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Update on “a fraction of why I need help” post

sorry in advance

but there is no auto what-not and i could give two fly testicles about punctuation or capitalization

writing this on the tablet
meaning no fancy paid for apps with all the rigmarole that does the fancy shit
then emailing to myself
might be able to check for spelling mistakes but
i dont have many fucks to give

my last blog post was end of july
one “fun” misadventure after another

to sum up last year/2019

my social worker abandoned me mid way through the year, when she found out i had access to money from the house between my ex husband and myself

due to being in high hermit mode
rarely checking the mail

i missed an appointment with the social worker
literally by 1 day
with covid making mail extremely sporatic
no matter when she SENT the letter
it most assuredly did not arrive as quickly as privious years

as i cant function, in french, over the phone and the fact that with covid and no transportation
meaning it would take me 2 hours to walk to her location

which means id already be dealing with my own health issues just to make sure i made the time

on top of “omfg what will the weather be like” because it was either tons of storms or intense heat and sun
then add in elevated heart rate
panic attack once in her office AND having to wear a mask

fuck that

so i sent an email explaining my situation
oh yeah but they dont check email

so i recieved a new letter saying i had not giving a reason for missing the appointment


and that a new appointment for the next month was scheduled
what fun

halfway to the appointment date
i get a call
so yeah… appointment has been canceled

i tried to explain my suituation to the women on the phone but the woman would hear none of it
no new appointment scheduled

seemed my social worker was sick and would be off work for a month

so living off the barest of gov assitance
all due to my ex husband and the 3 past highly incompetent and potentially racists (yes racism does exist against anglophones)
behavior of my social workers since moving to this area
i never got the help i needed and qualified for

so yay

august 19th the energy people shut off my electricity
i sent my youngest back to my ex a few days early

to which i received a nasty letter from him
stating i was being childish
that real parents adapt to situations
stating i am treating him like a baby sitter
and a lot of other bullshit
ending with a threat to make sure if my behavior continues
he will make it possible that all contact with my son ends

oh joy

the 20th i walked to the local town hall
3km away
forcing them to step in

later that afternoon
a temporary social worker popped by
heard my story
was appaled by the neglect and treatment i had recieved
started working on what paperwork he could help me get

as well as finding me a lawyer
which i needed for sept 17th about the house

so yay!!!!
an actual reason to be happy!

i have no idea what is going on with the lawyer for 2 reasons

1… Because it seems you have to have your nose up their ass (anyone in a position of business) for them to contact you with updates

Which is difficult for me due to the language issues and C-PTSD

2… Translating what she sends me!

a friend stepped in to help translate as the details she sent me
were always in PDF

meaning… i cant translate

not capable of copy/paste into a translation program

taking a screenshot and using the google lens translation option…
holy fucknuggets batman!
made no sense

pretty sure some of the words were either made up or in one of the languages from an african country
not even joking!
i have seen a number of unusual (to me) languages

pretty sure one of the bits translated said i need to believe and something about setting things on fire

was like trying to understand an Oracle of Delphi

3 other ladies stepped in to help
absolutely lovely

though they remind me of the 3 fairy godmothers from sleeping beauty

which is not taking away the alternative universe disney princess feel i have been having about my life since moving to france

now… i write this today, sept 21st 2020

it has been 33.5 days without electricity


the majority of that, has also been without fear or panic attacks!!

i did have one crying melt down one morning… i was desperately craving peanut butter, as it is extremely beneficial for my brain health… and i only had chunky

granted it is only mildly chunky compared to what you find state side

Again… this may not seem like a huge deal
but my molars are fucked

since my paperwork isnt in order, thanks to 3 social workers, i haven’t been able to have them repaired
meaning things get wedged in between my teeth and it really hurts

remember… i am a stroke survivor
due to the vagus nerve running past the mouth and to the brain
any oral infection is a real risk to my brain

So yeah… In theory…
not a HUGE deal emotionally
but it then reminds me of all the empty promises of my ex…

how we/he would fix my teeth
the trauma associated with the dentists here as well as back in the states
and this keeps me looped into the trauma and gaslighting from my ex
as well as the bullshit from dentists

one dentist/specialist literally said “but just think, if you get fake teeth you cant enjoy a stake”… bitch!
how the fuck do you think im enjoying a stake NOW (back then as well as today) with fucked up teeth?!!!!

