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Private Pictures

“Fannies Rule” is an amazing thing to say, knowing that there is something more meaningful behind those words makes it all the better in my mind

The website http://www.fanniesrule.com is there to help woman know their Fanny, give a fun, safe and welcoming group where you can talk about your private parts

Speaking of private, I went to an event called Private Pictures yesterday and enjoyed every minute of it

I arrived late, I had been having some issues with my body and it was very hard for me to walk. My hips had been locking up and the nerves tingling in ways they shouldn’t

Walking slower than I like and getting confused when I got off the bus… damn English roads, they mark the streets when and where they choose…

I arrive, walk in and see the most charming site…

Bath mats on the floor, folded in half and placed for our comfort, some in the most amazing colors and patterns

Art supplies in a lovely pile centered in the room

To the back of the room a table with juice, tea, nibbly bits and room for me to add two more bottles of wine…

High ceiling with lots of lights and windows just as tall offering natural lighting as well as small lamps to better aid in those close up views

There were a number of us woman, different ages, personality, experiences and artistic skill

We chatted, learned about why we were here and for me it was a chance to learn how to express my body in an artistic way, to see how I felt about my lady bits and relax among friends

We then sat in a circle, backs facing each other to offer a bit of privacy while still enjoying the scene of oneness.

A small mirror each and different types of paper and colors to capture what we saw

I have no issues with my fanny, I enjoy people looking at it from the photography I have done or touching it, though I still can’t stand going to the doctors, those visits are just no fun… I like sex much better *grin*

I know that there are many in the world who are told at a young age… no don’t touch there, that’s dirty, that makes wawa (for the love of god why do we treat kids as if they were idiots… I mean honestly… wawa!?) or the more extreme were some people get mutilated for cultural reasons… there is no good reason to harm someone… ever

We also have those in the world with health issues that make us avoid our body and when you deny yourself even the smallest bit of who and what you are, it has an effect over every aspect of your life

In art you find so many wonderful examples of the female form, curves arranged lovingly over chairs, lounging and relaxing or posing in ways to show off the symbol of fertility

The human form is lovely, male or female, large or thin, whole or fragmented… we are living art and should learn to celebrate that instead of morning over the fact that we are not what we think we should be based on how society dictates

Be healthy, love yourself and teach others to do the same

The following are pictures I drew, it is the first time I have worked with charcoal in years and I never had much experience but the focus was not on the artistic skill but the enjoyment of self-discovery

Relax, enjoy, create

I admit I took some artistic license and a few pictures of my fanny are really not exactly what I saw but I really didn’t feel like leaning far back, holding my pussy open and sketching what I saw in the mirror

Instead I drew it as I saw it and added some changes… turning one into a rose and another into something a bit tribal or symbolic

I am thinking that over the summer I will try again to draw what I see and use different artistic mediums to capture my fanny

I really enjoyed the relaxed environment, the music playing, drinking wine and having fun learning my body

I love my fanny, if you have one, learn to love yours

If you don’t have one, learn to love the form and learn to love what you have

We are all different and in ways we are all the same, embrace who you are

Here is the link to the pictures I drew, figuring I could put them all in here but a link would be easier


The 1st Anniversary of Erotic Meet, my view of the night

I had a fun night

Starting from the end and working my way through the night…

My friend from the states needed me to ride the bus with her to the hostel she is staying at because she is scared of missing her stop in a strange town.

I didn’t mind the cold and that’s what friends do

We rode the bus, I yawned repeatedly but laughed at all the stories she told and loving every minute of the ride

So taking her home was a trip and then getting me home was longer!

I was so very, very tired, I had been yawning for hours and every step I took to get me to the bus stop that would take me home was that much further as people stopped me for a chat

I can’t say I blame them, short redhead in a maxi dress with lots of cleavage showing in the middle of the night… everyone has confidence to chat then…

The Frenchman that would not stop hitting on me, speaking his language, I finally got him to understand… I am tired, I am not interested please don’t make me miss my bus

Or the next Frenchman, I see a trend here… that was worried for me as I walked towards him, my mind focused on the night and getting to the bus stop

When I am focused I forget the rest of the world, only paying enough attention for safety reasons and I guess to him it seemed I was upset or unwell

Once I had an audience I livened right up and was very cheerful, outgoing and performing as I do when helping at the venues…

I felt the alcohol slipping away, I was completely sober but it had been keeping me warm

