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10 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “the ground”

I have no energy…

I feel a sinus infection starting

Desperately need to be productive in the house but I just want to sleep

I don’t feel sexy…

I don’t want to do anything…

But I took a paddle and put it on the ground…

Tada! I win for “the ground” challenge

And there’s a pussy pic too…

Granted not the kind you’d typically associate with erotic photography but humor… hehe

The paddle is made of Corian, typically used for countertops in the states and can be molded to a number of forms

I bought it from a vendor at the LFF (London Fetish Fair) a number of years ago

I rarely use it for kink

More to scare off idiots trying to misbehave in my kitchen haha

Tomorrow’s challenge is “contentment”

Need cuddles for that

Will need more coffee too

The cats keep trying to steal mine

my boobs have been cat-napped

few months ago my son got a kitten

since he tends to keep his door closed a lot

she comes to me for attention

tonight she came running into my room

thump thomp thump

almost sounding like a crazed pony

she jumped on my bed and demanded attention

this meant i had to pet her a lot and give rubs/scratches

but that wasnt good enough

she demanded to be in my arms for cuddles

kisses and chin rubs

not to mention helping her stay curled in various yoga positions

for easier grooming

for a second i thought i was holding a long eared rabbit from the way she was posing

occasionally a paw trying to go up my nose

i kept shifting her around

at one point i swore i needed to put her in some kind of baby sling

finally we compromised

i stopped standing and she stopped fidgeting


i laid down on my bed

cuddled her into my chest


yay warm boobs and purring kitten


we stayed like this for a while


but curses!!

i needed to pee!!!

isnt that always the case

i waited as long as i could but nature won out

i left the warmth of my bed

and the softness of my kitten

when i came back..


of course it makes sense

i disturbed her happiness

so she claimed the middle of the bed

such is life

but at least she stayed

now she is back to cuddling


and google has joined us


though he is more picky about cuddle time

but he relaxed and cuddled my leg


paprika kept trying to get comfy


she is too cute like this

happy night of cuddling and purring

pussy cat sadness.. no sex for google

update on the cat world….
princess (my neighbors cat who has claimed my bed & kitchen as her own) decided to take a nap behind me on the bed

i have recently reorganized my room so i can use my bed like a couch/chair and have my laptop on a table …

makes it easier for me to enjoy the net without hurting my body by contorting into odd angles while typing or playing games


google, my male cat went all ninja like …as usual… and tried to do what a lot of women like…

waking up to a good tongue bath of the girly bits

sadly this eventually failed like all his attempts at sexing up princess

at first princess didnt seem to care…. till she woke up fully and then batted his face while bitching…. a lot of bitching

i get this intense feeling that princess is a lesbian cat

then again she seems to bitch at him anytime he gets too close

there have been days when lil miss princess dorito-paws has been nice and played with him.. then there have only been mild amounts of “hey you fuck offfffff!”

though i admit i was tempted to record tonights event, i had too much fun watching instead…

i am not THAT pervy, i just wanted to see if i was gonna have to grab one and toss out the door or dunk the other in the shower hahaha

here is a good pic of princess and a lil gun porn (one of the boys toys)


and this is google… he loves this post


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