Kitten takes a selfie

So I’m down to only 9 cats of various ages …was up to 17 last November

Hopper is a dopey kitten

He seems to love me most out of all the hoomans

Or maybe he just loves my boobs

I’m really not sure

11 Responses

  1. Dammit, Lil Miss, that wasn’t what I was expecting when I saw the title!

    • 😂😂😂
      You know me, if I’m being too serious there is a problem… And I have too many damn cats to not share them

  2. Poor thing, I can see why he gets jealous

    • Phantom Oreo is really jealous… He is my favorite but is feeling left out

      Mittens goes through moments when she ABSOLUTELY LOVES ME!!! and has to be in my lap to nuzzle and headbutt my boobs and hide in my armpit lol

      • All I know is those cats are lucky to be able and cuddle you =P

      • Haha maybe one day we will meet and I can be in the middle between you and your love

      • And that would be so very awesome!

  3. Hopper just knows where the best place is to lay at 😉

    • Oh he’s such a cuddle slut!
      It’s kind of obnoxious haha

      • He can’t help himself :p

      • He gets jealous of anyone… Cat or human… giving me attention 😂😂

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