We talked a while, I missed my bus but that was ok, the conversation was good…

Eventually I made it to the bus stop, food in my bag and the promise of warmth in my thoughts

But let me star from the beginning…

I got my stuff ready and then I headed off to the Green Carnation

I got there early, did a lil set up, got changed and had the Captain lace me up in my corset

I was wearing my black and red goat skin corset, buckles on shoulder and across the chest, devil horns in my hair and a black short skirt… very much a shoulder devil to influence you in all the fun ways

If you know about the webcomic The Devil’s Panties (not satanic porn) you will know the shoulder devil reference

I got hit on by a number of new males that I didn’t know, some of the males I do know did the same and I got kissed a few times by different ladies… yes with tongue lol

It really is great being in a group of people I have known for months to a year, snuggling in close, arms wrapped around each other as we watch the show, sharing a drink and a laugh

I got my picture taken for “Someone once told me” http://www.someoneoncetoldme.com/ with the idea being that you write down something a person once told you and you pose with it.

I do try to convince myself and others that I am innocent, based off of the fact that the people I know really have done so much more than I have but every time I tell people I am innocent they call bullshit and say “you’re not innocent”

I figured telling Mario from Someone Once Told me that people call bullshit on my innocence while wearing devil horns really would be appropriate for his website

There was a Swedish camera crew from http://www.tv3.se/ that was there to film Ernesto the nude poet, I adore his words and the voice and accent that drives me crazy

The camera crew had Bunny and I sit in the front row with the gentleman doing the interview as we were filmed as the audience scenes for Ernesto’s performance

Later they interviewed Bunny and I separately in the street outside the bar

People in the road trying to understand what was going on and if the transvestites (fabulous woman, amazing outfits but I do recommend Bountiful Bosom’s for their breasts) were with us or a separate function…

With the Queen’s Jubilee just around the corner, everyone had been out to celebrate that night and one person was dressed as the queen

I was asked a lot about burlesque but that is really Bunny’s realm as she is a dancer but the sex questions and anything to do with how I felt about Ernesto (adore him!!!) was easy peasy for me to talk about

I can’t wait to see how they edit it and what they will show, I was really pleased with that and I can’t wait to be on tv!!! Granted not till August/September time frame but so fucking cool

I didn’t win a prize but that’s ok… there will always be next time and I did get a free vibrator that I kept in my cleavage all night. Sadly it had no batteries but I had it on display anyway and pulled it out every time someone worked up the courage to ask what that pink thing was between my breasts

There were many prizes being offered up, some by large scale companies like Tenga and others on the smaller more personal scale

I really did want the cufflinks and tie clip, I may have to stalk the lady out at the next London Fetish Fair (LFF) and see what options I have, the set would make really good gifts for the family

I think the men in my family (3 French and one Irish) would just adore cufflinks that look stylish and innocent with just a hint of naughty when you get in close enough to look

Over all I really did behave myself, teased a lot and that is more fun, there were some tempting offers and god I really wanted a good fucking but I am so damn picky

I have been disappointed by so many or by the various situations that I want whoever I choose to play with to be worth it

I want passion, desire, sex and it always boils down to what happens in the mind… sadly most just don’t know how to pick my brain… so I tease and flirt and behave

Hell with the heat last week I have turned down sex from over 15 men! Great for my ego and self-esteem but leaves me ever so horny when I go to sleep in an empty bed

So back to the performance…

The different performers were amazing and it was fun running around, chasing after the various needs of each artist, including getting all the left over supplies from their acts that had been left on the stage

For one performer she was very upset that her pasties fell off at the end of the performance

I understand her upset as that was not supposed to happen and was not part of the plan but the crowd loved it and in London that’s ok but in the states she could have been arrested …opps lol

Will have to work on getting better glue or strips for those tassels

So many gorgeous woman, different styles of art in every move they make and what wonderful stories they tell with the shake of a hip or the stripping off of a layer or two

For those that see stripping and burlesque in the same category, it really isn’t…

Don’t get me wrong, both have their place in erotic art but the vitality and the creative spirit that goes on in burlesque!

