pork chops

It is Saturday and I had a lot of time on my hands to cook up something tasty with the help of my kids so I don’t have to do all the work… ya for minions!

I started with a bread and although it turned out very nice, I was disappointed by the lack of flavor I was hoping for. I had added lots of lemon in the hope of making a lemon sweet bread for breakfast tomorrow.

Instead there is barely any hint of lemon but the bread is a bit plain but very good texture, I never use a recipe so I never know what to expect. I am very much still a novice with baking bread but betting better each time and learning as I go… which is half the fun

The hubby bought a large amount of pork chops the other day and they needed cooking, best would have been on the grill but it just isn’t the right time to bring out the grill. Too many other things need the hubby’s attention so I was set to work on the meat.

Now I admit… I hate the pork chops he buys… they still have bone and sometimes shards and it bothers me to no end! I have fragile teeth and already eat slowly to make sure I digest what I eat due to some of the symptoms associated with the autoimmune disorder…  so having to sit there at the dinner table and methodically pick out all the bones and shards to the extent of almost appearing to have OCD… just not on my list of fun things to do

But well it was all I had to work with, so by god (take your pick or pick non) I was gonna do something tasty and worth the effort.

Bah just got distracted while writing this… am now sitting in the dark as the kids and hubby watch the movie Tin Tin… must stay focuesssseddddddd!!!! Opening music is lovely though…


I mixed up the following ingredience

Homemade applesauce

Balsamic vinegar

Brown sauce

Lea and Perrine’s

Lemon juice

Brown sugar

Mixed them all up!  Lined a baking dish with meat, layered the pork with the sauce and then another helping of meat and sauce… had to cook them all at once 🙂

Cooked them at 200°C for an hour and a half coved with tin foil

They came out barely attached to the bone and so tender, very tasty but I think I will use peaches next time…. I have so many pots of homemade preserves from last summer’s fruit trees

I would have posted this just a bit sooner but Tin Tin keeps drawing me in, really well done!




we have a this sauce, tiny sauce
it is 5 million scovills or how ever you spell it
so hubby is making drinks and put a tiny lil drop in the drink
he’s like ooo thats interesting
i pick it up to taste it
i seeee the spice bottle
‘WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO’ as i put the drink back down
there was a blob of the sauce
very small
but it was in perfect form!!
and stilll the drink had kick
he stirs it again and most of it sits on the side of the glass but fuck just a sip killed anything on my tongue and throat

ooo but you know…. just a hint of that spice would be fucking awesome in a bloody mary!!!

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