Kitten takes a selfie

So I’m down to only 9 cats of various ages …was up to 17 last November

Hopper is a dopey kitten

He seems to love me most out of all the hoomans

Or maybe he just loves my boobs

I’m really not sure

The stars

I wish you could see the stars tonight
See then the way my eyes register them
The same pin pricks of light you look at when you cast your eyes up
Yet how they appear to me
The nearness
The curvature
The quantity
The quality
I wish you could see the stars tonight
See them through my eyes

Dunno ’bout you but….

I’m in some serious need of a good cock…

Granted spelling is a little different and the size of just a touch too big haha

Stopped at a specialty brew shop in Poitiers, Le Houblon… 

Very cute shop and a gentleman with fantastic knowledge of the product… 

Good sense of humor too and that’s important since I’m such a chatty Cathy of wit and snark

So many choices, even the more unusual ones like the Black Perle… Coffee flavored!!

Didn’t buy it but did pick up the stronger version hehe

Also a blueberry version!

Will post pictures later and give a review or few

news of the month: march 21 2016

the other night i was out and for some reason this young french guy wanted to flirt with me while i was sitting outside, in the bar’s patio area, drinking my beer…

see i like being alone, i have a book and everything…
happy alone time…

but no, lil baby frenchy butt just had to come over and think he was hot shit and wanted to lean over me and flirt…

ok i can flirt back…

but i must have failed or something cause he got offended that i said he had a beautiful mouth for giving blow jobs

true story… i couldn’t make this shit up even if i tried

holy fucknugget of doom batman! there is #wine and #venting

long ass fucking day and it started yesterday and no serious sleep

ok what the actual fuck is this music….

*runs off*

right back to ane brun and all the fun mix that comes after


where the hell was i

oh yes….


i am all out of rum but i have wine

when in france do as the french

and by that i do not mean to be male and think you have the fucking right to blackmail me into having sex with you

twattwaffle cuntnugget!

but i digress

there is wine

and so there shall be pictures of said wine

and maybe boobs

i dont know yet

i’m typing on the fly and harassing friends on facebook to kidnap me and save me from the normal fucknuggets of doooooom


though it could be worse, i could be jak and working the gas pumps and trying NOT to let anyone kill themselves

long story and the guy best come out with a comic book because you just cant make up the shit he deals with

i know, i have seen stuff that would turn your hair white if you had a clue

sadly many have no such clue

ok seriously ads on youtube SHUT DA FUCK UP!

ooo… nice

thank you

yes yes i am typing without thinking

this is pure shlock and fuck YES i could rant like this in person


not in french

need more verbs and other such bits of (no french people i dont mean dicks) of other sorts of words to keep my venting spewing forth in some semblance of coherent thought

where was i

oh yes


no not you

it, them, her… of fuck yes HER!!!

fuck you evil almost 20 year old female of “WILL NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP” personality

but noooo NOOOOOOoooooOOOOO god (of what ever sort you like or dont believe in) forbid i vent and tell her to her face how much she drives me fucking mental

see… an hour.. ok..

a couple of hours… i can breathe

couple of hours, she sleeps, spends allllll fucking day listening to the “DOESN’T UNDERSTAND HOW TO SHUT UP” person who will be staying with me… thanks to the invite and good semaritanship of my 18yr old… all …fucking…month

and october starts tomorrow

well in about 30 min really


including my birthday

plus today and part of yesterday

i gave the Buddhists a 10er today

how rare is it for me to see them in town


3 is the magic number right?

seems they are in town from a big monastery in southern india

they invited me to visit them while they are in town

i might

i might just fucking need it


screw you baby minded innocent soul sucking prat!

i’m a god damn pirate wench!

*drinks wine*

… *licks lips*

mmmmmm MMMM mmmm it’s nice!!

so yeah…

last year was a bitch

and what happened?

i found a ton of 4 or more leafed clovers

not a one this year

but last year the clovers gave me hope

stupid you may say

well if you do


so.. today

out of the blue i see red!

ok orange but still

close enough for a cigar

i run off and bow to them

i was so excited!!

then i get back to my car and sudden urge to give them a gift!

ran after them and had a small chat and gave them money

cause it really is kind of hard to fake looking like a Buddhist monk

and a group of 3?

i could have hugged them all

i had not been so happy in such a long time

it was mental!

like suddenly all the shit i was coping with was gone just seeeeeeeing them

i could have sucked all their cocks and made both of our day

ok granted i have yet to do anything like that and well

would be a great tale to tell the grandkids… ya know when of legal age and my lost faculty

ah well

cant all be monk suckers

*giggling madly… losing angry vent of rage’y’doom*

ok so yeah

back to the happy sunshine rays of monk happiness

and not happy ending’ness mind you

so yeah

oh do shut up! i have not gone mental or even drank half the bottle yet!!

so the monks where there

i was there

we talked

i kept my calm

went back to the madness that is “dear miss please SHUT YOUR FUCKING TRAP”

i have my wine

she has her whine

i like mine better




so i just want a moment of piece

some calm

but no

no no…ohhhhh fucking NO

i get the joy of driving her home before i can get to the “big” town and chill with my book and a beer

my time

just me

no “screw you go take your meds you will not fucking blackmail me into sex you wanna be big fish in a small pond! i am not your lil slut meal of a small fish! I AM THE FUCKING WATER YOU SWIM IN! I AM THE WATER SPRITE THAT WILL STEAL THE AIR FROM YOUR LUNGS AND DROWN YOUR SCRAWNY ASS”


my time



i get the joy of picking her up and bringing her home while 18yr old son comes home alone on his scooter

too far, too dark, too damn cold for her



but no!!!!