Oh so very different

From the witch doctor to the frustrated housewife and so many more routines… the performance is just that, something special to behold, something to entertain and it really is something that at the end of the night leaves you speechless and wanting more

The cabaret was delicious as always, I had never seen a saw played live, the sound hit notes that where both pleasurable and painful… I am very sensitive to sounds

The humor in each word nearly brought me to tears at points when I could just imagine the antics they must get up to that inspire their work and how much I would adore to hang out with them and become a muse to their artistic madness

The venue was perfect as always, great staff that sadly were entirely too overdressed but still drop dead sexy…

The décor lent itself perfectly to the photography on display by Holly Revell, lovely woman with and unusual style of art, amazingly talented

Overall it was a wonderful night, so many people arrived to make it a special first anniversary party and I hope many more will come to each of the following events over the next few months

I have loved working with Erotic Meet and have grown in many ways due to the influence of the erotic art that has graced my life

I hope for many more events, many more nights with friends and many more anniversary parties

Happy birthday Erotic Meet

to Annie and all the rest at Erotic Meet

I am looking forward to this evenings party, the first anniversary of Erotic Meet is going to be ever so memorable
For me it has been a special year, holding special meaning, it is not just the completion of a year with some of the most amazing people I have had the privilege to meet….

But really it is because this is the first step on a long staircase that leads off into the unknown and promises something grand and adventurous along the way

The people involved in making Erotic Meet evolve over the course of the year have worked so hard on their own time to make it possible for all of us to enjoy the various styles of art that is erotic and speaks to us on different levels

The people enjoying the events held by Erotic Meet and those helping out behind the scenes have worked together and encouraged each member to give that lil bit more, to learn about themselves and to grow as a community to support the creative souls in each of us

It doesn’t matter if you are professional, amateur or just thinking of getting your toes wet, this group is about the art of erotica in all its forms

I love how everyone has encouraged me to be me, to discover what I love about the erotic art and to learn to let out the hidden muse I have been keeping locked away for fear no one would enjoy what I have to offer

Thank you all for joining, if we haven’t met then it’s high time we did!

Happy First Anniversary!

Enjoy the night and make it a memory to share in your own special way


if you have never seen the site, please join us at http://eroticmeet.net/

My evening at Night of the Senses 2012

Yesterday I went to Night of the Senses

I was there from about 1:30 in the afternoon until I got back to my friends this morning at 7:22… I am in so much pain, feet hurt so badly and body feels abused, which is what I did to it. Though the abuse is more in the form of helping out at the venue and not from a dungeon scene *grin*

I helped to set up the venue yesterday, which meant feeling like an idiot for being too short while trying to help out my two friends as they hung the fabric that went up, beautifying the artists area and adding some privacy.

Instead of feeling foolish for not having a stepstool which would make me taller than my meager 5 feet of height, I helped to bring out tables and chairs of various sizes, some plush, some plastic and various weights as well.

The old brick walls of the venue, large windows and high ceiling made the volunteer and performer area look like some sort of artists coffee house (at the end of the event I did snap a few pictures as I would love a house built in that style).

The random naked musician on his guitar really helped add to that feeling and I have to admit I didn’t know what to think when he did a sort of hand stand which made his cock and balls dangle at the most bazar angle… it was artistic and great that he had the strength to do that pose but nude.. there was just something unsexy about how he hung there *giggles*

As you can tell I helped to take care of the performers and by that it also includes helping to fluff one of the male strippers. For those of you that don’t know (yes some still don’t) fluffing means to help get the performer ready for the stage, in his case I walked into the men’s bathroom with him and tried to give him a hand job.. sadly I just don’t feel confident in my skill with my hands, I have an oral fixation and that is my preferred method lol

So, with his permission, I got on my knees and got him ready for his performance, one guy walked out on us and two more walked in, it was so funny but I wasn’t embarrassed at all… it was for the sake of art… odd but I feel patriotic right now… *giggles* suddenly feel the urge to swear allegiance to the arts, though he did use a flag in his show *evil grin*

I helped him carry his kit down to the stage, a fireman with an ax really doesn’t have the extra hands to carry his supplies and has an image to maintain

This extra bit of help earned me a spot on stage during the end of his act. He had me come out, sit on the chair, I was blindfolded, no idea what he was doing but I was grinning under those bright stage lights. He stood in front of me and with his hands guided me where to touch

At one point he left my hand on his crotch while he was doing something else…

Well HELL!!! Of course I copped a feel …again, for the sake of art.

