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2nd day of x-mass #NSFW

sorry my lovelies

no turtle doves either

but more feathers!

i loved looking over my images and seeing one that reminded me of the way to describe a large breasted woman

“she had HUGE tracks of land”

living in the french country side can have some advantages

you see the world in various colors, tones, shades and textures

i love when you have a parcel of land with one sort of crop growing and in the next area over the earth has recently been tilled

or watching the sky cast shadows over an otherwise sunny field.. that one puffy cloud or collection of small clouds sweeping past

so i found it amusing that an image, taken from below, was able to capture this feeling…

i present to you

my “huge tracks of land”

IMG_6704 a

tread lightly for my breasts are tender these days

lacking hands to massage them and help me relax

1st day of x-mass #NSFW

SORRY no partridge in a pear tree

but we have feathers

that has to count for something

IMG_6686 a

follow me as i count down to the new year

following the 12 days of x-mass and continuing on through till new years

my goal is to forget how much i hate the holidays

add some smutt and fun to our lives

and keep myself posting

i hope you enjoy and find your own pleasures to keep you smiling as the 2015 year comes to an end

lots of love



round 1 #CockInSock #MensHealth #NSFW

one thing to remember this november

is not simply

shave or not to shave

as that can be easily ignored by the mass public

and sure anyone can wear a ribbon

showing support for one cause or another

but i like the Cock in Sock meme

my main reasons for liking it best are as followed

1.. marketing… the way i see it, a huge portion of the net is up in arms for or against No Bra Day for helping support Breast Cancer Awareness… it doesn’t matter if the people are for, against or neutral … people are aware and talking about it and that gets them thinking about cancer awareness… thinking leads to actions

2.. the humor and erotic value… i know i love a picture of a good looking man, my definition of attractive is varied and always changing but one thing is certain… i love a man that has a sense of humor and feels comfortable in his own skin

the way you present something is what will stick in the minds of others

hopefully inspiring them to act favoribly

november is in support of all men’s health as well as the sexual bits like the prostate

one of the biggest things i have noticed in men’s mental health is body shaming

sure we talk more and show more and make it 100% more visible for women

but men suffer from it as well

often silently or ridiculed if they speak up

i have known male friends who were anorexic

so many who are depressed

and i hate how men doubt their self worth

sure some, women especially, may cry bullshit at what i say

but they haven’t met the same men i have

and if we have the same friends in common

perhaps i judge less and allow guys to be themselves around me

anyway my point being is that i am highly interested in supporting men’s health

from the tip of their hair to the point of a toe and all the bits in between

(sexual joke there as “bites” pronounced more like bit’s means dicks in french)

so what I have done is ask a number of friends, lovers, followers of my blog and to an extent random starngers ..like on twitter

to send in photos of their cock in a sock

I was thrilled to have so many offer

less thrilled by the idiots thinking I was just looking for cheap thrills

and sad I am too far from some of the lovely folks who want me taking their picture

over all I am happy with the results

should others speak up and want to join the cause

I will gladly post more blogs throughout the month of november

for now let’s start with the pictures


these are real men, not models getting paid

they are brave for sharing and I know for some this is a wild and scary experience in their lives

not all men are macho and badass punks

many are kind and live private lives only allowing in the ones they feel safe with

so I will not tolorate any negative feedback

these men are amazing

i am going to start with Mr Plume

the hubby of Oleander Plume who posted her husband’s support as seen here “Half a Pair”

the next image goes to TinMan

crock-o'so(u)ck-o'cock a

takes balls to stuff it down the mouth of a crock 😉

and here we have Long Sock Silver


the naughty climbing spiderman has me giggling, gatta love the geeks!

Porn Clerk turned up with 3 pics but i only used 2

12209214_10153139913016121_2021297082_o a 12211232_10153139912981121_1306490030_o a

i love the both images

Mr Seduction sent me this


enjoying the show

ah yes! Introverted issues


so many words to say but i’ll let the image speak for it’self

a good little soumis sent me this and asked for black n white

mms_20151107 a

a well behaved sub is always a pleasure

Accidental Masturbator sent the following

20151107_091556157_iOS a

photographically speaking i can’t say i’m displeased 😉

but here is my favorite thus far

IMAG5049 a

Mr Dutch Courage

i know how shy he is and send many hugs for his courage, dutch or otherwise

Many thanks to all the men joining me in this

men, take care of yourselves

mind, body and soul

again, if you are interested in participating… let me know

oh and purely for humor

here is my entry

you might remember i like plants and bought one solye due to the shape

naming it “Dat Ass”

but today i randomly found the more male match

i am sure it was the last plant due to…masculine form

IMG_4400 a

so i simply had to save it


and yes

  • IMG_4349

Mr Cock is wearing one of my monster socks 😉


calling all males… are you interested in posing for my blog #Movember #CockInSock

let me know if you would be interested in sending me a picture of your bits in a sock… yes you read me right

i want to know who would be interested in helping support testicular cancer awareness.. the male no bra day as it were

i want to post them on my blog, no face needed and no name needed…. just want to do my part to help folks be aware of men’s health and add some fun to the net

though a lot of people bad mouth no bra day, it has become something well known, something people can speak about for good or for bad

but men’s health still stays on the back burner for this type of cancer… so i want to do my part to bring equality to the net and human health…

i do know that april is officially the month for testicular awareness but….since november has become known for showing support and not shaving..

i am also accepting lovely images of your sexy ‘stachs
for those more on the innocent side who wish to participate by not shaving for movember…

so lemmy know
if you are interested

he made me see the magic

i went to a 14th of july event

it is kind of like the 4th of july for the french

at least as far as day off, everything closed and parties

not to forget fireworks or in this case fire play

IMG_2956 a

not sure if any of it counts as fire poi

and it was different than juggling

but either way i saw beauty and captured the magic in my pictures

i love the partial face in this image

IMG_2944 a

and the ninja feeling here, as well as the 2 leaves from the tree

IMG_2952 a

a larger capture of the above image

IMG_2954 a


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