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Sex vs #debate #politics

Note: not a rewrite, not edited, forgive the heat of passion and fuck the spelling/grammer


my heart is beating way too fast

my blood is boiling

i have been shaking with anger and indignation that i have been repressing during the debate so that i could write down my thoughts as they flow from the material before me as i watched the television

i could not believe how @_bhickman vented and bitched at the tv during the 1st debate but now it was my turn

i was swearing at the tv once the debate was over and my words had been written, the play by play edited and processed so i can post it tonight

you people are bad for my health!

isnt it bad enough we have people of ALL COLORS! ALL LEVELS OF INCOME! that are suffering and yet all you people can focus on is “me first” …

we have that young girl shot in the head for trying to give her “sisters” proper schooling

we have a young girl missing and later found dead and dismembered

we have children all over the world without enough food to live

children without proper health care to live

children with out the schooling needed to change this world for the better!

what the fuck is wrong with you people and your “me first” attitude!

at least obama is trying to make a difference

at least clinton tried to make a difference

and they both had the tables stacked against them! and they may not have done allllll they wanted or said they would do but they did achieve great things and they fucking tried to make things better! INSPITE of the bad behavior from the republican party!


as for the title…

sex vs debate and politics


i blog about sex because it is fun, it is taboo when it shouldnt be, i make an effort to teach people to think and grow and be better people as a whole

ya know what, i INSPIRE people to love their body, to love themselves, to take pride in who they are and what they want out of life and love and sex

ya know what, when you know who you are sexually, you become a freer person, you stop trying to control every aspect of life that doesnt need your fingers in it. you gain confidence in yourself, you gain control over who you are and how you let people treat you and how you treat others

you dont have to shove it in someons face but just the act of knowing yourself empowers you

sex creates endorphins, releaves the body of toxins and brings us closer together

in general… sex makes us happy


you fucking politicians are not making me happy!

you say you wanna make changes then fight the people that can make things better

you say one thing then do another

you say gimmy gimmy gimmy more for me and screw the rest of you



politicians, go have some sex, really good sex and feel better! BUT DO IT LEGALLY!

or at least with written permission!




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