I was told later he broke his performers cool on stage and seemed surprised but pleased I had started playing. My friends in the front row could have told him many reasons why he shouldn’t have been so shocked *evil cackle*

But really… I am innocent, no matter how many people cry bullshit

Anyway back to the nitty gritty of the back stage

I was one of the few making sure there was always enough toilet paper in the bathrooms for the performers and volunteers, this may not seem like much but trust me it is a vital thing when you have so many people in one space.

I helped others picking up trash left from all the drinks and food that helped us all battle the heat. Ran down to the sound area a few times with performers music, went on a sort of scavenger hunt for mop/bucket/paper towels and trash bags… I won as I found 3 of the 4 items… sadly no prize but was hilarious when my friend asked… “did he see you with those supplies? No? MINE I WIN” and snatched them from me *giggles*

I really love my friends, they are all just so amazing for so many reasons

I missed a few of the performances even though we had a television with live feed from the stage, it was amazing seeing one gentleman up on the pole, his body controlling each movement gracefully… funny thing is, beautiful body that he has it wasn’t until he was dressed in this amazing kilt

I admit I instantly got on my knees to inspect it when I saw him arrive in the artists area… purely for the art of his kilt… swear, cross my heart and all that

The pattern was great and this leather work on the side…oh lovely! It really was a very nice kilt, I have such a thing for them and really wasn’t perving at that point or even trying to cop a feel… I only check regimental when allowed J

There were many points as the sun was going down that I watched the performers and wished I had my camera, I could see these really good angles of light and you could easily capture the laughter and enjoyment before going on stage

One lovely (but never innocent) woman sat in the corner, feet snugged in the chair, relaxed and reading a book. The light from the windows and the darkness of the brick walls was just perfect… sadly I missed it

At the end of the main event I got to hang out and explore a bit but there wasn’t much I was interested in, though there were plenty of great things to try and ways to explore, I am just very picky.

A lot of fun stuff going on but I don’t want someone I haven’t met spanking me in a dungeon. Though one of the performers I had met before and her girlfriend started talking at the bar and the girlfriend I did let spank me 3 times

Fuck that hurt but felt and sounded so good, she is big into audio for many reasons and has figured out how to get a great sound from each hit. I got her information as I have so few females as friends let alone anyone I would consider playing with in any way

There was a grope box, I got in there with a few others and enjoyed being blindly touched, felt up and played with. It was an experience I haven’t had before and it was great. The closest was when I was a teen and wrote about that in the blog about me being a gamer geek

At one point I hand multiple hands on my breasts, someone reaching in and touching my pussy, I was using one hand to support myself, the other to fondle a man in the box and a gentleman rimming me … yes well… that was nice *blush*

There was also a peep show area. The set up was a gated off area where couples could have sex while others waited outside the gate and watched, moving aside drapes and curtains. It was a safe, very nice and fun area if consenting couples felt like having sex, giving oral or other forms of sensual activities.

The sounds of pleasure and the views were wonderful. There were musicians playing and of course someone watching the zone to make sure everyone was able to enjoying themselves.

I tried to do just that, enjoy myself, with a friend and we did have a good time. I got very wet as he played with me and finishing him off to satisfy my oral needs but was just too damn hot to have sex.

The heat was killing me, literally! Honest it was, if I overheat I will have a seizure again and haven’t done that in ages. I really don’t want to do that again. Just after I landed this past week I ended up with heat stroke from walking around Camden

I talked with a ton of amazing people! Saw people I had not seen in months, new faces and old friends

There was a photography and art walk with many things for sale and I noticed one of the group portraits by Holly Revel was taken at the photography event I went to a bit back. I kept pointing out…to anyone that would listen, that I was in the photograph hanging on the wall!!

Ok so it wasn’t JUST me but fuck I am there and up front and you can see me!

I was geeking out badly at the idea that someone might buy it and never know that was me or maybe they would see me telling people that I am in the picture and they would buy it to remember the silly girl squeeing over the picture

There was a fun event with people getting up on stage and wrestling each other to remove the socks of one before the other could get them off.

The personalities were just so damn funny! Getting into it and making the battle become such a spectacle.

