Random “dick” humor

Don’t mind me….

I’m just gonna sit here and fiddle with my “micro penis” using my tongue…

Gingerly bit into a very hot potato and burnt the roof of my mouth, the area just behind my two front teeth…

It doesn’t hurt but it’s inflamed and feels like a tiny dick…

I can’t stop fiddling with it

5 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “feet”

It was a lazy day

No matter how I tried to be productive or what I actually did…

Just no energy

The winds are high and causing horrible migraine pains

But not letting that stop me

Starting out with staying in PJs for as long as possible

Nomming on oven baked sweet potato fries… Tasty and healthy

Though not exactly sexy haha

But there’s no law saying I have to be sexy everyday, all day…

Eventually forced to go out into the world wearing real clothing

Uggg hoomans haha

Was able to steal some alone time and get comfy in one of my soft robes

It’s a very long couch and I’m a very short lady

Would love a cuddle buddy or few

While my libido is still asleep, meaning I’m currently demisexual…

I’m very much in the mood for affection, romance and snuggles

A number of submissive guys keep trying to talk me into allowing them access to my feet

But it’s been years since I practiced BDSM and part of me has lost my confidence

The other part of me views it as work that I won’t get any sort of reward from

I don’t really trust the way people practice BDSM in France

The concept of “safe, sane and consensual” seems to mean nothing to many

I also need a connection…

Friendship, communication and respect are vital to any relationship but more so in BDSM play

It’s hard for me to find the quality I need, not only to play with but to stimulate me to a point where I crave them

I don’t want to have to slut my way through town or websites to find what and who I need

So I’m going slow

Working on myself

Tomorrow’s challenge is “happiness”

So tomorrow I’ll try to figure out what makes me happy

What brings me happiness


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