Pissed at 2nd debate

I have never been more pissed off that the people around me

Those in places of power and those that need to be protected, need a helping hand, need the their way of life to be better, need health care, need to not be ignored and they are undecided

How can you be blind to the fact that yes, Obama may not be who you want in the White House but at least he is TRYING NOT to screw us over

Every time the republicans (over my entire 32years of life) have been in power, they have done the “ME FIRST” attitude, lining pockets and caring only for the rich or the poor when it suited their needs but that again lines their pocket

I would love to have a republican party that actually gives a damn, fights to make real changes and tries to work with the democratic party… instead they bicker, start fights or point fingers at anyone but them

I have some WONDERFUL friends and family that are republicans, they are wonderful because they are human and remember that fact but the ones in power, the ones that have the say to make changes seem to have a god complex!

Work together

Fix things

I walk through the stores and I am embarrassed to see what is being sold, what people are buying and what is being shoved down our throat as top quality.

When such crap is being forced upon us for purchase to make the economy better… no wonder people are not buying much and we are suffering from it

It’s not JUST that people don’t have much money to spend; they don’t want the crap that is there!

With how we care for our people… how can you ignore the poor, the people that choose to be here over their home country, the ignorant ones that still think race is an issue… when are you going to make us happier and healthier and better people as AMERICANS!


Here is my take on the second debate tonight:




#debate Play by Play of the action

Pissed off at the 2nd debate:


Me to Romney

Yes it’s nice and all to thank everyone for being there but dammit man you are not being personable, you are wasting my time and theirs, you are also not giving substance and only giving run around speech

Me to Obama

Thank you for listening to my tweets! You are clear, easy to understand and THANK YOU for talking about alternative energy!

Me to Romney

Stop talking numbers, it means nothing if you have to work multiple jobs just to survive and 3 million jobs a year is nothing if you work for less money to live on. Stop wasting time harassing Obama and make a difference by speaking clearly

Me to Obama

Thank you for speaking up and calling Romney out on his bullshit and upper class elitism

Me to Romney butting in

Can you make yourself any more of an ass by not playing by the rules and walking forwards in a threatening manner to the commentator

Me to Obama

Good! Look to the future and alternative fuels, get us off of oil! Yes still use it but don’t make it a priority and KEEP MY WORLD LOOKING PRETTY! Damn right I WANT MY CLEAN ENVIRONMENT

Me to Romney

You sound like a spoiled child that didn’t get his Christmas gift he has been begging for and pissed his brother did. Body language, attitude, voice all says you are a greedy uncaring man. That you care MORE about coal and oil instead of finding the BALANCE with nature and resources really pisses me off and deprives my children of a beautiful future. How can you be energy independent when you talk about nothing you will do to help the people AND the environment

Me to Obama

Thus far I have nothing to say, you are right on point

YES keep it clean! Keep the imports low; keep us creating better cars and things to keep us competitive

(Two speaking at once)

Me to Romney

You are such an aggressive cock

Me to Obama

Thank you for not falling for his pissing contest and seeing who has the bigger dick, all he is doing is egging you on and being negative

Me to Romney

Stop with the numbers, quoting just shows you can rattle off things you think are important but are not

Me to Obama

Thank you for making a point of WHERE we were when gas prices were lower, it’s all has to stay in context and Romney won’t stay in context

Me to Romney

Shut up shut up shut up stop interrupting the woman, shoe some respect you fool, you had the chance to say things right the first time, now it is too late and just makes you look like an idiot

Me to Obama

Thank you for the humor

Me to Romney

Stop adding fluff; just say what the fuck you are actually going TO DO! Dance dance dance, can you actually say anything of subject?

Continue to…pay? Since when have THEY been paying?

Pick a number? This is Romney roulette?

