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      February 2018
      M T W T F S S
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    day 25 #FebPhotoFest2015

    i have no idea which picture to post

    it is 11pm

    i have many i COULD post

    but for the moment i will talk about my day and see what randomly inspires me

    it has worked before

    i stayed up all night yesterday

    been doing that too often lately

    slept the morning away and chatted with my son for hours this afternoon

    flirted with guys on okcupid

    young ones at that

    some can be such charmers!

    flirting with older ones on facebook

    flirting helps my self worth

    haha though some do not approve knowing that i flirt

    a 20 year old male inspired me tonight


    if you were with a younger guy, like me *cough*, would you be more dom or sub?


    …i am open to young and old alike
    they just have to be good people

    so most likely with you i would have deep discussions on your secrets, your taboos and i would probly want to do this in public where you run the risk of being heard… i would learn to control your body by learning your mind


    I am not going to lie that bit at the end got me really aroused


    if i want to seduce you
    words are my best tool
    if inspired
    i would wrap them around you
    tie you down with thoughts
    make you submit to my desires

    always fun to find someone that can get my brain flowing

    it can be difficult living in a different country with a different language

    i was listening to the radio and heard the dj’s talking about things they hate in women

    one of the french males said accents

    poking fun at ukranian, belgium and canadian accents when speaking french

    i made an audio recording of my voice in french but i have yet to upload it

    i do want to challenge them and post it on their facebook page

    …. hmm what else

    in a cuddly mood

    need more music

    being random tonight

    will show an example of the pics i was altering last night for sale to help me get to the two weddings this spring


    and this one


    plus a few more..

    ok will go with a wednesday blast from the past

    a day trip to a hotel with a gentlement i met at one of the kink events and a D/s couple from back in 2011

    the Dom from the couple had a few toys and i forget which gentleman it was but one of them took a cane to my ass

    …. i am not doing that again

    i love some types of pain

    i LOVE being spanked

    but the feeling .. the TYPE of pain that the cane offered made me feel ill

    though i loved my marks

    IMG_7901 a

    i did enjoy the marks to my breasts

    cane to the breasts and rope marks

    IMG_7895 a

    hope you like


    E.B. Starpointer

    erotic author and sex-positive male commentator

    An Accident In Space And Time

    Just your average, friendly Vulcan

    Exposed Loving

    Be Love. Bring Love. LOVE.

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