after meeting with the 3 fairy godmother ladies
having to keep my calm
having to smile, be social, be fully competent in french and explain much of my trauma and health issues

plus listening to them reading the emails my friend had forwarded from the lawyer about the old divorce paperwork and the house paperwork

by the end
i was over stimulated
trying not to throw up
suffering high anxiety
having to lie to them that i didnt have the paperwork they wanted to look at RIGHT NOW

because if i showed them… they would stay longer and had already been there for hours
plus the heat and full sunlight
my brain was melting

i was literally becoming dyslexic in an audio way
which yes… that is a real thing
it is something i never suffered before my stroke

i needed to rest, recover, rejuivenate
the next day was completely “wasted” by sleeping and trying to avoid going into a panic attack

I am and will always be highly social
but being so, in French, drains so much energy from me and takes a long time to recover from

being forced into hermit mode for YEARS and then add in covid forced isolation
it is extremely difficult to be in social situations and drains me even more


i am EXTREMELY proud that i have lived so many days without fear and that i have been able to get through situations that would have normally sent me into a panic attack due to my C-PTSD

to give an example

i spent the last few months of 2018 in my typical depression and high anxiety panic attacks

the winter months are especially hard due to so much past trauma
which typically lasts from mid october to late january, early february

but not with 2018/2019

no… with 2019 i spent the first 6 months in daily panic attacks that would happen multiple times a day

there had been so much stress
so many things piling up
so many emotions
trauma continuing to be dished out by my ex

not to forget that in february my middle son was hit by a drunk driver while riding his 50cc to my house

literally.. had he been the typical skinny french teen, the ones built more like elves… he would have died

thankfully he is built more like an american football player/ human (in regaurds to D&D stats) with big broad shoulders, a barrel chest and a decent ratio of fat and muscles

to give an idea…
due to my hight and dimentions…
im built more like a tall dwarf (dammit i am not growing a beard!)
or a dwarf human half breed

so the fact that i have gone 33.5 days with only a few points of high anxiety and no panic attacks
thats a gods damned miracle!

i did recieve a letter last friday
stating that i could get help of some kind for the electricity bill

something that I should have been getting help with all along since due to my health, i literally cannot work in france
an anglophone country yes.. but not here

unfortunately it asks questions that are not simple “yes or no” in nature and a few have backstory that needs to be taken into account and corrected

again… i love my last 3 social workers…. she said laced with intense sarcasm

i have had 4.5 social workers since leaving my ex

1 was young and fanFUCKINGtastic but sadly i had to move way from her

the 3 bitches of eastwick (will not sully the reputation of witches on them 3)

plus the temporary social worker counts as the .5

sadly he is on vacation for another week
and i am forced to once again work with my last social worker

last week my real social worker came back to work… no news from her

but i did let him know that if she acts up with the same bullshit as before

i am so motherfucking snitching on her
because i DO NOT WANT to work with her but she gets 1 chance


1 of the 3 fairy godmother ladies has offered to make an appointment with the social worker so that she can be there with me to offer support and make sure the cunt does her damn job

i have literally had so many people ask me “so what do you want me to do about it”… uh.. your damn job?

the woman literally has 20yrs of experience as a social worker, in paris but wants me to do her job

i am from a different country, i have health issues, i am struggling to heal from a nasty marriage, a stroke, autoimmune issues and the trauma of being abandoned in this country…

how can ANYONE expect me to do the work for them?

on the plus side
this fairy godmother lady works for the government and has been divorced

so she is badass and knows her shit

she also knows the good people

she has put me in contact with her doctor, who is in the community and speaks english

so after i finish this…

i have to write to the doctor and explain…
why i am writing
my health history as much as i remember
what tests i feel are needed
and a rough psychological over view of what i have been going through

cause its not exactly like i have been able to go see a shrink

the only one i know that speaks english isnt exactly in walking distance and i cant afford her

there is no way a french only speaking therapist can help me, as it has already been proven due communication issues,
such as with the one neurologist trying to play therapist and trying to diagnose me with borderline personality disorder

which i know i dont have because i know and have volunteered with many people who suffer with this disorder

what i had at the time was bipolar, 3 types of depression (hereditary, seasonal and situational), c-ptsd, gaslighting and codependency on my then husband due to the gaslighting and psychological and emotional abuse

so yay
so much writing to do but i am feeling capable and articulate

though i’ll probably do absolutely nothing tomorrow due to the need to rest and recover from trying to explain 28 years of health issues and 20 years of association with an abusive narcasist

but i’m getting there
slowly but doing it

and i demand karmic justice
especially since the ass is trying to scam me out of half the value of the house down to 1/4th
while the divorce may be “finalized”
i do not know if what he is doing is legal

i dont even know if the divorce was legal!

