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Showing my strength #sinfulsunday

My personality is multifaceted

I’ve shown my softer side

Feeling capable of bringing that back to the surface as I remember how to feel…

How to be more myself again

But I was also reminded of how strong my personality is

That I hate taking shit from anyone

How I will fight for what I believe in

As well as loving fiercely

This pictures show my strength

I’m gaining back all that I was

Redesigning who I am now

Figuring out who I want to be next

Sinful Sunday is all about the image and the fun of sharing our adventures through blogging

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Sinful Sunday

Will share my new hair colors soon 😁

Time and plotting

Time passes and it will keep on passing

Sands slipping through my fingers

I am unsure of how long it has been but knowing that time has gone along its way as my hand starts to empty

Time is a fickle thing

Time doesn’t care if we notice or not

It is our brains that notice… or not

Our brains that care when we have noticed… or not

I know that time is a precious thing

Not to be wasted on being depressed

Never forgotten how much those we are with mean to us

Sometimes time is best used for plotting

I will use this time to think of tomorrow

The forest will be cooler than the rest of the area

My cloak will not be red but my hair is and I will pretend for a time

That I am little red…


Wearing a cloak, with a hood and my new summer shoes


But there will be time for more clothing, just not THIS time

To sleep I go and dream of other times and what they will bring 


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