If you limit the upper class to what they ALREADY (SHOULD be) paying now, that will only leave those below to suffer as they ALREADY are and worse

( @_bhickamn “oh eat him alive Obama”)

Me to Obama

Good give me my relief! Take care of the people ACTUALLY DOING THE WORK in this country, take care of the small REAL PEOPLE businesses instead of corporations! FUCK YES tax the shit out of the rich AS WELL AS force them to donate to charities on medical issues and feeding the hungry and educating EVERYONE in this country, not just the whites (not that I got proper school and I count as white)

Me to Romney

You are not a white knight, you speak nothing of the poor, you are not Clinton you cannot grow everyone out of it. The top 5% are just padding their fat cat asses. THIS IS MORE THAN FOUR YEARS LONG!

Me to Obama

Hhahaha love the look on your face, love that smile as Romney is talking, you can’t believe his bullshit either can you lol

Thank you for TALKING TO the people instead of talking AT the people

Me to Romney

Sit your ass down, show some respect to your opponent and wipe that snide “if looks could kill” posture, have they not trained you to use body language; you make a very bad puppet for the Republican Party

Let the woman FINISH speaking before you start, hello, how many times I have to point out your disrespect

Oh really? How about the 35x the profit for you and your pals, your state has suffered under your care and the president is working on cleaning your mess

And maybe you have balanced budgets but to what expense, you kill the small businesses and strangle the customers

Me to Obama

Sorry you had a harder life than Romney but thank you for being SOMEONE LIKE ME! Oh dear lord THANK YOU for saying glass ceiling! Good! Take care of the woman because we are your shield mates and we will fight at your side and see you win or fall depending on how you treat us

YES wipe out discrimination! For woman, men, all colors, WE ARE AMERICANS

Me to Romney

Yes yes thank you for ONCE AGAIN speaking your resume… should I pat you on the head and feed you a cookie too?

You speak of woman as if we had two heads and came from another planet… thank you for making me feel alienate EVER MORE

Oo look at the woman in the audience judging you!! Holy shit! Get your body language people in on that!

Me to Obama

YES give me health care! I and other woman give up our health needs to take care of others! Often PLANED PARENT HOOD HELPS US STAY ALIVE! These are survival issues!

Me to Romney

(Susan Kats good question!)

Hahahahhhahaha answer that, I dare you

Oh you dick, that question on health care is behind you, STICK TO WHAT SUSAN KATS ASKED YOU

She didn’t ask you … jebus! All you are doing is saying what you want your resume to look like, you are not proving you are any different than Bush, you might as well just say “read my lips” like his father did

Your REPUBLICAN tag line is “I know how to make that happen”

Me to Obama

Again, thank you for educating people instead of talking down to them and trying to stick to the subject

Looking at the crowd, from where the camera goes, some are not happy you make sense; body language is saying they agree and some are trying hard not to show bias

Hahahah thank you for making Romney look like the donkey show that he is during the Romney vs. Bush question

Me to Obama

(Michael Jones good question)

Seriously 4 yrs and most of it was wasted, why? Because most of your presidency you have been forced to campaign for a second term… shorten that race and you could get a hell of a lot more done. I like what you have done but yes I want more

Sensible way… you are looking for the balance… good

Hahah thank you for showing Romney as the puppet of the republican just like the last 4  (Republican) Presidents

Me to Romney

You and your ilk made the last 4 years so bad, every time the republicans have been IN POWER your kind have done nothing but make a bigger mess that force the democrats to clean up your mess before being able to work on the real issues we need fixed

The middle class are being crushed by the past 20 years of republican obstruction, all your Republican policies have hurt us… please Reagan was a great guy and actor and lover but just as much of a puppet to the republican masters

You who say down with big bird … it’s because you don’t want any other Muppets in power




Me to Romney again

(Missed her name but good question on immigrants)

Oh you fuck, first talk about the law ok

Right (sarcasm), get in the people with schooling! Good call since so many that crossover do not have proper schooling and are looking for a better life

Me to Obama

I am 3rd generation American

YES on point

Me to Romney

Oh right go back… yay… fun

Stop sucking up all the air in the room

HZAHA good one Obama!

