1 of 31 March 2020

A friend wanted to be motivated for March, get back into things that give pleasure and something a group of us could do…

So she saw this photo challenge

Being that I have Instagram for NORMAL life

and this blog for everything else…

Why not do the challenge for both

This way I have a theme for each day, it isn’t erotic based but forces me to think outside the box if I want to post here

So day 1 is “Your view”

For normal life, I took “Your view” to mean what I see in front of me

But for here…

Catching my reflection in two mirrors captures my view…

I see myself

Looking back at myself

I see myself

Not whole

Yet not broken

I see myself


Yet not

I see myself

Of this world

Yet apart

My view is captured and altered to fit my mood

Because I relate to the physical and the psychological

With my libido asleep

I don’t feel whole

A part of me is missing

Either I can wait, hope or beg the Gods and Goddesses to bring me someone or to help me find someone…

-Who is capable to wake up my sex drive

-Who is able to inspire me

-Who is brave enough to take a chance

Or I can do it myself

I can be the Phoenix that rises above it all and creates new beginnings within myself

I’m not broken but I am apart

And each photo helps bind me back together

The distance is smaller today than yesterday, than the year before or before that…

So “your view” is a fitting start to the challenge

Because this is an aspect of how I see myself

Slowly coming together and creating something new

10 Responses

  1. This is very good!

    • If no one is gonna wake up my libido… Then I’ve got to kick it onto gear with photography 🤣

      • Oh goodness! You are so gorgeous! People must fall over themselves just to be in your presence. However that is no good if it doesn’t make you feel wonderful. If photography is your passion that is wonderful but I hope you find both because orgasms of course are to die for!

      • Uggggg… I’m too young to be a cougar! I only just turned 40 in October, most of my “peers” think I’m an obnoxious punk uni student, my youngest son is 12…. My oldest is 22…

        I’m happy with milf status

        But all this young things are popping up out of the crib, some are admittedly what I lusted after in my youth… But… Need brains!!!

        Few believe in foreplay, understand what it is and that it lasts longer than two minutes of sweet nothings haha

        I get sooo many scams! Like I have “easy mark/idiot” on my forehead

        Sooo many boring people!

        Or the ones with seriously high ego and can’t read a profile and omg the lack of respect

        At this point I just want cuddles, lots of cuddles, like a pile up of cuddles with multiple people, movies and snacks 🤣

      • Awww I couldn’t agree more to the cuddles with multiple people movies and snacks! And maybe little naps too…

        I have started to be a bit more direct lol lord knows if it will work… If I don’t cum at least four times before you then it ain’t happening lol

        You work is really cool

      • Shitttt…. I’m lucky if I can orgasm ONCE!

        What’s worse, guys are way too easy for me to please

        But the last woman I was with, I gave her 4 orgasms in 15 mins… I have skills!

        Yet can I find someone who has skills? Nope

        I’m BORED 🤣😭🤣

      • Awww you poor lovely! Our fella sisters our letting us down by not demanding a higher standard!

        Your website is fun! What’s the plan with your work?

      • Mmm started because of Molly, she liked my writing and encouraged me

        But I was married and in a shit way

        Lost my muse and confidence but wanted to try keeping with my photography

        After the divorce, many found me attractive at 92 kilo/202 lbs, and I couldn’t get professional photographers to give a shit because I wasn’t stick skinny and fun for them…one bitch even made me cry

        So I started proving I could be attractive, doing body positivity and I’m very open about sex and trying to remind people to be good lovers…

        Remember to have fun, enjoy the sensual side, communicate…

        Still no muse, lost 30 kilo (maybe 60 lbs?) and this year I’m trying to get back to being Me

        You’ll like the pic I’m posting for today, tried out various filters and snuck it in while my boys were out haha

      • Awww this is lovely! My heart is melting!

      • Yay! Like ice cream! Haha

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