#sinfulsunday morning surprise

My trip to Ireland was fun…

Though none of what I had hoped to achieve panned out

I’m a tad bitter about this but I made the most of it, even if I did not get up to very much mischief of the naughty sort

TinMan was naughty for me

While I was off galavanting through towns and a castle…

He decided to tease me with an erotic picture for the day’s I was away from him

Each morning was a wonderful surprise

Tonight he picked me up from the airport and treated me to many wonderful things…

Starting with a shower

I do love when he scrubs every inch of me

Sex is always on the menu

And speaking of menu…

Dinner was home cooked and too filling for dessert!

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Sinful Sunday

21 Responses

  1. I think I recognise hose stairs – it may be a tourist we have ventured to ourselves. Hope you guys had fun x

    • Those kind of stairs are all over Europe

      Going to try getting more shots at local castles

  2. Sounds like a great trip and homecoming…

    • Oh the trip had so much bullshit due to some other Americans in the group I was with

      If you travel to far off lands, you don’t act like an ass and walk around acting like you are at home

      • Agreed! It’s really obvious who the fellow Americans are when outside of America, they’re the ones acting like idiots.

      • Some behaved well with the locals at the pub but others, it was like they were behaving like they had an embassy around them and never left the states… As if others had to bend over backwards to accommodate them

        If that’s how you behave, why leave home?

  3. That is a fabulous shot of Tin Man and a welcome home shower souds blissful


    • He’s been wonderful and so helpful with all my misadventures

  4. Well… Not a lot to say…. There I was expecting more castle pictures 🤣

    • Oh I have a bunch of normal pics from the castle but few naughty ones lol

      I will be going back at some point and dragging TinMan with me 😂

      • Cool

  5. The picture of him flaccid is fantastic. Bravo TinMan!

    • He is such a horrible tease and I’m so proud of how he’s advanced over the years, doing the blog with me has really helped him gain confidence in his body and his sexual desires

  6. Wonderful series of photos here.

    • Thank you so much
      Not yet awake to go check out what everyone else put up but I’m curious

      Saw some good teasing pictures when I posted mine

      • There are some excellent submissions this week.

  7. I’m sorry to hear your trip was not all that you had hoped for, Shalla. That was so nice of Tin Man, and I love your shower scene.

    • Oh he is a sweetheart and gives me more love than anyone ever has

      Which I need right now cause I’m sick as a dog

      • Get well quick, Ms S

  8. Always amazing! ❤

    • Thank you my lovely

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