as i was forced to sign under duress…

a year after the stroke
no real follow up therapy to figure out what had changed with my body and brain
Put on a medication that damages my heart and gave me menopause like symptoms
still living with him and his abuse
an abusive and crap lawyer
being unable to read the document
in a panic attack and unable to understand what was going on
in primal fear that i would be tied to him longer

but because he looks the part…

calm, cool, collected, an upstanding french citizen, a PhD in cell biology with a good job at the local hospital and it was him asking the divorce…

of course it was him asking….

i was codependant on him for everything, including him picking my lawyer!!

a shit lawyer who had the metaphorical balls to cut me off while i was trying to explain that im handicapped (her cutting in there saying “well thats too bad”) as i was trying to explain that yes i have health issues but also the fact that i was dependant on him for everything, the language issues, the inability to work here due to all of that and being from a different country so not fulling knowing or understanding my rights or who to contact or how to get the help i need

but ya know…. “well thats too bad”

with the exception of 3 close friends and the people from the last few months…

EVERYONE i have interacted with in france has been fair weather friends, users/scams, horrible to me and the majority causing trauma

with everyone in positions of power telling me to take my private/confidential, details to friends or neighbors to help translate and or fill in

how the fuck is ANYTHING i have been through even been legal!

but im still here
i refuse to give up
i have hit rock bottom
been through hell and back so many times that i qualify to give the guided tours
have had the entire country try to erase my existance
dont even get me started on the fake friends and users
or the folks “but you need a man in your life to do that”
yeah… what man? with very few exceptions, the guys i meet are pepe le pew leg humping muppets
as in rapists in training, physically violent and or drunks

oh! dont forget the stalkers!
they have been SO much fun
literally thought one guy was going to murder me and plant me in his garden
you think im joking

and everyone assumes i am faking, lying or over exagerating…
2 examples

first example

because i look healthy
because i sound intelligent when speaking french and can seemingly follow along
obviously the french language must not be nearly as complicated for me as i express
add in the typical crap all people suffer when dealing with an invisible illness
but multiplied as mental health care is not a huge deal in france and folks try to avoid anyone handicapped
but since i dont LOOK handicapped…

second example

my ex calls me a hypocondriac
which is slandar!
i have proven health issues and real reason to fear for my health
be it diagnosed or still in the process

if i were a valid hypocondriac
i would have continued seeing doctors over the past 6 years
but i havent
i have avoided them… well… like the plague

my damn copper birth control thing expired in 2017
still have it in me
since leaving my ex, i havent seen anyone for my brain
i have no idea if some of what i went through over the past few years were reocurring strokes
i know i should be tested for hormone imbalance, i tried but holy fucknuggets that went badly and never got tested
plus so much more

i have been so badly treated… just in the states… by nurses, doctors, specialists and dentists
that going to them is like visiting your rapist, having to control C-PTSD, expose yourself to them, thank them and pay for the damn experience… and i have found it all way worse in france

but im still here
even after going through emotional flatlining
even after being forced into hermit mode
even after my cars all died and i had to walk 7km, both ways, to get groceries and hauling back a minimum of 40kg in various bags
going up hill, down dale, avoiding cars on country roads, through the forest, over tractor paths, sometimes at night because it could take up to a total of 7hrs to do all of this, which included the needed breaks.. or having to repair the damn tire on the wheeled shopping bag

but im still here
after all the emotional trauma and so many years, in or after the marriage, of being suicidal
even after being forced to live in what i call groundhog day purgatory

i am still motherfucking here

and literally
all of the above
is just the tip of the iceberg

but the thing is
with my situation
its like looking to figure out which iceberg is mine and using the mars rover, looking back towards earth, to find my specific iceberg!!

but im still here
because i am truly badass and not fucking giving in
if i am forced to take the money for the house
no matter how fucking small
ok i will

but if i am ONCE AGAIN forced to be raped, in one fashion or another
my next step is taking it to the mayor of poitiers
she is new, she is young and i know she sure as shit will not let this kind of bullshit happen


because if this is happening to me…

in a time of human rights, of womens rights, of victimes rights…

then i am doing it for me, for my boys, for all of those who have tried to help me and for every damn person who is going through something even remotely similar

you know what i learned about the guy who tried a hit and run on my son?

