Screwed in all the wrong ways 😭

Yay (sarcasm)

Was feeling all cute and cuddly

Ready to face the cold and wind so I could toss the ball around with Bruce

Was going to make a fun video and be cheerful with the cats and Bruce

Back inside with a panic attack

Was supposed to get a small shipment of cat food to hold me over till I get money in the bank after the 5th

Because tomorrow I’ll be out of cat food and I can’t guarantee local stores will have any and I’d have to walk 6+ km to the nearest store in a lockdown county

But plans fell through and earliest I could get help is Wednesday

This is why I give help but have been too traumatized to ask for help

This is why I get upset when people pull a surprise on me

This is why I need full details

This is why my ex husband traumatized me and has instilled this behavior into my boys, thus perpetuating the negativite pattern of miscommunication

And this is why folks try to say I’m paranoid and don’t genuinely need all the details

This is my constant

This is my daily, weekly, monthly for years

This is not new because of covid-19

This is because society at large…sucks and now I have bigger stress pilled on top

So I’m going back to bed to cry my frustrations because tomorrow I’ll have to be strong and find an alternative… As always

I’m seriously tired of chronically being strong

I got blocked 🤣 poor baby

Edit to show original post

Had to scroll around to find it after he blocked me

Clearly shows inability to do that reading comprehension thingy lol

Edit end…


How cute

Mostly porn… Hmm do you even understand the difference?

No intellectual thought… How many people actually remember or know about the “dunce cap”

Pretty high quality snark and sarcasm there, touch of humorous tones inspired by various series … plus old school special words too

Ah how Trump supporters have no ability to take time and use their brains for more than shit stirring and promoting the suffering and it deaths of others


I see many should be wearing the dunce cap and sent to the corner

Nudity-Sin poem #sinfulsunday

Sinful Sunday is all about the image

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Feel free to skip my words, I have many that I needed to say

Sinful Sunday

I’m feeling rather nude and raw these days

Not in the fun sort of ways

I’d been doing really well with focusing on me, working on getting back my creativity and feeling more sexualI’d even started having a few fantasies again…

I haven’t had those in years

Not ones for me, my desires, my wants, only adding in specific people if it was my choice

Instead of people pleasing or story telling and creatingI was doing really well!!

Then I ended up being guilted into taking my 18 yr old son and his friend into my home for 2 weeks

I wasn’t ready

He didn’t have to be there normally, not his typically scheduled time but she had no where else to go due to the closing of student housing

I ended up sliding back into old habits of trauma, losing all the momentum and happiness…

and confidence…

I had worked hard to gainSo many panic attacks due to C-PTSD and I’m genuinely struggling

So I’ve been raw online

Screaming at the world to do better, be better and stay the fuck home

But also trying to reach out

For my sanity as much as others

I can easily strip my clothing and run around naked

Ok maybe not run…

I don’t do that running shit…

But you know what I mean

Being emotionally naked…

That’s more difficult for most but I practice it dailyI’m lonely…

More so than typicalI’m scared…

For reasons you probly wouldn’t anticipateI’m frustrated and angry…

So I’m exposing myself…

In many ways

And if someone needs to connect on an emotional level, I’m happy to help…

Because it helps me too

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