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If you are going to do someone…

written 3 months ago

If you are going to do someone…something…I mean something…yes

If you are going to do something, then you need to give it all you’ve got and do it right the first time.

Never slip in half assed or give it less than your best, people will remember and you will be end up disappointing and being disappointed.

When doing something I give all that I am and make sure I do it well.

I know I made a slip of the tongue at the start of this and I might as well keep my naughty thoughts rolling on in that direction.

When you give a blowjob, put your passion into it.

I know I am not the best, I do not have a list of people saying how good I have made them feel, how hard they have cum or the things I like to do with my hands…but I love trying to get a man to cum.

The feeling of him getting excited, his cock out of his control as I manipulate it with my hands and mouths, lips tongue and for some a lil bit of teeth… again that is only for some.

I was so excited, I don’t know why but you do something to me and there isn’t a moment when I don’t want to do something sexual with you… even as simple as touching you.

We couldn’t have sex, there were others in the house but damn I had to have you…somehow

With you sitting there at the kitchen counter, the chair brought you to just the right height for me to play with you.

You told me no one had made you cum that way before and I didn’t care, I just wanted you in my mouth, wanted to please you and feel good myself.

I start unbuckling your belt, unbuttoning your pants and slipping you out of your pants.

I know we could get caught but I keep going and you don’t stop me…

Sliding in just the tip for my tongue to play with and wrapping my hand around your cock, going faster and sucking harder, feeling you get harder.

I can feel your body tensing up, making me wonder if you are gripping the edge of the chair, is it the fear of getting caught that excites you?

The surprise in your voice, the pleasure as you feel yourself getting ready to cum, hearing you moan and your voice getting deeper as you tell me you are going to cum.

I would have stripped you down then in the kitchen and slid you into me just to feel you tense up and shoot your load into me. I was so excited from playing with you, knowing how close you were that I would have cum if you had gone inside of me.

I know I cant, I know you wont, I know we need to use protection but dammit I want you and hate that I cant have you right then…

So I keep playing with you, not letting you off the edge of your chair, sucking more, running my tongue all over your head while you are in my mouth and timing my hand up and down with my sucking.

I want you to cum, I want you to keep talking, I want to keep hearing you moan… oh how I just want you.

Closer, just a lil closer, sitting on that edge and I do love the surprise I hear in your breathing and your voice as I get you so close to cumming in my mouth.
You tense up and I keep going, harder, faster, making every effort to please you and you reward me by slipping over that edge.

Warmth, flavor, slipping down my throat as I swallow all that you give me and suck just a lil more to clean you all off before you put yourself away.

More, I want so much more but I know I cant and I am ok with this… but damn my panties are wet.

Now I have the pleasure of being your first to make you cum from oral, you wont forget me, you may have better but I will always be your first and I find that a very special thing.

So if you do something, if you do someone, don’t be half assed, give it all that you can and make the effort.

Dont be nervous with me

written 3 months ago

i wont let you get nervous

we will get back to your place
you will reach for the whisky and i will take it from you and put it away
as you protest i will put my hands on your chest, wrap my fists into your shirt
i will half push half walk you to the door and push you against it
reach up with one hand and run my fingers through the back of your hair
push my body against yours so you wont escape my touch
let go of your shirt and run my hand down your cheek

i dont want you to be nervous

i run my hand down your chest and put just the fingers into your pants at the waist
bring my other hand down and walk with you in tow behind me to the bedroom
grabbing my purse as we go

i have you stand at the foot of the bed and start to undress you
taking of your shirt, running my hands over your skin
stepping in close and wrapping your hands around me
holding you close and resting my face against your chest
listening to your heart
just holding you

breathing in your smell, rubbing my cheek over your skin
finding a nipple and bringing it into my mouth
gently sucking, nibbling, enjoying your reaction

letting go of you and stepping out of your arms
i take your pants off and strip you till your are naked
again i step into your arms and hold you

i have you climb onto the bed and lay down on your back
from my bag i get my oils and set them near you
i have you watch me as i undress

climbing onto the bed i slink along your body, not touching
just teasing
straddle your hips so my sex is near yours but not touching

i have you turn over while i am above you and then sit slightly on you
my pussy, soft, naked of hair resting on your ass

time for a massage
you need to relax with me

How to feed a man

written 3 months ago

a friend tempted me so i teased back and wrote this, i love it when i am inspired:

how about you buy the fixings and i cook the food
i sit naked in your lap and feed it to you
and just think…
you would be sitting there
your hands tied to the arms of the chair.

pushing myself between your legs
undressing in front of you…
just the top to start.

i pull out your cock from your pants
bending down and put your tip in my mouth as i slide off my skirt and panties.

i get you wet and climb onto your cock
then slip you in and feed you tasty bits.

put something tasty on my breast and help you lick it off…

to do that i have to lift myself up and off your cock just a bit then slide you back in to grab something else to feed you…

doing this all through the meal

Sexual thought of the day

written 3 months ago

friend wanted me to be naughty with him, he is very sexual, very strong and not the type to submit but he is also the type that if he is really wound up he wont noticed he is being topped

so i wrote this to help him cum:

i want to restrain you, tie your wrists behind you, have you sitting in a strong chair just at the edge
your cock hard for me
straddle your thighs and tease your cock against my pussy, your tip hitting my clit and exciting me
getting me wet all over you
hold your neck to one side, nibble and lick across your skin
grab your shoulders
slowly pull your cock into my tight pussy
slide down you
inch by inch
use your arms and your shoulders to help hold me in place and ride you
slowly, teasingly
making you ache for it
get faster, tease more
untie you and feel your arms wrap around me tight and force me to go faster, harder
make you cum and get me gushing over your cock, screaming as i orgasm

Why i write

written 4 months ago

the reason i write my thoughts is so i can go back when i have forgotten them and realize…

wow… i felt that, this stronger than life moment and it says everything i have been trying to tell people but keep forgetting the words…

it reminds me just how deeply i feel


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