August = busy

Gonna try to get back to posting pictures
August has been very busy and a full house… So not likely to let up much

Next week I’ll be without my two younger boys and will try to stock up on pictures I can share

Maybe write a little as well

Till then, here I am being silly in the park and trying to learn to juggle

Hopefully it gets you giggling as much as it did for me

Dunno ’bout you but….

I’m in some serious need of a good cock…

Granted spelling is a little different and the size of just a touch too big haha

Stopped at a specialty brew shop in Poitiers, Le Houblon… 

Very cute shop and a gentleman with fantastic knowledge of the product… 

Good sense of humor too and that’s important since I’m such a chatty Cathy of wit and snark

So many choices, even the more unusual ones like the Black Perle… Coffee flavored!!

Didn’t buy it but did pick up the stronger version hehe

Also a blueberry version!

Will post pictures later and give a review or few

I am not a pretty princess

So I felt playful the other day and posted this picture

I don’t do pink

Yet I felt the need to be cute and silly

Sadly I’m not the badass type to dye my hair all sorts of colors and wear outlandish amounts of bright makeup

Though I’m highly curious due to so many of my friends who live this type of lifestyle

But I’d rather be a pirate wench haha

Guess I’ll have to break out my corsets soon

trying something new #destiny

ok so my boys have been raving about how much the love the game destiny

i hear the 18yr old at all hours of the night goofing off with friends around the world

he tells me the silly shit they talk about and in a way it makes me jealous

see i used to be a gamer girl

but i lost that during the marriage

slowly going more and more into a hermit shell

i used to be on different forums, joking around and part of groups

i miss it

sure most of us migrated to facebook and still shoot the shit on a daily basis with snarky comments

of course i am often the one inspiring sexual havoc in my words

someone needs to be the weirdo lol

as i pause my writing

my lap has been invaded by a certain lil kitten demanding pettings


after a long time of hearing my boys rage and rant and giggle over this game i picked up a copy for myself

i want in

i dont do well on 1st person games or shooting anything but a bow or my mouth

i’m more of a dreamer, looking for a good story and monster bashing

i got zelda for the wii a few years back and i was doing a peepee style dance as i had to keep pressing the button to get past all the damn talking and there i was just wanting to hack n slash

ah well, live and learn

so it seems sony is down for maintenance so i am hozed for trying anything tonight, i know it takes ages to start the game but now i have a longer wait

but i am gonna do this

new year, new start, new shit and find the old me i liked to bring her back to the front where i am now








adventures in teen cooking

so i was away all week, my 18yr old was home alone and decided he wanted to make rock candy

he failed and told me about it when i came home
i was not surprised by the sink full of dishes
he did warn me that the blue in the sink was from him trying to make rock candy

ok no biggy
i thought blue dye in large or small stains

but no

i start sorting the dishes to wash and dumping the contents, when i come to a bowl i thought was full of blue dye and water

no it had his mix in it and the stuff ooooozed out

i was grossed out and giggling madly, almost in tears

now i know what smurf jizz looks like

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