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      February 2018
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    What to wear with these heels?

    I took this picture (see further down) when my dog was feeling depressed and I needed to make sure he understood that he was special to me

    I am not in love with anyone but I am able to love many people and this man is good to me…

    There has never been anyone to hold me tight the way he does and I needed him to know it


    When someone you care about suffers from mood swings, depression or other types of mental disorders and they doubts or fears or are suffering….

    You take care of them


    It doesn’t matter if you are in the kink life style… it doesn’t matter who is Dominant or submissive

    It doesn’t matter if they are your lover

    Your spouse

    A relative…

    or “just” a friend


    Those that matter

    They MATTER


    Show them


    With my dog, I know he loves my feet, he loves many things but his foot fetish is what brought him to find me

    So I decided to fuel his passion and remind him I care



    Now that I have given information on the picture and the need to support and comfort those with mental disorders…


    On to the fun parts 😉

    Tomorrow he wants me to wear those shoes

    He has never seen them in person

    I have been working on getting him used to sharing with me, the things that turn him on and things that turn him off

    Most of what I do as his Mistress… is in the mind

    The more information I have, the better I can be what he needs and that means the more fun I have… it is a loving balance

    So my problem with those heels….

    I don’t know what to wear with them

    And I am NOT driving to his house in only those heels


    Any suggestions? 

    E.B. Starpointer

    erotic author and sex-positive male commentator

    An Accident In Space And Time

    Just your average, friendly Vulcan

    Exposed Loving

    Be Love. Bring Love. LOVE.

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