that he had previous situations of abuse and violence, often associated with drinking

but OBVIOULY it wasnt the fault of being a drunk

no it was anger issues and that is what is typical in france

not an alcohol problem.. says he only had one glass of whiskey… how motherfucking big a galss?

because i know how typical country fucks drink

but an anger issue problem

since he is violent often
abusive often
since he said he never saw my son on the scooter and knocked off the side mirror of another car involved

saying he thought maybe he hit an animal vs my son

how the fuck do i know that he didnt do it on purpose?

not specificaly targeting MY son but specifically targeting the scooter/rider
because honestly

drunk with anger issues… it is a legitimate possiblity

so yeah
thats the update
including some normal pictures as i havent been in the mood to take erotic photographs
no fun to try and feel lady like when taking cold showers

Ooo oh yeah..

for those following…

yes, the machine for the hot water and heat was changed in february (had died in december)

but the “new” unit was used, not fully empty, exterior got slightly beat up during installation

a NUMBER of parts had to be replaced
majority were quick and easy to find
but that last damn part, the one that is a specific seal that does this magical thing…

the one that avoids letting water leak onto the electric box for the machine…

took untill late august to arrive

so an entire fucking year (ok 9+ months) with only 1 hot shower a week for risk of damaging the machine
then no electricity to install and check the piece


its been so fucking fun living in this hell hole

a small example of why i am demanding karmic justice from the universe

Trying to feel zen
Me looking for Cappuccino kitten but others on Twitter and Instagram focusing on nipples 🤣
Cappuccino kitten was found and captured 🤣

Random “dick” humor

Don’t mind me….

I’m just gonna sit here and fiddle with my “micro penis” using my tongue…

Gingerly bit into a very hot potato and burnt the roof of my mouth, the area just behind my two front teeth…

It doesn’t hurt but it’s inflamed and feels like a tiny dick…

I can’t stop fiddling with it

Sending love to the universe

I’m a scorpio…

Full of passion, mystery and depth

But with 12 years of pain, it’s been hard to properly manifest my passions

Art being one of them

But today I felt the pull to be creative and express myself

I have so much love within me

Too much to give to only one person and so much to give in only one form

I’ve learned to give love in many different ways

I happily give unconditional love and as much love as I can also give to the type of love that comes with conditions attached

But I don’t feel that love should be limited to only romantic coupling, family and pets

I freely give it to friends and strangers

Today I’m giving it to everyone who has knowingly touched my life

As well as to those who have no idea I exist

Plus everyone in between

I’m sending this love out to the universe, because we need more love to tap into and I know what starts with me… With the self

It will eventually come back to me

So I did this painting

Trying to show the warm depths of my water sign and trying to shift that heart, my love, into the flow of the universe

It’s rare that I create art any more

I’ve been in such a dark place

Being a hermit and trying to cope and heal from the damages done to me

I’m getting there

It’s slow but happening

So I give you my love

Pass it on

Will the real #HenryCavill please stand up 🤣

Screenshots at the bottom…

The last few months have been interesting when it comes to talking to folks online

Be it Facebook, Instagram, various dating sites …though various randoms on the street have also been weird

Over the last few months I’ve had multiple attempts at guys trying to scam me

Be it the one guy trying to get me to cash a check for him, or a “German military” guy supposedly stationed in Africa trying to get me to pay for his ticket out of there or typical hijacked accounts trying to get me to click on a bogus link…

But tonight I got contacted by “Henry Cavill”….

I’m not stupid
Do I look like I have “easy mark” tattooed on my forehead?

I talk to people from all over the world and I’ve been doing this for decades online and in person

I’ve traveled enough to know the various cultures and mannerisms of someone from the northern hemisphere

Engaged with so many people from the southern hemisphere while I was in the states or in France or traveling

And I’ve gotten really good at profiling people… Be it their facial expressions, body language, voice or text

Tonight’s guy read false

Now I understand that there are all kinds of fan accounts, typically they will flat out say that it’s a fan account not the actual person… Be that in a disclaimer on the account or in a private message

Not this guy

I have to admit, I had no idea who Henry Cavill was until watching the Witcher, the only other thing I’ve seen him in was Stardust and I vaguely remember the character he played… Granted I’ve read the book a number of times so I “know” the character but fucked if I remember him playing in the movie… *Insert blushing here*

