12 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “your name”

While I KNOW what they meant…

I chose to be a *stickler for wording

Choosing to write “your name” on my left breast because the left is *closest to my heart

*Two references from Killjoys

The way I see it

Everyone who’s been good to me

Those who have touched my heart

Be they random strangers being kind when I needed it most




Or even future lovers

“Your name” is written in my heart

Though any future lovers will have to write an application to be considered


The reason I mentioned Killjoys is because I love the friendship, the bond of family…

Be they characters who are genetically related or not

The actors do exceedingly well at breathing life into the characters

There are times when I cry because the love they portray, is what I want in my life but keep struggling to find that type of connection

The romantic side is well played and sensual

The friendship and family is what I long for

The kink… Ohh I do love the fun that’s hinted at

The communication, the warmth and passion… All things that I know do exist in the world

And it’s something to remember…

Far too many have lost those memories, of what the world could be…

What it should be

The love and affection is far more in the direction of the Addams family vs what so many ignorant fools head towards with the Joker and Harley Quinn or 50 Shades of shit’storm

So I’m making a point to remind people to do better, be better and don’t settle for less

Tomorrow’s challenge is “prized possession”

Happily I already have an idea

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