Turning 40 soon

So my birthday is fast approaching and the celestial heavens are sending out synchronicities

This is MY time

I shall start to speak out more and channeling my Greta like rage but focusing on social behavior

Already have a blog post that’s starting to write itself on rape culture denial and gaslighting denial

Should be fun 🤣🤣🤣

3 Responses

  1. like to be your toy….. as you wish….

  2. Hi, miss shalla…
    you say that you don’t have local friend, maybe could i be this….
    kisses, patrick

    • As I tell everyone, if you can’t stimulate my brain, you won’t touch my body

      I find the men around me to be boring, egocentric, some are rapists who can’t understand you don’t need to sexually violate someone to make them feel victimized and far too many in the Bdsm or libertine community use it to let out their violent behavior as an excuse because they have no idea what any of it means

      The women… The majority are snobs, cold, are not interested in meeting new people

      In France, be it locally or online, I can’t find what I want, need or deserve

      Hell, I feel the same level of violation as I did in all the times I was raped or avoided being raped, by guys who think they have the right to force me to kiss them

      I look for friendship first because any relationship NEEDS friendship and trust and communication

      But folks here just want to fuck or dive into a relationship right away and expect me to drop all my priorities and take care of them or them and their kids

      I refuse

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