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let’s make a deal, books for boobs #nsfw

ok so i got to thinking

i love to read and i need more books

i don’t work… long drawn out annoying story

and i have way too much time on my hands

i am bored

i am suffering from ennui… in the true sense of the word and how it has been added to the english language to fit a type of boredom so intense that it merits it’s own category in shrink worlds

i need stimulation and i cant find it in the people around me

partly because i live in the middle of nowhere france

and partly because i cant meet people that are interested in anything beyond sex… which has become extremely boring… making me often feel demi-sexual

so books are a wonderful escape

offering me adventure and imagery that comes to life in my mind

i took up a challenge on goodreads to read 50 books this year

so far i have read 3 and working on a 4th which is in the pictures below

i thought.. ok why not see if people would be interested in buying books for me and in exchange i take a few topless shots of me with the book

it is very hard to find books in english where i am

there is the fnac that has a very VERY small collection of english books but other than that i have to go online to get books and that gets expensive for me

i have a kindle but the damn thing is a touch screen which likes to bug up and stop working… not exactly therapeutic

i’m bored, i’m lonely, i look at the net and have no idea what to do with it… i dont like porn so that is out, i have no idea what to google to “entertain” myself in one form or another… loosing interest in cooking and as you may have noticed i have no muse to keep me posting on this blog

i need something

so i thought why not try an exchange

you buy me a book on my goodreads list that i haven’t read and i will gladly send an erotic pic of me with the book in exchange

i don’t really expect this to happen.. i don’t usually get gifts and i am used to struggling but like the loto, you can’t win if you don’t play… so i am tryingIMG_9489 a

i love wearing flannel or plaid hehe

IMG_9508 a

but i often wear black

IMG_9545 a

and i love a good thick book

this is the night angle trilogy by brent weeks

only a bunch of pages in but loving it



books…. of the erotic sort with @Mollysdailykiss and @TheCaraSutra

i have been a baddd bad shalla monster

i adore molly and cara, they are bright women..strong in many different ways and i really look up to them

molly inspired me to start writing again and pestered me to start this blog

cara has been a snarky inspiration and a reminder that you can be a mom, be in the public eye and still deal with the sex/erotic world while being viewed in a positive light

so the reason i say i have been a bad shalla monster is that molly hosted an event on sinful sunday, i won some lovely gifts and i have enjoyed them but with all the madness in my life..i never properly posted about them

with cara it is the fact that she sent me a paperback book of erotic fairy tales..i have been reading them and i do have a review but i am not finished writing… again so much going on in my life

though i rarely feel guilt, i feel it with these two ladies

so i hope to finish the erotic fairy tales, finish my review and post a blog on the book as well as the items i received from molly

i have read other erotic tales and i was thinking of post reviews for those as well but life has been so busy and depressing and… it isnt easy starting over

so i altered this site a bit, will finish revamping it to be more user friendly and then start posting more reviews


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