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candy anyone? #SinfulSunday

happy sinful sunday!

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Sinful Sunday
so it is easter sunday
i am spiritual instead of religious but i am always big into any excuse to buy candy and tasty things
so i bought lollipops
care for a lick?
IMG_0876 a.jpg
and i bought the larger kinder eggs
what is a pagan holiday without signs of fertility and chocolate!
IMG_0944 a
sadly you state side folks cant get these cause of choking hazards
the toys inside are fun lol
IMG_0978 a
and i have dinner in the oven
bought a duck bundle, it is stuffed with farce (minced meat with herbs) and topped with an orange slice
i added hamburgers to the pan, topped those with dried herbs and in all open spaces i added cubes of peeled apple and orange slices
IMG_1024 a.jpg
will serve with salad
hoping my boys enjoy
gatta bring the magic out when there is a holiday

candy words

currently in wisconsin

enjoying what i can

as i can

though i find myself craving something

i know it has a name

what is it…

that thing


i forget whatchamacall it!


ya know!

i know you know

let me think

…. hmmm

oh yeah!

i know what i’m craving!

i am in the mood

for a lil hanky panky


candy seems as close as i am gonna get though

no, not tonight i have a headache #SinfulSunday

i have been suffering migraines a lot lately


i have been having brain pains

vasculitis or however you spell it

the pain has been bad and some days i cant function

then i have a burst of health and energy

and i feel me again

the other day i was out shopping and i saw something that made me giggle

i was thinking

“take two and call me in the morning”

so i bought these lil cocks

IMG_3573 a

and then i saw this

IMG_3578 a

“zizi de secours” ….. emergency willy

IMG_3577 a

and if the first two dont take away the pain

well… time to see a professional

IMG_3579 a

for normal headaches they do say that sex will help

but this is brain pain

i want to crawl away and hide

so this is my sunday

remembering the humor in sex and keeping you all giggling

keeping myself sane

i’m gonna go hide now



remember, sinful sunday is all about the image

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 Sinful Sunday


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