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      February 2018
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    The stars

    I wish you could see the stars tonight
    See then the way my eyes register them
    The same pin pricks of light you look at when you cast your eyes up
    Yet how they appear to me
    The nearness
    The curvature
    The quantity
    The quality
    I wish you could see the stars tonight
    See them through my eyes

    Female gamer… Sort of

    While I no longer have 17 cats in the house…

    The ones I do have seem to …umm… Be full of personality

    Turtle is often in my son’s room when he games

    I guess it’s her turn at the controls

    #Häagen-Daz humor rant/plea 😂

    Yes I’m a bit mental

    I fully admit that my humor is warped, twisted, sometimes dark and often not appropriate for the situation…. Any situation

    I also admit that my body is often under caffeinated and if I’m on sleep dep… Things can get wonky right damn quick

    So I’m scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…. Keep them pages rolling…. No no wait this isn’t rawhide…

    So I’m going through Facebook to check what I missed during my few hours of sleep and the extra hours between coffee starting to kick in

    I find this ad for Häagen-Daz and my humor kicks in

    You see… France has ice cream

    Not a huge selection though and all the companies seem to cover the same boring flavors

    These flavors might be epicly fantastic but when you KNOW, FOR A FACT, that other flavors are out there… 

    I might as well just eat vanilla

    Preferably in what I coined “The Fat American”

    Similar to a White/Black Russian in that it has vodka and coffee liquor but different as I do the following

    Vodka, coffee liquor, caramel liquor, real coffee, milk and vanilla bean ice cream

    It all gets blended (usually by spoon as I’m too lazy to want to wash more items that needed) into a sort of milkshake

    I started calling it The Fat American because Russia already has two “similar” drinks and since it tastes better than anything I could get at a tarbucks…. Seemed appropriate

    Also funny self depreciating humor since I’m an American in France and it fits with stereotypes associated with Americans 😂😂

    So, back to my point

    I saw this on my timeline 

    And the following is what I left in the public comments… 

    Enjoy your trip into the madness that is my brain…

    Dear Häagen-Dazs serving France

    You are failing me….

    I KNOW you have a number of flavors! I’ve been to your locations in the states and other parts of Europe

    Why are you failing to stock my area with all the tasty good things?!!

    What have I done to displease you!!

    Come back to me

    I promise I’ll behave!

    Love me the way I love you

    Let me count the ways and show my devotion!… Preferably by counting with different flavors as I consume them 

    I’m a ginger and it’s not politically correct to steal souls any more!! I need an alternative!!


    Someone who should not be texting with so much blood in their caffeine system

    Dunno ’bout you but….

    I’m in some serious need of a good cock…

    Granted spelling is a little different and the size of just a touch too big haha

    Stopped at a specialty brew shop in Poitiers, Le Houblon… 

    Very cute shop and a gentleman with fantastic knowledge of the product… 

    Good sense of humor too and that’s important since I’m such a chatty Cathy of wit and snark

    So many choices, even the more unusual ones like the Black Perle… Coffee flavored!!

    Didn’t buy it but did pick up the stronger version hehe

    Also a blueberry version!

    Will post pictures later and give a review or few

    2016 old house ranta


    for those not on facebook or not paying attention

    i moved to a different house, part of why i am not posting often…if at all

    i will have stable (and private, yay no more hotspots) net the beginning of august (fingers crossed) and yes i hope to post more erotica and pictures

    but on to today’s blog of bitchiness:

    ………….. …………….

    landlady came by while i was here at the old house (thus why i currently have net… have yet to unplug the box and cant plug it in at the new house since there is no dsl lines)

    i was on the road this afternoon so missed her call but voicemail said she wanted to meet and discuss the house and me leaving

    i planed on not calling back
    avoiding her at cost and giving documents and keys to the mayor of our little community and getting an intermediary involved

    no such luck

    so i am forced to talk to her in person

    joy of joys

    she has no problem with me cause i always pay in advance and all that but she cant understand why i didnt contact her if i had a problem

    i did… in 2014 and she came once with her hubby and they didnt find anything and left, did not take care of anything on my list and left me upset

    ok find

    sent her emails… she swears up and down she never got one (at the time) then weeks later miraculously finds them
    still nothing changes

    sent her a text message.. no reply

    she is often next door with her mom and family
    they all give me dirty looks whenever i look at them…not gonna fucking interrupt that joyful bunch

    i tell her mom my problems… she tells me mold needs bleach (i know that is bs as over the counter bleach is too weak to really kill mold and only spreads it around more.. i worked in a lab with industrial strength bleach, i know shit..i also happen to be semi allergic to bleach) and open windows more

    does the old hag tell her daughter to contact me? nope

    have rodent issue, was not just mice
    again old hag says she doesnt have um cause she treats for it.. lucky bitch

    i talked to my assistance social lady (basically social worker) and a special person from the area comes to look at the house
    doesnt understand my problems, says she has seen worse mold and wont wrap her head around the fact that my son lost 130 hours of school and had to drop out due to his health, got seriously depressed and traumatized by the whole situation (don’t you fucking judge and tell me the simplicity i just wrote isnt worth getting traumatized over as i am SIMPLIFYING it and will bitch slap you off my friends list so fast you will think santa and all his reindeer and his elves raped you with the slay) that he gained a ton of weight and lost all motivation

    so report was made and “obviously” i am an idiot for even asking for it since the woman didnt see what i was complaining about… landlady gets a copy… since it says no problem… she does fuck all to see me…

    i stop paying rent in june and july
    does she come see me?

    why is it then my responsibility to contact her, if all means to reach her have failed in the past, when she clearly has proof that SOMETHING is wrong

    why not contact me more regularly just to check up.. more so if she is often visiting her mother (but parking on the other side of the house where i can’t see her van and rarely know she is there)

    bitch made me cry as i am trying to keep civil, butt my wy into the conversation and wrap her head around the fact that she needs to stop one train of thought (she being fine with me cause i pay early) and get her head in the idea that i needed help, she ignored me so i gave up and went around her and she STILL ignored me

    i am fucking getting ice cream



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