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Monday Requests #nipples #humor

so i was flirting with a friend

as one does

and i am feeling playful so i said i would take a request

he asked to see my my breasts

the warm weather being effective at raising his libido

i asked if he wanted me to write something so he would know they were new pictures

he said “suck my milk”

ok why not

that isnt too shameful or bothersome to me

i like the humor in it


so i took a bunch of pictures


and since i have a blog meant for sharing


you get to see as well


thus why i talk to people and flirt

i love being inspired to create something i can later share here

another one for the #ScavengerHunt ! doing the laundry

i have been forced to use the laundry box due to the fact that france doesnt believe in providing all rental houses/apartments with large item appliances…

IMG_9527 a

so currently i have two refrigerators (one a tiny box from a friend and the other from TinMan) … i will have to return them at some point… epp!

i have no dishwasher and i am going INfuckingSANE trying to keep up with all the hand washing and not having enough counter space to dry everything!

i have no washing machine or dryer… so like i said… laundry box! it is driving me crazy to live like this but i am doing it… i will get by for a bit longer…however long that bit might be… no idea

so… with all the times i have gone and done the wash… i constantly thought… I NEEEEEEEED pics here lol

yes it is a bit of a stupid obsession but i really am enjoying the fact that i am not harming anyone when i show off for the camera and i am trying to avoid scaring the kids or old men who might keel over from shock lol

always a risk of being seen but i try for less…

but it is fun being a bit of an inspiration for some of the people i know, showing off who i am when they are still too shy about their own body… for whichever reason.. be it too big or too small, too wide or too thin..

so..; here i am 😉

IMG_9524 a

it’s the weekend..have some boobs

don’t you just love when you can sneak in a selfie when someone isn’t looking

IMG_9224 a

even better when you can be a bit naughty and tease them later about what they missed when their back was turned

#NoBraDay Breast Cancer awareness

sorry for being away so long
life got in my way and many bad mountains had to be climbed and emotional madness


i had been seeing this picture on facebook
a lovely woman, sitting on a chair and her bra dangling from her outstretched hand

well it is october 13th (late as i post this)

why the hell not do the same as her and celebrate the day

no bra today

topless for most of the day and affection for the rest

hope you enjoy the image and support the ones you love

have yourself checked for breast cancer
be they female or male

we all start out as one, human, even though some become male… we can all suffer from the same ailments
we are human

why suffer when we can all make the effort to heal

IMG_2253 a

Will and his friends ;)

I love to take care of my friends

Make them feel special and show them the affection I feel for them

I am not very big into the humiliation side of kink

But I am very big into the loving and tender side that some people forget is there

If you cannot trust who you are playing with and if you do not care for their wellbeing…

I just don’t see how you can play and really enjoy yourself or they enjoy themselves


Yesterday my dear friend Will posted that he was upset his team for pool was down players and he was worried that they might lose, they only had 5 players

As I am such a fun lil lady…

I told him to motivate his team

If my sweetling Will and his mates, Lee, Kev, Dan and Ryan were able to win the night I would post their names on my breasts

And they won… or so I was told 😉

Never saw the score sheet :p


Will being closest to my heart I put his name on my left breast, he means a lot to me, such a loving guy and so shy


The others, I admit I could have written their names better but you try writing upside down and backwards lol

This made me giggle a lot 


Hope the boys enjoy 😉



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