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15 of 31 March photography challenge + #sinfulsunday

Mixing things up again…

Participating in a… “normal” … daily photography challenge with a new theme per day…

Keeping it family friendly for Instagram

While also adapting a more sensual, sexual, erotic, kinky or just fun way to twist the challenge for here

Today’s challenge is

“someone you love”

Since I’m focusing on ME this month…

Trying to wake up my sexuality

The someone I love…

Is me

The weather was lovely

I took advantage of the sunshine

Knowing the rain would come tonight…

I still feel as if I’m not fully whole


Overall my creativity is waking back up…

I’m starting to feel more Me

I’m not there yet

But it’s much like “edge play”…



Worth it all…

Tomorrow’s challenge is “your street”

Click on the lips to see what fun others are up to this Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday

Please “like”, share and leave positive feedback for all those participating

14 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “breakfast”

Ok I admit…

I didn’t actually eat any food until 16:00 but I did drink copious amounts of coffee

I was too distracted working on a number of things around the house and just wasn’t hungry

Then I decided to use the last of the dough from the other day

A mix of coconut flour, corn flour and normal flour…plus sesame oil and sugar, salt, water and rising stuff

It turned out like a cross between a tortilla and naan bread but with a sweetness like a thin cookie

Topping with leftovers that were pan fried to reheat, as well as a canned tomato that I diced, added shredded cheese and pan fried to reduce some of the juice… Ohhh and the cream cheese and egg…

It was fantastic and an orgasm for my mouth!

Yeah… I love cooking

This is why I cook ingredients separately and allow others to mix in what they want when eating at mine

It allows me creative freedom to take leftovers and do all kinds of tasty mad science in the kitchen

But sadly my cooking skills just aren’t sexy enough hehe

So I decided to get creative with tonight’s more erotic picture

I’m exhausted from trying to heal from a sinus infection and so much necessary housework but…

I’m heading off to Dreamland and even Mistress Insomnia won’t keep me away tonight

Tomorrow’s challenge is “someone you love”

Definitely need to get creative with that one

13 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “prized possession”

It’s a bit complicated as I don’t really have a materialistic personality

Even though my house is full of things…

If I’m speaking from a sexual or erotic perspective…

I don’t often objectify people, so that’s out

I have a number of toys but nothing that really “does it for me”

Or I need a partner haha

My leather underbust corset was a favorite a few years ago but I’ve lost too much weight to wear it haha

If staying on a fetish thing…

Smell is intense for me

As a switch, I like having a partner that has a primal aspect to their personality and scent often triggers an impressive desire

There is a difference, for me, with primal vs alpha

With primal, for me, it’s about letting go and living in the moment…

Allowing your senses to be free, to breathing in the blissful scents that inspires instinctual actions

Putting human desires and social restraints on hold as you remember that we are technically animals

I love inspiring lust

Wearing a specific smell on my wrists, the top of my head…my neck

Mmmm… I miss the act of being intimately close, of having them breathe up or down the length of my body to find the scent they crave

My favorite is blueberry essential oil by Spiritual Sky

It’s an old bottle, I can’t find this flavor any more and as a materialistic sort of thing… I guess it could count

But I’m more for deeper meaning and yet I’m too sleepy to think of any

Tomorrow’s challenge is “breakfast”

12 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “your name”

While I KNOW what they meant…

I chose to be a *stickler for wording

Choosing to write “your name” on my left breast because the left is *closest to my heart

*Two references from Killjoys

The way I see it

Everyone who’s been good to me

Those who have touched my heart

Be they random strangers being kind when I needed it most




Or even future lovers

“Your name” is written in my heart

Though any future lovers will have to write an application to be considered


The reason I mentioned Killjoys is because I love the friendship, the bond of family…

Be they characters who are genetically related or not

The actors do exceedingly well at breathing life into the characters

There are times when I cry because the love they portray, is what I want in my life but keep struggling to find that type of connection

The romantic side is well played and sensual

The friendship and family is what I long for

The kink… Ohh I do love the fun that’s hinted at

The communication, the warmth and passion… All things that I know do exist in the world

And it’s something to remember…

Far too many have lost those memories, of what the world could be…

What it should be

The love and affection is far more in the direction of the Addams family vs what so many ignorant fools head towards with the Joker and Harley Quinn or 50 Shades of shit’storm

So I’m making a point to remind people to do better, be better and don’t settle for less

Tomorrow’s challenge is “prized possession”

Happily I already have an idea

bringing #nipples into your day

a friend of mine on twitter is depressed

i am sure there are other folks out there that are in a funk and i figured i would try and help some of you get out of that winter depression

lets help bring back warm weather and the scantly clad ladies 😉


me, in the shower… the joys of soap 🙂





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