a glimpse at my sole #FetishFriday

when i was traveling i needed to do laundry

while in an empty laundromat in southern wisconsin i saw a perfect opportunity

the light was strong and casting shadows around the room

i saw the reflection of myself in the dryer door and had to pose

thinking of the lovely friends and fans

the ones i adore so much

who wish they could be at my feet and make the day pleasurable

since i am not real to most people

catching my shadow was appropriate

only one man has worshiped my feet

my dog is missed greatly

hope you enjoy the hint of my feet

a glimpse at my sole

 IMG_1128  a

friday the 13th #FebPhotoFest2015 #FetishFirday

today was pretty good

then again i have rarely had problems on friday the 13th

but some of the people around me today had some big problems

the worst being the truck in the lil town near me

the thing was full of grain and tipped over during a curve that climbs steeply through the center of town

this morning started well

even though i had little sleep, i was able to get dressed and out of the house on time

except for the few minutes taking pictures of Google

he decided to dress in drag today

IMG_1260 a

he is such a pretty boy *eye roll*

he has a bit of a fetish for my clothing

the bra was one i wanted to wash and it was draped over the box i had on my bed

google decided that he was going to paw it over him

very slowly


like it was a blanket

and thus he fell asleep

IMG_1261 a

he is a dopey cat

but i took my cue from him and just found the simple pleasures in the day

i found a fun pair of socks

they have comics on them!

so while google stole my bra, he hasnt yet stolen my toes!!!!

IMG_1292 a

i had to post this for the lovely men in my life who have a fetish for feet

haha and for comics

i hope your friday the 13th wasnt too bad


Because it is Friday and people like breasts



i like to have a lil fun with the picture i take, this one is from a day when i felt bored and had time to kill

i set up the camera on the tripod, got some soap and had a little fun in the shower

swear that is soap

#FetishFriday ass and toes

i meant to post this earlier in the day but got distracted by so many sensual men on various sites, such naughty boys out there… hope you enjoy



another shot for #FetishFriday

the more i think about this #FetishFriday the more i remember the holiday party held by Erotic Meet

there had been an auction and i was one of the “things” up for bid

to that date i had never been put over someones knee and spanked, so i offered up myself for some lucky winner

the gentleman that bought me had a very good hand, handsome and sweet if you can see past the player he tries to be… which really is sad because i see in him someone really lovely…

ah well thats neither here nor there

so we went downstairs, away from everyone else in the bar

there was a crowd growing and everyone either wanted to watch or join in

he started slow and then got really into spanking my ass

others joined in as he held me down and ooooh how i was getting wet

had it not been for the bad position, over the knee really turns out to not be for me… i could have gone so much longer getting spanked

i love it, the feeling of the hand rubbing slowly over my tights and the sudden thwap stinging my skin

oh and the feel of the crop … makes me bite my lip just thinking about it

its not that i am a pain slut, just that there are some forms of pain that really give me pleasure


hope you like the pic

taken by @Hungry_Joe





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