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Lost weight and feeling more me!

Holy fuck….

It just sank in as to how much weight I’ve lost

I don’t get stones… Right now I’m 11.5 stones
Doesn’t sound like much

Ok kilos I kinda get cause I have visuals around me to understand… I’m 73.3 kilo

Pounds I know and grew up with… 161.599

I’ve lost 19 kilos… Sounds good right

Did the translation


I’ve lost 41.888 lbs

In a year and a half

This just hit me like a ton of bricks to my brain 😂

I really need to get my ass in gear and post new pictures, redo old pictures and show the progression

I’ve been so unmotivated to post on my blog but maybe that’s a good thing

My health is improving, even with the god awful heat wave through Europe… Which could literally cause me another stroke… So I’m not being a whiny cry baby about the heat

I’ve been hanging out with my “sister from another mister” for the last few months and we average 30 to 50 km (18.64 to 31.068 miles) per week when we walk all over town

I’ve been adding temporary color to my hair and even my natural color is slowly coming back to its former glory 😂

Overall I’m feeling more me… And honestly, I’ve had a higher sex drive on average… Wether I act on it or not

I’ve made new friends who I hope will help me start to tone up and work on strength training once it cools down

Or new friends I’m hoping will teach me to dance and get over my fears of humiliation… Weird right?

I can post nudes, flash my tits on stage or have sex with an audience watching but fuckin’hell I feel awkward dancing cause ermigawd!! I might be judged!!

The brain is weird

I’m getting there

I’m doing it!

I’m gaining back all that I lost of myself from over a decade of mental and emotional abuse and neglect

I’m getting “me” back

With my smarmy attitude and my no fucks given!!

Going places!

Not giving a fuck if I wear makeup to hide the damage to my skin

Being silly and obnoxious with friends! Hell I’m singing in public and not giving a shit!

And working on my tan with a lil help from a new friend

I’m doing it!

You can to… In whatever way you need, you can do the positive too

I’ll try to post more, this has motivated me but it’s very hot here so I’ll still be slow

But I want my life back and this blog is a part of that

Thanks for being a part of it too ❤

Sorry for slacking NSFW pic

So I know I’ve been a bad girl about this blog

Life has gotten in the way, my desire to write kept fading and even my photography has suffered

Having 17 cats of various ages also kind of hammered my snarky and smutty ways

Happily I have fewer kittens now, took 6 ads over a period of 8 months and only the last ad generated any interest

Two more going soon and still trying to find homes for two or three after that

Hoping to be down to five or six cats, sadly there’s no chance to re-home two… Paprika is a right royal cunt, her daughter Turtle came back very bitchy after getting sterilized, her sister Kurry is mellowing out but also came back bitchy and Pauly technically isn’t ours

No way am I giving away Phantom Oreo, he’s mah boy and gives the best cuddles

So aside from the cats

Love life is complicated as ever but happy enough with the lovelies who care about me

Want to travel more but funds are low as ever lol

Would love to head to Ireland in March to see some friends and go bug the folks at i102104 … I miss being on the radio

If anyone is interested in helping to fund that, I’d be happy to exchange some pictures before and during my trip

The holidays were decent… Fewer panic attacks than any of the last 11 years

That time of year is always hard due to all the past loss (my middle son was a twin and seeing him can be hard since I miscarried his sibling right before Christmas and still hurts after 17 years), of family gone like all my grandparents and my father… Plus being poor and having a ton of cats meant absolutely no decorations lol

But I’ve been working on myself the last year and a half or so, mental health and physical… Always an adventure to stay sane due to politics and Facebook

I’ve lost about 40lbs and plan to keep sliming down and toning up

Since I absolutely had to be an adult today

I figured a few shower pictures to show the change in my body would be a good idea

I know how many pervy ones love any pics but I know how others see me as an inspiration for their own self love and whatever body type they have… Be it a weight issue (too much or too little), mental health issues (hard to stay sane when life keeps screwing with you) and my humor

I promise to try finding my wit and bringing it back to the blog vs hiding in Facebook and Instagram

Ok time to be productive

Hope you have a great day 😉

Holy nipples Batman

Felt a lil more myself today

Been losing weight again

More noticeable while laying down, as you can see here and nope… Not sucking in my tummy

Down to 75 kilo / 165 lbs

Still short, can’t find anyone with a rack to stretch me taller 😂😂😂

Very happy though

A year and a half ago I was at 92 kilo / 202.8 lbs

I’ve lost 17 kilo / almost 37.5 lbs

Still have a lil bit to go to reach my next goal

Love that I’m feeling more me

Down by 30

So I’ve lost “some” weight since last year

I was 92kilo / 202.8lbs

Now I’m 78kilo / 171.96lbs

Still a long way to go but it’s fantastic to see results

I find it funny

First thing the average person says to me when I quote my numbers… 

“Just not in the boobs I hope!!”

So no

I still have my boobs hahahaha

#sinfulsunday back in black

I’m back!!!

Going to try posting again and do so on a semi regular basis

It’s been a year and much has happened since I moved into the new (rental) house last year

I’ve been able to move more and I’ve lost 14 kilo/ 31lbs and trying to keep this going!!

The title “back in black” is a bit of a joke in that the two pictures I’m posting for sinful Sunday are a lil silly

I posted an edited version on Facebook and Instagram to get people aware that I’m trying to be me and post more

But with all the “omg no nipple!!” Rules on Facebook, I added the black bar with “sorry….. NSFW”

It was a great tease hehe

Now to show the original picture
It’s been very hot in France and I spent a number of days in just a bathing suit… I figured I would take some pictures

Hope you have a great weekend

Remember that sinful Sunday is all about the image and to check the others participating… We like positive feedback and sharing

Click on the lips to see who else is adding their blog

Sinful Sunday


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