So obviously I’m not a “true fan” 🤣

But watching the Witcher got me curious… About him, Anya, Freya, Jason and many others… but those 4 specifically

When something stimulates my brain, I get curious and check the web for more details… because it’s out there, so why not have a look

While I would love to meet Henry Cavill, it’s not for the drooling fangirl reasons…

Yes he’s very attractive, but while others are writing in all kinds of rude and tasteless examples of things they want from him sexually…. I honestly look at his muscular build and think of how lovely it would be to get a cuddle haha

Or have that smooth, gentle but deep voice talk me to sleep so I can actually get some sleep… Mistress Insomnia has been a real bitch to me lately 🤣

Yeah… I know… I’m broken 🤣
I’m not drooling and objectifying him like others

He’s not “mine”, there’s no mutual connection and while I’ve been in the Bdsm community since I was much much younger… All aspects of my life are about “safe, sane and consensual” so I can’t drool over him

Ok I have developed a mild connection to him due to watching the Witcher and looking up articles to better understand who he is and how his personality differs or pops out in his acting…

He has no connection with me

So me drooling would be pointless and empty, a waste of energy and time

I’ve spent too much time with “the beautiful people”… Models, performers and rarely much clothing…

I’m used to trying to have a conversation with others…. trying to eat my food while on a break and having a naked man playing a guitar and trying to wiggle his cock at us for attention… and none of us drooling

Hell, I recently had a video phone call with a guy while he was taking a bath and his nudity just was… It wasn’t about sex or trying to get me excited, it was just simple nudity

Unless there is a connection… My libido is asleep… Which is partly why I haven’t been posting here…oops 🤣

But I’ve watched enough videos of Henry Cavill doing his walk, talking to the fans and I like watching them

His voice is calm, there’s a gentleness and warmth… Plus omfg I miss London and I recognize the area well enough to have it feel like being with a friend

But again… Still no drooling

Even without looking up old interviews to get a better feel for who he is as a person, I can easily understand the kind of guy he is and that gamer geek side makes me grin hard!

He seems like he’d be a lot of fun to hang out with and have a laugh

With all the various levels of famous people I’ve met, befriended or encouraged to keep working on becoming famous… I want to see who they are as people

So that I can better appreciate their work… Be it books, music, movies/series, gaming or whatever

I want that connection, to really be able to pull me into the body of their work

Haha “total immersion…”
Loved Altered Carbon, really well done, same for Killjoys and the Expanse

I love learning and understanding… So I research whatever captures my attention because I need the mental stimulation for my brain…

More so being bored off my tits in France and especially because I had a mini stroke before 35, the stimulation helps heal my brain

And I admit, I’m lonely here… So the various forms of entertainment like watching these series or reading my books… It’s like being back with various friends

Or it’s a challenge to understand the characters… Like Amos, oh hell that character was on point!

The psychological aspects of that character and how Wes Chatham breathed life into Amos… Oh that was fascinating! Plus I know folks from Baltimore and the rest of Maryland and it was like being “home” again

So I learn, I crave information to better explain what my instincts tell me from my natural profiling skills and it helps pass the time, entertain my brain and make the homesickness lighten a bit

Talking with new people is fun but often they end up being NPC people… They all blend together after a few conversations, I get bored and stop talking…

Or I block them if they are rapist type assholes with their violating behavior and inability to understand respect …the Pepe le Pew asswipes

I’m not shy, I can be but overall I’m not

So if someone new comes looking to follow me on Instagram, I have no problem chatting…

Provided they behave with respect and don’t try to play these bullshit games or scams

While I’ve never met Cavill, to an extent I know him… And I know others from the UK, I’ve spent a lot of time there

I showed the screenshots to my friends, both Irish ladies, one in England and the other in Ireland…

The one in Ireland laughed hard and said “Pfft, that’s about as English as I am African 🤣”

The one in England said “Nothing about that conversation was native uk”

The “dear” pet name and the almost demand for me to be polite… The only time I ever get that from a guy in the UK is if he’s a Dom and it’s a Bdsm style of situation… and even then it’s… different

While I’m sure Cavill has potential to be a good lover… but his overall personality seems far too vanilla and innocent to be that type of guy… Haha though I’m happy to be proven wrong 🤣

The fact that I dropped hints here and there, which were ignored… Such as saying I’m a gamer girl, should have earned a reaction but got overlooked

