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Oct 13th No Bra Day …. yup, i took pics to prove it

so i took a bunch of pics to help support breast cancer awareness month

as well as the specific “no bra day”

i made two memes to post on facebook from those pictures

one is more … innocent

IMG_3358 a

not that you can see the devil horns but they are there haha

i blame cara sutra for the idea of the horns…

again not that you see them in the above picture

and she inspired me for the cincher in the pic below

the second pic …less innocent but no nipple!

IMG_3470 a

safe for the evils of facebook haha

as for my blog

well i can post whatever i want


“yay boobies” as the boys tend to say


side view…. i learned some folks enjoy an armpit


i got this cincher just under an inch of gap ..

when i bought this about 3 years ago, it was a size too small

slowly winning back who i am


and a bit of pain… just a bit

Why wait for October #BreastCancerAwareness

so, one of my new guys left a comment saying how much he likes breasts

well that got the “like” symbol stuck in my head and i wanted to do something cute

but being that it is now september and just a few short weeks until october

why not create a meme to share with others

a reminder

for women yes but for men as well

so here are my breasts

 a happy reminder that everyone should get a check up to stay healthy

i have posted this on my facebook page and you can easily share from there 

IMG_0079 a2

please be good to yourself and those you love

ladies please practice self exams to learn your body

( and for my lovely men too )

for good health as well as for pleasure

love yourself in all the best ways for all the best reasons

love others for that same reason


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