Summer hammock #nsfw

so i am still not properly installed in the new rental house

but it is going well

i have land to take care of… interesting

the fun part is i decided that I NEED A HAMMOCK!

and i bought one

it is brazillian style, so made larger than normal designs and meant more for sitting but laying down is a lovely experience


last week was horridly hot where i am.. 38°C/100.4°F and a bit further up in the big town was 40°C/104°F

i went out to relax in the hammock and have been finding ways to rig it up to add a lil privacy.. a tent of sorts hahah

most of the garden is closed off but if anyone is in the house and one side attached to neighbors.. well that means i have to be careful in my nudity

but i made an attempt to see if i could


and i can

i’ve missed posting and when the net settles itself out, i will make an effort to start posting more (here but also twitter as i have been ignoring that as well)

i hope you enjoy my lil view of summer


News of the day…. plus #coffee & #boobs

news of the day
need coffee

need more coffee
omfuckinggawd someone pour the tasty coffee down my throat
in other news
have house to clean, shower to take, huge fly to help escape my room…..*wanders off*
large fly was saved from a slow death in the house and there are reports that a mayfly style of friend was also able to make an escape
we now return you to your regular broadcast
laundry to put away, bags to pack as i am going away saturday to a house warming party…
no slaves, have to make myself
fuck it, shower and then pictures of my boobs

i don’t want to adult today

i think i will play hide and seek with the house plants


you can’t seeeeee me!!!!

you know it really is difficult adulting when you just want to have fun and be silly

Why wait for October #BreastCancerAwareness

so, one of my new guys left a comment saying how much he likes breasts

well that got the “like” symbol stuck in my head and i wanted to do something cute

but being that it is now september and just a few short weeks until october

why not create a meme to share with others

a reminder

for women yes but for men as well

so here are my breasts

 a happy reminder that everyone should get a check up to stay healthy

i have posted this on my facebook page and you can easily share from there 

IMG_0079 a2

please be good to yourself and those you love

ladies please practice self exams to learn your body

( and for my lovely men too )

for good health as well as for pleasure

love yourself in all the best ways for all the best reasons

love others for that same reason

Monday Requests #nipples #humor

so i was flirting with a friend

as one does

and i am feeling playful so i said i would take a request

he asked to see my my breasts

the warm weather being effective at raising his libido

i asked if he wanted me to write something so he would know they were new pictures

he said “suck my milk”

ok why not

that isnt too shameful or bothersome to me

i like the humor in it


so i took a bunch of pictures


and since i have a blog meant for sharing


you get to see as well


thus why i talk to people and flirt

i love being inspired to create something i can later share here

another one for the #ScavengerHunt ! doing the laundry

i have been forced to use the laundry box due to the fact that france doesnt believe in providing all rental houses/apartments with large item appliances…

IMG_9527 a

so currently i have two refrigerators (one a tiny box from a friend and the other from TinMan) … i will have to return them at some point… epp!

i have no dishwasher and i am going INfuckingSANE trying to keep up with all the hand washing and not having enough counter space to dry everything!

i have no washing machine or dryer… so like i said… laundry box! it is driving me crazy to live like this but i am doing it… i will get by for a bit longer…however long that bit might be… no idea

so… with all the times i have gone and done the wash… i constantly thought… I NEEEEEEEED pics here lol

yes it is a bit of a stupid obsession but i really am enjoying the fact that i am not harming anyone when i show off for the camera and i am trying to avoid scaring the kids or old men who might keel over from shock lol

always a risk of being seen but i try for less…

but it is fun being a bit of an inspiration for some of the people i know, showing off who i am when they are still too shy about their own body… for whichever reason.. be it too big or too small, too wide or too thin..

so..; here i am 😉

IMG_9524 a

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