day 2 audio and a shower pic #NSFW

day 2 of my attempt at an audio a day for the month of may

still have yet to say something

am thinking

don’t rush me

but i did have a good night/morning chatting with a bunch of guys on twitter last night

very silly people

have missed gay men!

also missed long conversations of nothing and everything

where banter is witty and all that is needed

though boobs help

so this morning i found replies to tweets

and it was hard to pull myself away!

but had to do that whole thing of getting wet

shower you pervs!

and no, i dont play in the shower

not alone anyway

i know how boring for your fantasies haha

but here is a pic so my blogging duties are done and i can go forth and be productive!


and audio

damn… what shall i say today!

day 2 audio a day for the month of may #SFW

Audio for the month of may… day 1

so i was thinking that i want to get back into writing

but also try to do a sort of personal competition

in february i participated in the meme run by molly of molly’s daily kiss

along with others who had fun trying to post an image each day

well i recently read about ASMR and how some people are more affected by sounds than others

that some can zone out on simple things like whispers, crinkled paper or the melodic drone of someone

passionately describing jewelry on the shopping network

personally i adore the owl boy… cute steampunk kid (i say kid but really a young man) role playing

that he is a go to guy for what needs you have in the steampunk world

he goes by the name of Whispering Owl

this is the video that had me giggling and made my day.. reminded me so much of my son (the almost 18yr old) and curious to see what mischief could be made for future videos

totally innocent haha

ASMR – Steampunk Merchant Role-Play HD

anyway there were others with much more erotic voices

though they had not put erotica as their goal

but i would love it if they did!

DelucaASMR and EpicASMR are two (but there are others) who i would love to have read erotica

even soft and innocent but sensual

i would love to be lulled to sleep in a seductive way

so i was thinking… do i have a voice for this?

i tend not to enjoy whispering, some people just do it wrong!!!!!

ok not wrong but it irritates me in a huge way

is that misophonia

i dont know but i will discover more over the month of may

either way i know people love my voice

and i now have a phone that can record and submit

mmm submission hahah

anyway here is the link to what i posted on facebook and twitter yesterday

sadly not very much attention was gained and i got very little feedback

but i will try here

what’s my plan for the month of may

simply put, one audio a day for the month of may

either something random

or something read from my blog

i hope you enjoy and i hope you will leave feedback

positive comments are great but feedback helps me learn and grow

loves ya lots

here is todays post

sorry this gets in just a touch after midnight but fuck it

there are two links of me hahaha

cheating 😉

More #AudioBlogs, some naughty and some random

today i was able to read/record two of my earlier blogs and post them to audioboo

i also created some new random audio blogs and posted those as well

here are the links to what i have posted

from my blogs:

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here are the following random blogs:

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random 15 this will be awesome

random 16 one of those days

random 17 frustration over Empty Bed

hope you enjoy 😉

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