Me to Obama

America is a melting pot, give us a place to safely mix and make something worth selling to others!

(Kerry Ladka hot damn)

Good! This is not a political issue! Romney fucked up on that one!

You are the higher up but it’s not you that pointed the guards on the wall to protect that base, but it is you to take the blame and it is you to make sure things change! The military needs an overhaul, better people in the right positions, better training, better funding AND PROPER USE OF THE FUNDING!

Me to Romney

Stop quoting the news

The reason things wait to make the news is because things have to be learned before they can be aired

Me to Obama

Thank you for giving people the chance to hear your words, Romney talks too fast and sounds too slick

Thank you for saying he was being offensive

Me to Romney

Ooo what an ass for not having the details… ONCE AGAIN

Me to Obama during Romney answer

Good for standing up for yourself!

(Nina Gonzalez yes!)

Yes, I want the OPTION to have my guns but I want training and people using them CORRECTLY!

Opps about a month ago and then two months later… only messed up time line I have spotted.. How long into the debate are we?

Good keep the weapons out of the hands of people…guns for hunting are for hunting, weapons are used on victims. End the victimization

Yes catch the violent impulses before they happen!

Me to Romney

How many mixed races are in your schools? How many of your great schools help the poor?

Oh hell no you did not just say that people should only have kids in wedlock, getting married JUST cause you have a kid together is MORE LIKELY to lead to divorce! And fuck things up more

You fail at trying to slow down your speech to engage the people


Aww don’t you look like a lil kid in a candy shop cause you got the pro and the anti-gun people together

We haven’t had the we haven’t had the we haven’t had the…. Who are you prokey pig? Stop acting like you have a handicap, stuttering is a real problem for some and you are just being disrespectful

Me to Obama

Yes! Make people smarter, healthier, better and they WONT GO SHOOT PEOPLE UP IN FRUSTRATION!

(Carol Goldberg)

Me to Romney

We lost jobs to china cause of you fuckers pocketing money on it in one hand and bitching about it with the other

Tell the Republican Party to get off the stick and stop obstructing the growth we need


Me to Obama


Me to Romney

The playing field will never be level

Me to Obama

Tax the fuck out of products made in china to the companies trying to save money in china, make it cheaper to make things here without touching the value of our dollar, help china raise its money

Me to Romney

(Barry Green… what did you ask?)

YOU ARE VERY DIFFERENT THAN YOU SEEM TO BE: read that as you are a good guy that is a really bad puppet to the republicans

It is EASY to get things on track in a small state

All you talk about is “me and mine”, what had you done for the poor




At what expense!!!

Me to Obama


Play by the rules! Yes it is at stake!

Yes! Fight for us!


Sex vs #debate #politics

Note: not a rewrite, not edited, forgive the heat of passion and fuck the spelling/grammer


my heart is beating way too fast

my blood is boiling

i have been shaking with anger and indignation that i have been repressing during the debate so that i could write down my thoughts as they flow from the material before me as i watched the television

i could not believe how @_bhickman vented and bitched at the tv during the 1st debate but now it was my turn

i was swearing at the tv once the debate was over and my words had been written, the play by play edited and processed so i can post it tonight

you people are bad for my health!

isnt it bad enough we have people of ALL COLORS! ALL LEVELS OF INCOME! that are suffering and yet all you people can focus on is “me first” …

we have that young girl shot in the head for trying to give her “sisters” proper schooling

we have a young girl missing and later found dead and dismembered

we have children all over the world without enough food to live

children without proper health care to live

children with out the schooling needed to change this world for the better!

what the fuck is wrong with you people and your “me first” attitude!

at least obama is trying to make a difference

at least clinton tried to make a difference

and they both had the tables stacked against them! and they may not have done allllll they wanted or said they would do but they did achieve great things and they fucking tried to make things better! INSPITE of the bad behavior from the republican party!


