4 of 31 March photography challenge

Today’s challenge is “a clock”

My boys were out

I decided to brave the cold and the drizzle

So I set up a garden table

My camera on a timer

A mirror behind so I could see how I was posed…

And a clock

Then transferring the images to my phone for editing and warming up with some coffee

I’m using a free app, my options are limited and I wasn’t 100% happy with the few pictures I took…

But there was no way I was staying outside for long haha

Then I decided to play around with the options

Since this is the year I’m trying to gain back my magic…

The part of me that’s been missing…

And with today being “a clock” sort of day …

I guess it’s “time” to work on that magic

Like me, the clock has no batteries and stuck on a fixed point

But that’s an easy fix

I guess it’s time to work on the more complicated fix for myself

Tomorrow’s challenge is “feet”

Many options haha


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