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      February 2018
      M T W T F S S
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    Adult toys and summer heat

    I’ve had my kids for a month

    There just isn’t enough room in the house for everyone long term

    The heat and humidity has been unbearable and I’ve had horrible insomnia

    Lately I haven’t been able to have sex or masturbate

    This usually doesn’t bother me as it’s my choice

    But with the heat… Omg NOOOOOOOOOOO sex is evil and I’m not going hunting for it and no privacy to invite someone over or touch myself

    But this morning I said enough is enough

    I decided to mix and match some toys

    While I like my Lelo, it’s not bad but not what I want ..  no I don’t know what I want

    Today I needed more

    I took a male toy and fit it to my female toy

    There are a number of reasons why I love the pussy sleeves with an opening on both sides

    Easy to clean

    Great for male solo masturbation… Especially in the shower

    Great for masturbating your partner and keeping him on the edge… Mainly because a guy generally comes more quickly than with a typical hand job

    Also fantastic for simulating deep throat or blow jobs if your guy is either too wide, too long or both

    Just pull it down over the cock and use your mouth on the part of the cock that is exposed and give a good hand job using the toy

    But I figured

    If the Tenga eggs can be reversed and put in the head of a vibrator for stimulation of males and females, thus turning the you into fun for anyone

    Why not the pussy sleeve

    So I put half in my pussy

    Inserted my toy into the rest and… Oh my that was nice

    There was fullness inside of me

    A slight vibration transfer as well and very smooth addition to the vibrations running on my clit

    I think a successful experiment

    Summer hammock 2 #nsfw

    the other day i was awake 24hrs, it was a high stress day and lots of activity.. be it mental or physical and when i finally was allowed to sleep… i only got about 2 hours

    with that in mind i decided to once again test out my tent hammock

    i went out in a summer dress to relax and beat the heat


    the hammock was so comfortable, the orange sheet offered a muted light and kept the sun from shining directly on me


    it also added a touch of privacy

    as what often happens when i wear a dress, it slipped up my thighs as i lay there…

    i decided i was going to nap for a while

    but i was mildly excited

    a special someone had been entering my thoughts lately and i was inspired to act on my desires that had been locked away

    feeling free and hidden away


    i took more pictures

    then settled in to enjoy this new found inspiration


    enjoying an orgasm that left me satisfied in place of the usual emptiness or frustration

    i spent 4 hours sleeping and dreaming in my hammock tent

    an event i plan on repeating over the summer and fall


    Practicing safe sugar #SinfulSunday

    as with every sinful sunday, it is all about the picture.. click the lips and see who else is being sinfully naughty and fun with their images

    Sinful Sunday

    this weekend was a bit of a panic, i thought i had to make a bunch of treats but turned out i was not paying attention to the calendar… oh well! made rice crispy treats with “fluff”, marshmallows in france are not the same!

    IMG_9556 a

    decided that the fluff would be a fun picture but as well all (should) know, sugar is not good on the sexual bits as it can cause yeast infections …. so why not use a condom haha

    IMG_9560 a

    so i used TinMan as my subject… condom, fluff and added some of the rice crispy treat

    IMG_9568 a

    sticky fun!! and so tasty!!

    IMG_9581 a

    i just had to lick him clean! funny to remember, that “fluffing” means to get the man excited before a performance …. hahah i fluffed him while he wore fluff 😉

    IMG_9624 a

    as i was editing the pictures for posting, he got bored of waiting and used a new condom to tease me and try to distract me…. spankings as well

    not a bad sunday 😉

    last of the summer sun

    i hate that the days have all gone dark

    the golden hour reduced to a few minutes in the day

    replaced by the cold, the wet…the grey

    i miss the warmth in the light

    so i am posting pictures of my toes

    dipping into sun beams

    wishing for more sunshine


    my nudist gives me a birthday pic #SinfulSunday

    sinful sunday is all about the image and this week’s post is a bit special for me… the first i have posted after turning 35

    there is also the aspect of the competition being held by Exhibit A, for more information follow the link



    see who else is being sinful, click the lips and view the other bloggers enjoying life…

    Sinful Sunday


    my entry to the competition which is to inspire others to write their entries.. is the image given to me by a gentleman i have been online friends with for years… sadly never met in person

    he is a very sweet man and a closet nudist

    he longs to be seen, to serve nude at private parties and enjoy life in the buff.. sadly he doesnt have many around him to share this side of himself with


    the down side to this is that he prefers to cum when told and can go far too long without ejaculating and that bothers me

    it is not healthy to go very long and i have been controlling how often he cums and giving a few challenges here and there


    because it was my birthday week and i knew he was going to be exhibiting nude for a new friend… i gave him a number of times to cum on my birthday and asked he write “happy birthday” on himself just before he went off nude the next day for the young lady


    funny coincidence, her birthday is just after mine 😉



    meet my nudist, my online friend of many years and hopefully a new addition to the lovelies i share in my blog





    E.B. Starpointer

    erotic author and sex-positive male commentator

    An Accident In Space And Time

    Just your average, friendly Vulcan

    Exposed Loving

    Be Love. Bring Love. LOVE.

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