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13 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “prized possession”

It’s a bit complicated as I don’t really have a materialistic personality

Even though my house is full of things…

If I’m speaking from a sexual or erotic perspective…

I don’t often objectify people, so that’s out

I have a number of toys but nothing that really “does it for me”

Or I need a partner haha

My leather underbust corset was a favorite a few years ago but I’ve lost too much weight to wear it haha

If staying on a fetish thing…

Smell is intense for me

As a switch, I like having a partner that has a primal aspect to their personality and scent often triggers an impressive desire

There is a difference, for me, with primal vs alpha

With primal, for me, it’s about letting go and living in the moment…

Allowing your senses to be free, to breathing in the blissful scents that inspires instinctual actions

Putting human desires and social restraints on hold as you remember that we are technically animals

I love inspiring lust

Wearing a specific smell on my wrists, the top of my head…my neck

Mmmm… I miss the act of being intimately close, of having them breathe up or down the length of my body to find the scent they crave

My favorite is blueberry essential oil by Spiritual Sky

It’s an old bottle, I can’t find this flavor any more and as a materialistic sort of thing… I guess it could count

But I’m more for deeper meaning and yet I’m too sleepy to think of any

Tomorrow’s challenge is “breakfast”

something old & something blue #Sinfulsunday

as with all sinful sunday posts… it’s about the image
this weekend is also carrying along the theme of “from below”

click on the lips to see what the other lovelies have been doing

Sinful Sunday

it’s been a while since i joined in the fun for sinful sunday

the move to the new house took up a lot of my time, helping my old neighbors move, having the kids for the summer and the god awful heat…well it has been a bit hard to be inspired or have the time to post

but i liked the idea of today’s challenge and decided to do a mix of pictures

for something old, i have some pictures i took in november 2010

IMG_1182 asm

i’d been in london and came back with my cute goth tutu skirt, i wanted pictures to show it off… along with my new rock shoes

IMG_1203 asm

at that time i was still married and very high on my sex drive but no outlet… part of why the divorce..

IMG_1244 asm

i like looking at these pictures and remembering who i was in that moment.. i want my sex drive back, i want the fun i found in london and i want to feel sexy

IMG_1198 asm

but lately i have been lacking in libido and longing for comfort, affection and cheesy as it is to say it.. love but not just any love.. something magical

so to turn the camera to that end.. we have the blue


i bought a special light a while back, it changes colors via a remote and adds a lil something special to my moods

i hope to be around more in the future and maybe explore the forest near my house



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