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4 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “a clock”

My boys were out

I decided to brave the cold and the drizzle

So I set up a garden table

My camera on a timer

A mirror behind so I could see how I was posed…

And a clock

Then transferring the images to my phone for editing and warming up with some coffee

I’m using a free app, my options are limited and I wasn’t 100% happy with the few pictures I took…

But there was no way I was staying outside for long haha

Then I decided to play around with the options

Since this is the year I’m trying to gain back my magic…

The part of me that’s been missing…

And with today being “a clock” sort of day …

I guess it’s “time” to work on that magic

Like me, the clock has no batteries and stuck on a fixed point

But that’s an easy fix

I guess it’s time to work on the more complicated fix for myself

Tomorrow’s challenge is “feet”

Many options haha

3 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “in your hands”


Earlier I had chocolate in my hands

Melting for a tasty treat

But alone in my room…

I’m reminded that waking up my sex drive is literally “in my hands”

I want others to help

To inspire

But I don’t want to be codependent

I am a water sign

I want an exchange, a flow that pulls back and forth

Which why I’m a Switch

Though many want me to be one or the other

So tonight I’m reminded that I have toys

My ben wa balls

Collecting dust from my lack of lust

But I’ll clean them off

Give them another try

I guess it’s time to exercise haha

2 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge… “A corner”

For my normal picture I chose a book

Because I’m a book worm and when you lack a book mark, while in a hurry…

There’s always a corner as you prop the book open to go about your business

I thought about doing something similar, in an erotic sort of way…

But I’m going more with my moods tonight

And remembering…

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner” from Dirty Dancing

For a long time I’ve felt trapped

Always in a corner

My libido asleep and always reaching out

Hoping to find others to help wake it up

Some can

For a short while

But then I’m back in that damn corner

My passions

My desires

My fantasies

All asleep

I’m tired of being disappointed

So I’m trying to step further

And further

Out of that damn corner

Tomorrow’s challenge is “in your hands”

I wonder how I’ll express my journey

I’m making this up as I go along

Going it alone

Yet always trying to be true to myself

To rediscover myself

So tonight

I’m stepping out of the corner

In-between #sinfulsunday

Filling the frame

From side to side

Top to bottom

Finding my center


Sinful Sunday is all about the image

I’m trying to do my part by posting, remembering to comment and share

Join us by doing the same and click on the lips

Sinful Sunday

#TowelDay!!! #nsfw

So today is the day dedicated to our lovely book

Hitchhiker’s guide the the galexy by Douglas Adams

As we know, a good traveler needs to know where their towel is at all times!

So… I know where MY towel is

Where’s yours?


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