today i start with health…
drinking hot coffee with milk, vanilla extract, unrefined brown sugar (when unrefined there are lots of health benefits) and coconut oil (needed for my various health issues)


and as you can see, i am also nude and slow to leave my bed
but i was a good girl and MADE my bed hahaha

test the results …hair treatment #sinfulsunday

as always, Sinful sunday is all about the image…and the fun, the sensual or erotic…the smutt.. whatever you like..but it NEEDS an image, or two…or more!

check out the others who are being sinful..including the gentleclown, newest of the members to join our fun… please read the blogs and make comments of the positive kind (and yes that ass is fun to handle if any of you ladies are curious to test him)

Sinful Sunday


my sunday is pretty boring

tons of back pain and staying in bed with TinMan, hopefully i can one day talk him into starting a blog of his sinful side…

watching games of throne from the beginning.. i admit i had never seen it but for the love of any god…who could watch it when dubbed in french!!!

i thought i had never read the books..turns out i had, funny how the mind works..

and the last of my sunday was spent doing imitations of american comedians to explain the humor i like… seems i am scary when i do a  lewis black impression 😀 hahaha


so what did i do that was sinful? i “dyed” my hair

i used a mixture of coconut oil, black cumin/nigella oil, red palm oil (high in beta carotene, thus red coloring), honey and coconut milk..turned that into a hair treatment and pranced around the house, naked as a jay bird 😀

we will see tomorrow if there is any change to my colors, hoping for a deeper red and more soft curls


and yes, amazingly i have no makeup in this picture but smiling anyway! the black cumin/nigella oil is helping a lot with my skin

Health and the positive side of #CoconutOil

note: I posted this on facebook… but I am adding it here and will probly add it to fetlife as well



ok, i am going to see how many people pay attention to my status…

and no this isnt a spam one


a lot of you have health issues and all of you that (actually pay attention and) know me remember that i suffer from really bad health issues


last year i had a brain scan and the neurologist saw some stuff, i started taking a medication to help get more blood flow to my brain…

the down side of that medication was that it sent my (already raising heart) into over drive and i was suffering very badly

even to the point of saying that sex could literally kill me… you all know my love of sex and kink… but more importantly, sex is an exercise and if exercising would stress my heart so easily… i was scared

i stopped the meds in spetember last year when i was pregnant… it caused me to start to miscarry and i had to make sure that there were no surprises because the medication was toxic to new life


so… even though i have been off the medication, my heart has still been damaged


for the upside….


i started taking coconut oil, just taking it, not cooking with it or adding it to foods… literally eating a teaspoonful or two a day

i did that for more than a week straight and then stopped for a week and then started again… i have upped my dose to at least two tablespoons a day

it has been a lil over a month and my heart is damn near normal, i am not having random pains or having it seriously stress out over the smallest activity



for all of my friends suffering from all kinds of health issues…. look into coconut oil, i wouldn’t say this for nothing and there are some of you i really worry about

and yes… it is safe for newborns


i know some of you get annoyed with “omg take this, try that, read this!” kind of messages… but i love you people and this HELPED me and i still have a long road to go for the rest of my health issues


The Coconut Oil Miracle, 5th Edition

by Bruce Fife



you can also check out this link before you decide to buy the book or not, it contains a lot of information on the positive side of coconut oil




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