as for the title…

sex vs debate and politics


i blog about sex because it is fun, it is taboo when it shouldnt be, i make an effort to teach people to think and grow and be better people as a whole

ya know what, i INSPIRE people to love their body, to love themselves, to take pride in who they are and what they want out of life and love and sex

ya know what, when you know who you are sexually, you become a freer person, you stop trying to control every aspect of life that doesnt need your fingers in it. you gain confidence in yourself, you gain control over who you are and how you let people treat you and how you treat others

you dont have to shove it in someons face but just the act of knowing yourself empowers you

sex creates endorphins, releaves the body of toxins and brings us closer together

in general… sex makes us happy


you fucking politicians are not making me happy!

you say you wanna make changes then fight the people that can make things better

you say one thing then do another

you say gimmy gimmy gimmy more for me and screw the rest of you



politicians, go have some sex, really good sex and feel better! BUT DO IT LEGALLY!

or at least with written permission!



30 Days of Kink – Day 13

30 Days of Kink


Day 13: Explain as best you can what the appeal of kink/BDSM is to you? Why are you drawn to what you’re drawn to?


Sex in general can be lovely

The need for someone

The desire that builds in you when you think of them

Passion that consumes you when you give in and have sex with someone you want so badly

The affection from start to finish from the foreplay to the kisses and snuggles after you both cum

Sex can be magical if you find the right person, someone that listens to your needs and helps you explore your wants

It can be boring too if you are with the wrong person or you are the wrong person…

You know the kind, they just lay there doing nothing but making noises that you know can’t be real

Or they are the kind that just has to do things their way but the only ideas they get are from porn and most people are not meant for doing what gets done in the movies…

There should be a Myth Busters show for porn, tell you what moves really can be done by the average person and what things should not be done at home!!!!

Good sex can be hard to find

But the topic is about kink/bdsm and not sex…

You don’t HAVE to have sex when you have kink, though I do admit there are a lot of similarities between the needs of a person looking for sex and those looking for kink

With sex you should have someone you trust and with kink that is so much more important!

Some of the things in kink can do serious damage or even kill if you are not doing them right or paying attention or know the person you are with

If you gag someone and they panic and have an asthma attack…

Or if you tie someone up and paddle them or use a cane or other impact play and go too far because they are enjoying it too much to tell you to stop…

It’s a two way thing, you have to trust your partner you are playing with and you have to trust yourself to make the right calls

Kink is very much like sex, it’s about how you feel, how you make them feel and what you take from the experience

Kink can be so much more intense an experience than sex and when you have the option to combine the two it can overpower you, take you to a new level of thinking and feeling

There was a night when I had been played with



Touching all over

Getting spanked

Nipples played with, first by his fingers and then pinched harder with clothes pins

Breasts and pussy smacked

Wrists bound above my head to the ceiling beams

So long being played with

Pussy forced to orgasm

Taking me down and fucking me, making me orgasm again

Then fucking in the ass and making me cum so hard I could barely breathe

Having to curl up in a pile as I cry from all the release my body has given

Having too many emotions and endorphins raging through my body

Unable to control them

So happy but you can’t help but cry and just try to breathe and try to ride the wave


It’s that feeling right there that I love about kink, it can be its own pleasure but when I add it to sex I feel the world spin

30 Days of Kink – Day 12

30 Days of Kink


Day 12: Tell us about a humorous BDSM/kink experience you’ve had. If you haven’t had one, talk about aspects of kink/BDSM you find funny.

Looking back over what I have written, what I have lived through and what I have seen… I really can’t find THAT many times that I have had something I would share for this writing challenge

I don’t really see much about kink/bdsm funny so it was a really tough time for me to figure out what I wanted to write about and then I found this…


Rereading this blog made me remember the night very clearly and although it really isn’t kinky, I thought I would share it

It really was very difficult keeping the ben wa balls inside of me while also having to hold and twist other muscles in order to play the game

Somehow I made it through without having the balls fall out but I really should do that more often to get a better score on my golf game

An Accident In Space And Time

Just your average, friendly Vulcan

Charlie In The Pool

Sometimes there are boobs.

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