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Wolf in sheep’s onesie

I’ve recently become addicted to pettably soft onesies… It’s been very cold lately

While spending the night with a naughty group of friends, I decided to at least look innocent and we all know how that typically ends

I kept my panties and bra on but pranced around in my onesie

Very much feeling like a wolf in sheep’s clothing

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day 3 the mask i wear… less creepy for CeCe & friends ;)

haha there you are my lovelies

less creepy for those weak in the horror department

though my die hard horror fans would be arguing that my previous images were tame

to say the least

then again

these are the same people that giggled when i was called Mistress Shalla on the radio

i can dominate but i don’t

i am not hard core and badass

pirate wench sure 😉

sadly not the dark, villainous woman in tight fitting black with a whip in one hand

more the type that can get into your mind

i can break you

but i wont

i am more the gentle lover

the healer

or if comparing the darkness of a Dominatrix

then i am more the Mother Goddess sensual side

i will love you

i will shape you

i will help you grow

but where there is love

there is pain

love hurts as much as it heals


i wear many masks

but i always show who i am underneath

but today is the mask

i hope you enjoy this one

IMG_3965 a

it is thin metal with a black shine

strings that tie

often trapped in my hair

but worth the fun of dressing up

looking different for a while

i have always loved playing dress up

day 2 the mask i wear

this is another image from the bunch i took the other night

i love how my skull seems elongated due to the angle

IMG_4423 a

i will take more pictures tomorrow

and see what other mischief i can come up with

can’t wait to see what you think as i ramp up to halloween

All Dressed up No place to go #Sinfulsunday

it is sunday again and that means the image is the key

click on the lips to see who else is having fun

Sinful Sunday
today i am being sinful and posting a picture from earlier in the week
it seems that france is starting to have more halloween ideas
they want to play dress up too
so i bought a few things for the kids
and i saw a cute mask for me
to add to my collection of feathers and lace i bought years ago
i miss london
the madness and the people
soon i will be back
for the sexpo and to see some dear friends
hopefully some fun sales too
i want more sexy outfits
i want more occasions to wear them!!
my birthday is this week
but i am all dressed up and nowhere to go
not until november
i hate waiting
i am only posting one picture today
IMG_4496 a
i think i will pose for more
using different masks to create a new look
why not post one a day for the rest of october
enjoy some halloween fun

practice makes perfect

so the first sunday of november will be a meme themed on a downward twist

and i decided to show off my new bra

while practicing


will take more pics soon i promise 😀


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