cunt nugget of doom has to talk

and talk

and OH..MY….GAWDDDDD… she has to talk

doesnt matter what

can be about how she has a bugger up her nose and ends up pulling out her brain

no no still a bugger… am sure there is no brain lodged up in there

but i have to be polite

i have to be calm

all i wanna do is sing and drive in the darkness and enjoy something called ..”silence”

but no… just no

and i just told part of that to my 18yr old who came in to get a battery for his remote

he was almost dying with laughter and i’m crying from the humor and truth and frustration haha

told him i want to be nominated as a saint

she is staying all….fucking… month


cause she drives everyone fucking mental!!

her mom kicked her out

cause the two of them are like fire and gasoline

you just cant tell which will make the other worse

we took her shopping for food today.. she has a minimal allowance

i was so proud of my 18yr old

he showed her how to shop, what to buy, why, how to save

i realized that for all the bull shit he and i deal with when it comes to each other

i didnt fail as a parent

my boy CAN live on his own… mostly.. still that thing about waking up on time for work

but he CAN do it!

he KNOWS how!!!

i didn’t fail!

her mom failed


but ya know…with nicer words

and then!!

AND FUCKING THEN!!!!! i had to nicely and calmly say that …yes yes i understand what i am saying hurts but it hurts more because you are having to learn this as an adult and should have been taught this as a kid… so yes i understand your pain and i am honestly not TRYING to cause you pain

ohzzzzzz a fucking GAWD!!!! i am not paid enough for this shit!!!!


so yeah

seeing the monks

was like a sign from the universe…

hey lady! we haven’t forgotten you, hang in there and dont die or kill her… no no smacking her around is also not a choice

le sigh



i am locked in my room

1 min to midnight

wine is now lower than before

i have vented

i dont give a shit what i have said

besides the fact that i want to be nominated as a saint!

someone said i should be named the patron saint of boobies!


make it so #1 !!

where was i?

*drinks wine*

mmmmm MMMMMmmmmmm tasty!

hahahahh *giggle snort*

just raised my glass to google (my cat for you ignorant class A cunts not in the know) and said “santé”

i take a sip as he winks and licks one side of his muzzle

thus the giggle snort

and he goes back to licking his balls

typical male 😀

well either his balls or his ass but i just aint that interested in the knowing

wrong species of sexiness haha

so yes!

face(cuntiness of doom)book

i posted this earlier

read it.. boggle your mind.. if you havent already

currently blogging my vent so i can point people to YOU GET YOUR LAZY ASS THERE AND READ MY RANDOM SHIT SPEWING FROM THE PIE HOLE THAT IS MY MOUTH… sort of thing

no wait that was a private pm that i wanted to say to anyone who wondered why i was ranting on twitter

havent made it that far as i am still writing this dribble

*runs back to face(cunt of the month that needs a douching)book to find the proper quote”

got distracted by an empty post… had to fill it

oh the humanity!
next blog will have lots of “fuck, fuck you, fuck this, FUCK OFF” but no actual fucks given and yes this wine is FUCKING tasty.. thanks for asking

don’t let me near the keys when venting… with or without wine

*runs off AGAIN to find that infernal quote”

is it this one?

who is going to nominate me for saint hood?
i am not even fucking joking

no not that one…

ok maybe it is that one cause other wise it is the mock scare of facebook stealing panties

desperately wish it was true! hehehehe

i know there was an “uh oh” involved

someone said my boobs should be made into copies for people to worship and oil in their own shrine… though i still want my boobs oiled cause… i am an attention whore! on occasion and only with the right people hahah

there was this

could have paid about 9€ for a beer in town (counting tip, conversation, alone time to nurse the beer and parking fee but not counting gas to and from bar)…. instead home with my own fucking bottle of wine for less than 7.50€ … you lot is my company, am hiding in my room, will vent and be snarky on twitter, aint gonna smack her, aint gonna bitch…. just gonna be zen like… allllll fucking month

ok seriously WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?

guy i know sends me this and the comments are as follows

him: don’t get mad

me: fuck you…

ok go ahead i’m listening

wont be mad now hahah

seriously? who the fuck has the balls to send me a “don’t get mad message”

i had a though

i think i lost it

must reread to find out where i put it

and now I have reread it all

ya know what

this random rant shit is way better than what I wanted to quote in the first place! HA!!

so last quote on the wine

so…. i am drinking holy water
must be true since jesus supposedly turned water into wine
or maybe i am drinking the good stuff from bacchus’ bits

either way it is wine time

it is a sauturnes from 2013
chateau roumieu la légende

nice golden dessert wine
sweet but smooth, slight heat, thicker than some of the other lesser but tasty dessert wines… i wouldnt exactly say fruity but for sure not woody

i could make a killer white sangria with this but very nice all on its own and by far the best 7.50€ i have spent all month (750ml)

oh and seriously… look at dat ass! i love my lil tree


ok now i am bitchy in a fun sarcastic way and horny

but toooooo fucking sober for this shit

no boobs for you!

too many cheap’o’s, have to limit how much you get to see of me ya bastards :p

i blame that on the wine

true or not

wine is my escape goat

and now to use the we vibe 4 plus that was give as an early birthday gift by someone not so el cheap’o

all gifts welcome

occasional videos of said gifts provided

i say occasional because few give me gifts

note to self: publish those damn entries you wrote for the book the wonderful cara sutra gave you over a fucking year ago!

and write comments on the book and game you won from molly’s daily kiss meme competition for sinful sunday

holy shit i have slacked of sooooo badly

dear universe i have earned my karma points

i’d like to cash in on the good stuff not the reject crap at the fair grounds stalls

An Accident In Space And Time

Just your average, friendly Vulcan

Charlie In The Pool

Sometimes there are boobs.

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