One of the performers from earlier in the night joined in while wearing a wig and had a fake dramatic fit when the wig came off, it was simply the funniest thing

I made sure I got the information of this adorable performer, she dresses up as a clown which would normally put me off but on her… just so damn cute! She is pint sized or so she seems that way with the makeup on and looking like a doll. I told her I need to get some good pictures of her (innocently) posing with the face paint so I can have my son redraw them in comic style. My oldest is a wonderful artist and I think he would enjoy that challenge

Ha at one point I told another friend I wasn’t wearing panties, I had taken them off as they were the waist cincher type that look much like a corset and couldn’t be bothers, just so fucking hot and humid!

He asked me to repeat and I did and again he asked me to repeat, so on the 3rd time I said very loudly, “I took my panties off” and he said “very good”

What a brat! *grin* but I adore him so

In the end my wonderful friend I had been kissing, fondling and enjoying throughout the night, went home and I stayed long after everyone from my group of friends had left. All having family or other fun things to keep them distracted through the night

I broke down the artist’s area on my own, I didn’t get rid of everything but damn near, leaving a few tables and chairs that needed to be wiped down. I did my best to pull down all those drapes and curtains we had worked so hard to put up, stacking chairs in the next room and I picked up so much trash

I would have done more but I was exhausted, my feet hurt and normally I could have fought this but all that lifting really wore out my body and made my hips start to hurt. I didn’t have my cane with me and didn’t want to risk having to limp home

Food and drink was provided for us volunteers and the performers, as well as whatever else the artists brought with them.

I did take good care of myself throughout the day and night, making sure others did too by drinking enough liquids and eating properly…

I can tell you they don’t have squash where I am from so when I poured myself a half glass of what I thought was fruit juice… yeah sugar high!!! Concentrated sugar sludge that would have been great for freezy pops but wow not so good without water lol

The individual who provided the feast spent 3 days cooking and nearly everything was perfect… I would say all of it was to perfection but I didn’t eat everything! I sampled most thought!

Making sure they knew if at the next event they would be cooking again that I would love to help! I am addicted to seeing how others cook and learning new tricks or teaching something I know and love

I really enjoy volunteering at these big events, I like being behind the scenes and helping backstage. Feeling important because of myself, for the effort I put in and making sure that others are able to do their part… just one more cog in the wheel but every cog is needed, no matter how small

I am such a socialite, I feed off the energy of the event and give back to it, I make a difference and somehow I need to keep doing that when I go back to France

I don’t know how you will read any of this, as in how you will feel about it… but I am honest, I don’t hold back and I enjoyed myself

The event was fantastic, so many great performers, guests and the volunteers

Some things, like I said just were not for me and that’s ok but I had fun and that was the point… worth every bit of sleep dept

Night of the Senses… my answer to someones question

note: i was reading over a post by someone on fetlife that was curious to see who was going to the event tonight, Night of the Senses proves to be quite the experience 

one individual was trying to understand the cost vs value…

not really something you can easily put an answer to as it is a charity event and the cause is a damn good one… fighting for the rights to enjoy your sexuality no matter what your needs, be you in perfect health/mind/body or not… we all want to have fun and enjoy what life has to offer

i dont normally like to post the messages of others but i did make a reply, as best as i can without having gone to this event before and only knowing what i have gleaned from the website and talking with people behind the senses.. but i really liked how my thoughts came out in the reply and wanted to share them

this is just my view, i could be wrong, please no biting my head off if i missed the point or offend anyone

the question asked (no name posted to protect their privacy) :

– could anyone who’s been to previous events say a bit about their impressions? I get the impression this is something situated between a type of cabaret/performance event, a swingers event, and a quite mild fetish place, but all done in a reasonably lavish manner. Is it worth the £75 per person being charged? What does it offer that cannot be found at many other fetish clubs?

what i replied:

from what i can tell, the cost is divided up into 3 areas

main being that it is a charity event for the Outsiders group to help everyone have equal rights to their sexuality. for some it is a sort of coming out party, helping them to feel safe to enter into the kink world and not be judged… same thing everyone wants

second part being that the event itself has fabulous performers, one after another.
even if you went to a single burlesque show or other event of that erotic nature, you would find the price is quite reasonable for having so many performers throughout the night

the last being that the after party from what i understand will not be a smaller affair like you would see at the london fetish fair or the london alternative market (both great after parties but on a different scale)

it isnt just for just one show and then you go home
its night with like minded fun people, in a safe environment to watch, enjoy, play, explore and meet new people… be they performers, part of the outsider group, various other artists from the area and afar… but it is a charity event and it helps serve a really good cause

we are all the same, we just want to enjoy life and all it has to offer


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