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    June 2021
    M T W T F S S

5 pics for #NationalNudeDay

This was a last minute sort of thing

Stepping out of the shower

To dry off in the garden

While I took 110 pictures

Only 5 are being used for the nudity

Then again

Not all the pictures were taken with this in mind

As my hair dried

I felt a touch romantic

Wanting something more sensual

But …

Those images will simply have to wait

For another day

I’m feeling good in my skin today

So …

First setting the stage

Adjusting the doormat

Making sure the tripod was reasonably level

Testing my flexibility with the lotus toes

No matter how much weight I lose

I’ll always have a shapely bum

Not in the mood to show it all

Rather tease a bit

Hope you enjoy



Best I can do under these circumstances


Covid is real, use proper fucking protection

Pride all the way!

Femenism matters!

Black Lives Matter!

Fuck you and your “all lives matter” bullshit

Punch a Nazi or whatever the fuck they call themselves

Kumquat Grab-the-Snatch Fucktard number 45 can fuck right off

My humble opinion #TooGayForPutin

Note: I saw on facebook and twitter that this sort of protest was going on and decided to join in. My video is silly, as usual, because I never plan what I am going to say, right off the cuff… but it comes from the heart, which is always nervous about voicing what it feels




« Too Gay for Putin »

This seems to be a theme this year as the Olympics are happening in Sochi, Russia

With Vladimir Putin telling the world, in one way or another, that homophobia is not welcome in his country

Or saying that it doesn’t exist in his country

Or trying to play down the bad press by saying he does have gay friends…


In this day and age it really doesn’t matter how powerful you are in terms of world image, we the people of this planet are going to judge everything you do and with the invention of the web… we will voice our opinions

Not because what we all say is right

But simply because… we can

Usually it is the loudest that gets heard and often that means the village idiot

Though we, as a whole are getting better at standing up against what we feel is wrong with the world and are trying to make changes for the better


There should be nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian or transgender or any of the other labels out there that people use to better define the way they see themselves

We are people

We are human

We love

Why is that wrong?


Let people be happy

The more we, as a whole, are happy

The more we can inspire others to be happy

The more we do that… the better we will make our world for everyone, in everyway


Stop trying to make people miserable

It gains us nothing


Julie London “I’d like you for Christmas” #SinfulSunday

Sinful Sunday

note: i no longer have a good computer with all the things like programs to check my spelling or auto correct if i am too lazy to use proper capitalization… sorry to anyone that noticed the difference


i have had a horrible time trying to think up what i should say for the holidays
though it is always about the pictures
you know i have always wanted to paint my words so that they glide through your mind and you see my world

this event has caused me a lot of inner turmoil

i hate the holidays

all of them…

mainly because i have always had to work or never had that family feel… even as i grew older and had a family of my own

the holidays have always been a horrible time for me
a reminder of what i don’t have, will never have or how people make me…no..have MADE me feel as if i was worthless

so many lives lost around the holidays
so many ghosts that haunt me
so many pains and regrets

but that is the past
i am trying to move on
the divorce will help
starting over will help
and for this moment in time, having a beautiful man in my life is helping

i feel i can get away with using the word “beautiful” because for me it is something beyond looks
something far more attractive to me


ha, reading this he will be scared and think i place him on a pedestal
i don’t
i have just learned to appreciate what i have in my life… who i have in my life
see them for what they really are and acknowledge it

so this Christmas song..

i decided to avoid my favorite
“i hate people” from the 1970 version of Scrooge with Albert Finny
fits so well after spending over a decade working costumer service haha


or there is

“the closing of the year” from the movie Toys

ah how that one has warmed my heart on many occasions when i just wanted the holidays to be voided from the universe and the pain i have always felt to be voided along with it

but this year, though i have suffered so many horrible things that i would not wish on anyone…

i do have someone sweet

someone i want to thank and i hope…

someone that will stay till the next holiday on the list

maybe a few more holidays after that too

so here begins the song i have chosen
and yes
all photos are mine, taken from different points in my few years

happy holiday

to which ever you celebrate and many happy moments with as much kink as possible

my Christmas kink wish is simple…

i need romance and aftercare, to heal the harm that has been done


. . .




I’d like you for Christmas


Please make my wish come true
Cus’ I’d trim trees and deck the hallways


If I knew you’d be mine for always
I won’t be blue on Christmas
If old Saint Nick comes through
And he remembers that I’d like you for Christmas
New Years, Easter, too…

She’d like you for Christmas (chorus)
Please make my wish come true
Cus’ she’d trim trees and deck the hallways (chorus)
If she knew you’d be hers for always (chorus)
I won’t be blue on Christmas
If old Saint Nick comes through
And he remembers that I’d like you for Christmas
New Years, Easter, too…

Red for lust #NewBra #WankWednessday

Red is often thought of as passion and lust

Inspiring lovers to think and feel so much more due to how the mind is wired to behave when it sees that color… when the mind is triggered

My mind is no exception and on pale skin, I know the red will show nicely as such an extreme contrast and the freckles will add a touch of innocence…

Only a touch

When shopping for a bra, I am very limited and disappointed by so many factors

If I had a smaller chest I could get away with the fun colors and patterns and different styles

My breasts measure 38E or F depending on which breast you measure

In France the number is 100 or 105 depending on the maker

Sadly there are few stores which carry anything higher than a DD, some don’t even go higher than a C and the prices are always extremely high

If I want to pay 30 or more for a bra, it damn well better fit me right, offer support, look good, feel better and flatter my figure

Instead, for women with larger breasts, the cut of the bra often hides much of the breast in the name of support or offer only the shy and maternal bras…

While I have had 3 children and am very much maternal…

I like the MILF label instead of the shy housewife that might as well wear a sack of potatoes

I want to look good

I want to excite

My breasts will never be perky, they have never been perky and I don’t really care

I love my breasts and I enjoy showing them to others

I do admit I am an equal opportunity lover and enjoy breasts of all sizes on women, small can be so much fun to play with and since I don’t have a cock to slide between the larger ones… all that matters is how the person feels in their skin

I love my body, its mine, it’s not perfect and I am fine with that



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