The whole conversation lacked warmth, charm and an eloquent use of the English language…. Ok so after reading up on his past, understanding Cavill had been called a lemon, I doubt he’d actually come across as a twat with someone asking for “him” to be genuine, as this guy did

But the voice clip was the absolute proof…

My voice clip was simply to add depth and humor to my words as it’s easy to miss read someone purely from text if you are not skilled or you’re in a mood that can’t change interpretation

My 22 year old son is a voice actor, while not employed for this, we often have conversations where he changes personality to create a character

And I really do mean he changes personality, physical as well as the voice… sometimes it’s like looking at him and seeing an overlayed image of who he’s trying to portray…

Be it an 80 yr old Englishman first time gaming in a group or an old French women of the approximate age and talking about her little dog…

I love when he deals with phone calls from people trying to sell us shit 🤣🤣

My son is also a hardcore gamer and started his own YouTube channel, so while I don’t game as much as I’d like… I know the world well and those who also game with passion

I’m also fairly good at doing my own accents, to the point where I can step off the flight at Stansted, walk into the nearest airport shop to buy a Sim card and accidentally fall into the accent so well that others think I’m a native instead of an American

I can HEAR when someone is trying to force an accent or voice and are not very good at it

Hell, I giggle every time I watch Altered Carbon and the character Poe loses the moment and I can tell it’s more of Chris Connors voice and then back into the character

I hear the details, this guy was off and he said Harry vs Henry, didn’t pronounce Cavill like travel and other slight mispronounced syllables and cadence

Earlier in the week, I read an interesting article about Cavill learning how to better his American accent for the Man From UNCLE and the amount of work he had to put into better playing the spoken aspects of the part

This guy just couldn’t do that

Had he just been honest, genuine, I’d have happily made a new friend and chatted but he just wouldn’t break the scam

I’m far too analytical for this bullshit 🤣🤣

So that was my night
Entertaining but far less stimulating to my heart than last Thursday when I had to be badass and extinguish a fire on the motor for the heating unit…

I do have to say, I’d love to talk with the real Henry Cavill, he seems like a sweetheart and capable of holding a stimulating conversation… Which is far more sexy to me than rippling muscles

And don’t even get me started on wanting to smack him and others like him upside the back of the head for that dehydration bullshit… that is not safe or sane and it’s horrible for others watching because it leads to bad and unrealistic ideas about what the male body should look like… It’s unnecessary

Much like how porn is NOT a sex Ed class on how to be a partner in real life situations… Which is partly why so many are disappointed sexually

Anyway, I’m Shalla Radiolady on Instagram if anyone wants to see the more normal pictures I post and hear more of my normal life stories associated with the images

I’ll try getting back into posting more erotic photography and writings as well as body positivity posts but I’ve lost my muse, my sex drive is asleep and last year was pure hell…so I’m not exactly feeling sexy or creative

Plus I’m in a transitional phase as I’ve lost so much weight, it’s harder to take the type of pictures I feel like sharing but soon my son will be moving back to the states and I’ll be able to set up anywhere in the house or garden…maybe that will help a bit and give inspiration

I’m also hoping to set up a mini studio so I can start gaining clients for erotic boudoir style shots as the folks on the local libertine sites are a touch clueless on their images haha

Pimping my gamer/YouTuber son #sfw #GetYourHeadOutOfTheGutter

If you enjoy game play videos and crazy, loud humor, random voices and accents with random sexual jokes and swearing…

Kailen has been creating content…

He has the personality to be a professional YouTuber but needs more subscribers and views

He’s currently editing game play where he played the game with the controller backwards…

Because why the fuck not 🤣🤣

He is also looking for more fun people to game with who want to be in his content or game with others who already have a channel

I know it’s a mother’s job to be proud of their kid (he’s almost 22) but it’s way more than that

He really is obnoxiously funny… I say that because his humor can go from dad humor (sometimes worth a groan but still funny) all the way up to madness you’d expect on Saturday night live, Mrs Brown’s boys and game grumps

He really is a riot and it’s obnoxious because he just needs more networking

So that’s the job this mom is taking

Please check him out
Pass him on
Share some gaming time

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poetry, shorts, and other stuff

Free thoughts

For a better communication


Often Erotic Musings from a queer, kinky and definitely dirty girl

An Accident In Space And Time

Just your average, friendly Vulcan

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