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Just me…

my name is shalla…

I’ve added patreon to help fund my blog


I am an American living in France

I used to visit London about 2 weeks a month for fun, laughs, erotica, kink and of course to get inspiration for this blog…but time has changed and I am a bit on the poor side

I am very snarky, playful and very rarely have a filter on my mouth.

I say what feels right to me and if you cant handle that … I guess you just shouldnt be near me šŸ™‚

I am divorced and in a poly relationship

I have 3 kids who I like to keep out of my chaotic world of erotica….

If you are going to hit on me, I expect top quality pick up lines, the normal ones just wont do *wink*

I am really easy going so feel free to drop me a note on here or twitter or what not but please be respectful

Lots of love, kink and sexual fantasies


28 Responses

  1. Well that was a lot of fun….and Ive learnt a lot.
    Its interesting to read funny and sexy at the same time…funny makes sex funnier and funny makes sex sexier…
    I also enjoyed the fact that you actually enjoy everything around sexuality…an attitude patently lacking in the average day or night !

    • Thank you for being sweet
      It’s greatly appreciated

      • My pleasure…theres not many English speakers here in France that I would get on with…especially with your talent. What brought you to this area ? Its not exactly buzzing;;; Hahahaha

      • Mmmm the Disney princess story gone wrong

        Married Gaston in all his glory, realized how bad it was, got screwed in the divorce and now stuck here to be near my children

        Eventually need to get back on the right Disney princess path and find my beast šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

      • I notice from your street snaps that you are around Poitiersā€¦there are worst places to get stuck inā€¦have quite a few friends there.
        Yeah, actually the circumstancesā€¦divorce, kids etc is not an easy one to just shrug off. Ive been here since ā€™92 and I suppose that Im aclimatised to rural Charente lifeā€¦.managed to sneak off to Spain for two months of the winter..in Andaluciaā€¦what a relief hehehe

      • You can keep Spain šŸ¤£ far too hot for me and today’s weather was hot enough…

  2. I would live to make contact with you, but not quite sure how to do it

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