21 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “black and white”

While that’s something easy enough to capture using the right filters or objects…

Not everything is black and white

Theoretically possible to define with only two possible labels… Yet reality is far more complex

How would you describe me…

Even those who have known me long, would be hard pressed to list all the ways possible

A social chameleon is a simple cheat style of answer…




But others have different words to describe me

Some darker, harsher, more negative or filled with hate and loathing

Because there is no true black and white to any situation…

So many middle areas that offer ambiguity

I like to choose who I want to be

Not limiting myself to sharp, defined labels…

Being able to fluidly pass through one label to the next and yet always being authentically me within each…

Sometimes I find new ways to describe myself

Adding more depth, shadows or light but always reshaping who I am and how others interpret me

Seeing how it all changes depending on the way my labels are viewed and if you are capable to understand them

But always me

Tomorrow’s challenge is “stripes”

20 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “something new”

The weather was lovely

The windows left open to capture the breeze and that’s when “something new” happened…


So many

Bug screens are a myth, I know they exist but…

To avoid dealing with the “something new”… These evil flies…

I cheated

Installing the bug netting that now fits over my bed and hides me from this evil stress of flying ugg’ness

Though doing the installation meant being active and changing many other …things…

And so…

The “things” were changed

So now my bed looks like it is supporting a magical nest under celestial webbing…

I feel like some kind of Disney princess…but in bird form

Not as bad as Howard the duck…


I also decided to do something new for my bed time crystals…

And having a bit of fun to celebrate the equinox

Ok… Some wine as well hehe

19 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “a pair”

I think I covered a few pairs in this picture





Pair of panties even

I’m getting happier with my body but I still don’t have the strength I want

So if a pair of lovely ones want to give me a list of exercises I can do…

Solo and sadly not sexual haha

I kept this image soft and slightly blurred because I like the dream like quality

I’m extremely tired and only averaging 4hrs of sleep per night

So I’m going to listen to some meditation videos, finish my wine and hopefully have sweet and sensual dreams

Tomorrow’s challenge is “something new”

I guess I’ll have to try a new technique or grab something from the garden

“New” is kind of difficult at the moment

I hope I’m helping with being a distraction during these confining times

18 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “something old”

Going for a touch of humor

Anyone else remember Happy Bunny?

I’m definitely worse than you 🤣

Tomorrow’s challenge is “a pair”

Well now…

That could mean so many things

17 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “green”

I don’t really celebrate holidays and France is in lock down…

So Saint Patrick’s day did involve a lil whiskey but not much else haha

Though I did take some beautiful pictures in the garden, various plants, flowers and a mating couple of violet oil beetles…

Sadly the beetles are an iridescent blue instead of green but made me extremely excited

I’m Shalla Radiolady on Instagram if you want a peek at my “normal” world haha

Especially if you need something to help distract from the fear and emotional turmoil going on around the world

I’m not religious but I am spiritual and witchy

Since I haven’t been feeling well due to my sinus infection and it was too cold to be naked in the green outside

To wet as well!

And I have house guests, so I’m now limited to where and how I can take pictures

With France is in lockdown, they closed the student housing and my son’s friend had nowhere safe to be

How could I say no, it is literally the least I can do in this time of stress and panic

So I really didn’t have many options on what “green” I could show tonight

I decided to consult my tarot and oracle cards… I have many…

Honestly everything kept pointing me towards creativity, focusing on Me and showing something personal

Because I’m focusing on all aspects of who I am and trying to gain back all that I’ve lost or allowed to be taken from me…

I decided to show some of my favorite green stones

I have a large collection of rocks and minerals, they make me happy for many reasons

I sleep with a selection next to my pillow and it rotates depending on which call/feel right to me

I sometimes sleep with one or two in my hand or on my chest and I notice how my dreams change depending on which stones I sleep with

I try to be scientific about it

Being open minded and not letting assumptions or outside influences alter my intuition

Trying to step back from the social programing… Be it society in general or specific groups…

I try to be devoid of emotion and analyze the experience

I have noticed the largest stone in my hand, is the only one in my collection (out of stones I have experimented with) that chronically gives me nightmares or suspense and anxiety dreams

Which I find fascinating

I’ve noticed some stones help me sleep more deeply and it registers on my Fitbit… Which I wear to help keep an eye on my various health issues and prove my insomnia

I’ve met a lot of unbalanced, flaky people… I try my best to be balanced, objective and always curious…

The reason I choose my rocks, was because I had a dream with my crystals in it… Which is extremely rare for me… So, why not share a few

Tomorrow’s challenge is “something old”

For now I sleep, dream and hopefully travel somewhere in my dreams


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