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News of the day: A moment of silence vs speaking up #NeverForget911 and #AllLivesMatter

i saw a meme floating around earlier                                                                                                                                 saying we should do a facebook moment of silence between the hours that the towers fell

yes i want to pay respect
yes i turned on the news and watched in horror
partly because i was very much pregnant at the time and learning that there was a crash within driving distance of my house and no way did i want to go into labor with that sort of confusion and chaos going on…

so yes, i want to pay my respects
but i don’t want to be silent
i don’t see how that will make anything better and could very well turn things for the worse

staying silent doesnt change things

and everyone needs to remember
those who died that day
they were not all white americans
there was a mix
A MIX OF HUMAN LIVES from all over

and after the towers fell
what did people do?
did they give a moment of silence and then go and help everyone get over their grief and fear

some did

but far too many decided to target people who even remotely looked like what they considered a terrorist

hell my own cousin who is american of german / polish ancestry decided it was safer to change his appearance in such a radical way that he wouldnt be mistaken simply because he had dark features in the middle of bumfucknowhere wisconsin

so right now
fuck the moment of silence
it wont bring them back

if you want to pay your respects
don’t let any more lives be attacked
and i dont mean white american lives
i mean ALL lives

don’t let people go out hunting for trouble
don’t let people go out targeting who they think are terrorists
don’t let people go out looking for retribution


so make an effort, grow up and treat people better!
THAT is how you end terrorism

News of the day: #InderjitSinghMukker that poor man! #AllLivesMatter

i just posted this message on facebook and link to the article about the horrible beating of Inderjit Singh Mukker

what i have to say on facebook applies here and twitter as well

if you racist

get the fuck out of my life

this is why i keep say ALLLLLLLLL lives matter

but no, i get bitched at and told black lives matter and accused of being racist
seriously people
wake the fuck up!

this man was beaten! why? because some asshole didnt like the way the guy looked

racism is all over the fucking place!

dont you dare fucking tell me one race, one religion, one any fucking thing counts more than another!

get the fuck off my friends list any one of you who have racism in your hearts or wanna give me shit on this!



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