Just me…

my name is shalla…

I’ve added patreon to help fund my blog


I am an American living in France

I used to visit London about 2 weeks a month for fun, laughs, erotica, kink and of course to get inspiration for this blog…but time has changed and I am a bit on the poor side

I am very snarky, playful and very rarely have a filter on my mouth.

I say what feels right to me and if you cant handle that … I guess you just shouldnt be near me 🙂

I am divorced and in a poly relationship

I have 3 kids who I like to keep out of my chaotic world of erotica….

If you are going to hit on me, I expect top quality pick up lines, the normal ones just wont do *wink*

I am really easy going so feel free to drop me a note on here or twitter or what not but please be respectful

Lots of love, kink and sexual fantasies


22 Responses

  1. I would live to make contact with you, but not quite sure how to do it

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