Selfie at the airport in Poitiers sfw

Posted this on Instagram, which links to my Facebook. . . Figured I’d share here as well 😉


Far too many keep bugging me with
“Show your face!!”


Face shown 😂😂😂
AND I made sure Instagram didn’t try to slice off half

Omg I’m even hiding my boobs!

Waiting at the airport in Poitiers
Still have time before my check in

Time for snacks… Kinda skipped lunch hehe

Kitten takes a selfie

So I’m down to only 9 cats of various ages …was up to 17 last November

Hopper is a dopey kitten

He seems to love me most out of all the hoomans

Or maybe he just loves my boobs

I’m really not sure

Female gamer… Sort of

While I no longer have 17 cats in the house…

The ones I do have seem to …umm… Be full of personality

Turtle is often in my son’s room when he games

I guess it’s her turn at the controls

Colors in my hair

So back in October I turned 38 and said FUCK IT!!

All my life people either made fun of my natural red hair (over time it’s faded due to health issues) and I’m not being honest about how badly I was treated for being a natural ginger … But this isn’t a therapy session 😂😂

Or later I was told “don’t you dare color your hair”

While my mom would have allowed it, friends, lovers and random others always told me not to change the color

They said this to the point that with a few… It was more am order than an opinion

I’m nearly 40… Yes I have a few years to go but I’m closer to 40 than I am to 30 or 20

I’m tired of “behaving” according to others

I’ve done a number of other things, this blog included, that go against what society dictates as the norm

I missed the rebellion years for the most part and I missed a number of milestones that we seem to hold as high importance… Some are and many aren’t but either way I missed a number of them and I’m not likely to ever achieve any of them

Would you believe that I’ve never been to a concert?!! The Kennedy center for plays associated with school trips and local music festivals in Poitiers Where the streets are full of different performers

But it’s not the same

So… I’m done

This is MY life and MY body… Fuck those who tell me otherwise

So in October I had my friend dye the tips a dark red, she was visiting and runs around with the most gorgeous blue hair

I liked the red but decided I wanted more

So in November I added teal and purple to a section at the top

It’s temporary and that’s fine by me

The overall look makes me happy and changes depending on if my hair is fresh from the shower, straightened, up or down


I was forced to go out today and do those dreaded things associated with being an adult… I had to people! 



It really takes a lot of energy to deal with others… Driving is bad enough!

Nearly got into two crashes in the parking lot of one store because… 

“Omg! You mean I have to watch where I’M going?!!!”


“Like, I totally need to go down aisle 2 in the parking lot and it will be TOTALLY fine to hang a u’ie and go back the way I came”

Idiots… The lot of them

And you would think that folks would TRY to drive better when they KNOW the cops are right…fucking…THERE!

Cops had pulled over a semi and it was blocking most of the main road so one was playing traffic cop… It’s kinda hard NOT to notice them

But no…

Drivers are zombies

They leave their brains behind and drive in all manner of ways that make me want to thwap them

Thankfully I had few acts of road rage inside the store… You see the shopping carts in France are semi sentient beings that operate on 4 wheel drive

They go any which way and are still being pushed around by brainless zombies

My 20 yr old said if he became president, he’d make it mandatory for all ages to need a special driving permit to push a cart

At this rate… He’s got my vote!

So I ventured forth into the world

Battled the stupidity of others

And I found victory! 

Got all my chores done lol

So… I took a selfie to share my colored hair

Sadly they were out of purple… Kinda want it darker again 😂😂

Hope your day was calmer than mine

Relaxing in the kitchen

Just chilling in my kitchen

Having a cigarette

Feeling more me

Listening to my 20 yr old game online with friends and trying not to join in with comments as his friends get shy when I start talking… I am not a typical mom 😂😂

Wishing I had new shoes, these are getting a bit worn but I love the cut and right now can’t find them in stores

Love the arch of my feet

Remembering how others have a thing for feet 

So here ya go

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