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Don’t pinch me

so i have proof i am wearing green!!



ok granted not very much, a spot here, a bigger circle there… but it is green!!

but being a ginger should be proof enough :p



i may not be irish but i don’t like being pinched!


a spanking sure 😉


happy st patricks day


New week means …

…look for the magic and show off the new bra *evil grin*

Over the weekend I watched the movie “The Secret of Moonacre”, a very sweet film of magic and stories and….I loved the costumes!!

I love magic…to dream and be lost in the possibilities

So that feeling took over today when I got dressed, went out, had men flirt… I love the shy side to the French males here… at least in the country side

Later when I came home and had a few conversations and random thoughts

I decided to go into the garden and capture the magic I was feeling

Sadly the option of being Lil Red Ridding Hood in the forest with my dog, my lover…I was VERY disappointed to have my prior plans changed

Some of the magic





The new bra too 😉








Nothing better to do so posting bra pictures :)

Yeah I know… but it is late saturday night or early sunday depending on how technical you want to be and I am bored

Had a good week without the whole family around and plotting to see my lover tomorrow for a fun photo shoot for sinful sunday

….but for now… 









so….. whatcha think?

I had fun altering them



One year because of you #SinfulSunday

Sinful Sunday

It’s been a year since you inspired me to start writing again

To type the little taps on the keys and make words form deep inside my soul

It has been a year since I started writing for your meme

There have been many days when I was silent and the words had no photo to grace your page

The day has gone by and I thought of many ideas on how to salute you

Where to place a candle

Tonight is here and Sunday is almost gone

So close to the time when sin ends and Monday blahs begin

For now I will don the halo and be innocent for your search of sin

Happy anniversary Molly…. And thank you


Red for lust #NewBra #WankWednessday

Red is often thought of as passion and lust

Inspiring lovers to think and feel so much more due to how the mind is wired to behave when it sees that color… when the mind is triggered

My mind is no exception and on pale skin, I know the red will show nicely as such an extreme contrast and the freckles will add a touch of innocence…

Only a touch

When shopping for a bra, I am very limited and disappointed by so many factors

If I had a smaller chest I could get away with the fun colors and patterns and different styles

My breasts measure 38E or F depending on which breast you measure

In France the number is 100 or 105 depending on the maker

Sadly there are few stores which carry anything higher than a DD, some don’t even go higher than a C and the prices are always extremely high

If I want to pay 30 or more for a bra, it damn well better fit me right, offer support, look good, feel better and flatter my figure

Instead, for women with larger breasts, the cut of the bra often hides much of the breast in the name of support or offer only the shy and maternal bras…

While I have had 3 children and am very much maternal…

I like the MILF label instead of the shy housewife that might as well wear a sack of potatoes

I want to look good

I want to excite

My breasts will never be perky, they have never been perky and I don’t really care

I love my breasts and I enjoy showing them to others

I do admit I am an equal opportunity lover and enjoy breasts of all sizes on women, small can be so much fun to play with and since I don’t have a cock to slide between the larger ones… all that matters is how the person feels in their skin

I love my body, its mine, it’s not perfect and I am fine with that



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