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      February 2018
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    Just me…

    my name is shalla…

    i am an american living in france

    i used to visit london about 2 weeks a month for fun, laughs, erotica, kink and of course to get inspiration for this blog…but time has changed and i am a bit on the poor side

    i am very snarky, playful and very rarely have a filter on my mouth. i say what feels right to me and if you cant handle that …i guess you just shouldnt be near me 🙂

    i am married but separated and in the process of divorce… can’t wait to be free of him

    i have 3 kids who i like to keep out of my chaotic world of erotica… though once of age i cant wait to chat and be silly with them… great people

    if you are going to hit on me i expect top quality pick up lines, the normal ones just wont do *wink*

    i am really easy going so feel free to drop me a note on here or twitter or what not but please be respectful

    lots of love, kink and sexual fantasies



    19 Responses

    1. love your blog really interesting

      • sorry i am not writing or updating often.. having serious internet and computer issues

        but thank you 😀

    2. Really cool frenchie x

      • heehe glad you like 😉

    3. Love your blog !

      • hahah so glad you approve 😉

    4. We just discovered you. Come and visit us when you get a chance.

    5. […] and into my Bad Kitty’s life. We struck up a chat while we waited for our mutual friend Shalla and so began our relationship. Some people know in an instant that they are meant to be with […]

      • *snuggles*

    6. I’ve just randomly discovered an EM message you sent me in March! Don’t know how often you check there, so thought I’d leave a quick comment here to say that if it’s words you’re after, you should check out my blog again (and DM me on Twitter some time)…

      • i think i forgot my password… and lol what i said way back when… xx will hunt you down later

        • It’s definitely a message I wish I’d read at the time, put it that way…xx

        • such is life… i am still rather clueless lol

    7. You are a lovely and wonderful lady. Just as fantastic as you say you are. I wish I could cuddle you up right now.

      • love you bunches hun, thank you for seeing me for who i am

    8. Hello Shalla. It’s the me the dude from Crownsville. Just got around to checking out your blog. I said I would so here I am.

      • good man! means i dont have to hunt you down and bop you on the head for not coming to read lol xx

    9. Congratulations on reaching 33, you certainly don’t look it.

      And I think your 11yr old’s got a future in stand up, his old fart line had me in stitches.

      • sadly the 11yr old is better as the writer for comedy, it’s his older brother that has the timing and delivery of humor down to an art

        xx thank you for the bday attention 🙂

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