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He asked for a scarf #sinfulsunday

Sundays are all about the image and this time I was inspired

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Sinful Sunday

I’ve been wanting to participate for the last few Sundays but haven’t felt like my sensual self

So many hardships in general, globally but many personal ones leaving me a C-PTSD mess

Tonight I asked Twitter for an idea and one lovely gent stepped up with an idea

He asked for a scarf and here we are

While searching for a scarf, I found a few old corsets

Meaning a much smaller size than I’ve been wearing and it turns out I can now fit in them!

A good news, double bad news sort of thing

Good that I’m reaching my goals

Bad that I’ll have to sell my favorite corsets

Double bad because I’m not sharing corset pics tonight as I need more room for better pictures

Hope your Sunday is sinful

Please be safe

13 Responses

  1. This shot is stunning. It’s so sensual and I find the hands beautiful.

    • I don’t really think much of my hands in general… Knobby knuckles, so many lines like the skin on chickens feet, short nails after the end of the finger tip and bent in weird angles
      But when posed just right, they have such character and charm that plays with the camera

      It’s funny how perception can change haha

  2. I love this shot. It is gentle yet powerful.

  3. This is beautiful. I love the polka dot pattern in the scarf and vintage edit just works so well to enhance the sensual vibe of the shot


  4. I love how sensual this image is, what a gorgeous scarf!

  5. This is absolutely stunning x

  6. This is beautiful Shalla … lovely colour edit, and lovely subtle sexuality.
    Just beautiful !!!
    Xxx – K

  7. A lovely image.

  8. This is a lovely picture, you look amazing in it and the lighting is perfect. Corsets are amazing and it’s good to know you are back in your old ones. The good news about getting rid of your favourites is that is the perfect excuse to get some more xx

  9. Very sensual! Here’s to new corsets which I sure will be even more sensual!

  10. This is one gorgeous sexual image, Shalla.

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