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#FetishFriday ass and toes

i meant to post this earlier in the day but got distracted by so many sensual men on various sites, such naughty boys out there… hope you enjoy



another shot for #FetishFriday

the more i think about this #FetishFriday the more i remember the holiday party held by Erotic Meet

there had been an auction and i was one of the “things” up for bid

to that date i had never been put over someones knee and spanked, so i offered up myself for some lucky winner

the gentleman that bought me had a very good hand, handsome and sweet if you can see past the player he tries to be… which really is sad because i see in him someone really lovely…

ah well thats neither here nor there

so we went downstairs, away from everyone else in the bar

there was a crowd growing and everyone either wanted to watch or join in

he started slow and then got really into spanking my ass

others joined in as he held me down and ooooh how i was getting wet

had it not been for the bad position, over the knee really turns out to not be for me… i could have gone so much longer getting spanked

i love it, the feeling of the hand rubbing slowly over my tights and the sudden thwap stinging my skin

oh and the feel of the crop … makes me bite my lip just thinking about it

its not that i am a pain slut, just that there are some forms of pain that really give me pleasure


hope you like the pic

taken by @Hungry_Joe





#Fetish Friday

i was on twitter and thinking… hmmm the #FF makes me think less of FollowFriday and more along the lines of  FapFriday… so i had been thinking of posting a picture that someone would enjoy fapping over…

then the fabulous Cara Sutra contacted me and recommended the event she hosts on her site and twitter #FetishFriday http://carasutra.co.uk/2012/02/cara-sutra-home-of-fetishfriday-join-in/

so being the good lil attention whore that i am and helping to promote a friend… i am thinking of what picture i could post that is of a fetish nature…

best i could think of is my corset, i have so many friends that have that as their fetish and i love to please them


so tell me what you think, is this a good choice for fetish friday



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