#SinfulSunday blue x2

all sundays are about the image

but this sunday has the special theme, the color blue and a fantastic sponsor Kink Craft

click on the lips to see who else is sharing their sinful sunday images

Sinful Sunday

blue is one of my favorite colors

i have a special light bulb that can change colors one at a time or rotate through the full spectrum or just a few color choices and all of this being controlled by a remote

very handy for tonight’s theme

i chose these three images due to the way the “smoke” from my ecig added dimension to the images


the vapor /smoke in this picture reminded me of a dick… or jelly fish


this too reminded me of a cock… a nice fat one


but this one feels more innocent… like an image of the moon shining through the clouds


for those of you who can count (i’m not much of a math person) are probly wondering why the x2 in the title

my lovely TinMan has decided he wants to participate as well

remember from my past couple of blogs, how i have been taking pictures each week with a different theme from one of my groups…

well TinMan has been doing this as well 😀


his entry was created for the gaming theme… he chose to use his first gaming console

the blues in this made me so sure of the need to share and i’m really proud of the way he edited his image to add in the galaxy theme to fit his science fiction attraction

as if a normal guy was brought into the game and let lose to create a more erotic corner

i’m very happy he gave me permission to post this for him

16 Responses

  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.js[…] I confess I was initially lured into Sinful Sunday by the enticement of the word “Blue” (wk 334). Like a naive protagonist in a fractured fairy tale,  I strayed, along with my favorite sexy blue headphones, into a surreal forest of erotic blue images: striped legs, blue glass butt plugs, an intense and unnerving portrait, a nude against a gloriously blue sky. And a man, a silhouetted stranger, cock in hand in blue tinged room. Writing about the freedom he was experiencing now his family had left the house. Further along a man with a  – bat? saying follow me. Another man with abundant body hair almost wearing a blue towel, and finally a man wearing an electronic? helmet and little else… […]

  2. These are wonderful! I love the moodiness that you’ve created with your smoke and I love the magic in TinMan’s photo, with the galaxy overlay, it’s really wonderful!

    • He had a lot of fun editing that picture, was great seeing him take such an interest

      I have a few other blue pics I’ll post soon, maybe tonight if my net behaves

  3. Oh wow all of these photos are fabulous! I adore the mystical look added by the vape. My other half has a thing for people vaping and now I can see why!
    Aurora x

    • Oh you should see the fun stuff my oldest and his friend have done with their Vapes

      Bubbles are really fun, I posted a pic and a video on my Instagram (ShallaRadioLady)

      The only trouble is if you want that dark feel to be in the pics naturally… Ya kinda need to air the room every so often 😂😂😂 we forgot that light will bounce around on the smoke and brighten the room hehehe opps

  4. Those smoke images are absolutely amazing and I saw a cock straight away in the first one too.

    • Omg I can’t help but see images in things… Honest I once saw a “duck” and a “guy” having sex in the clouds, friends were around and laughed themselves sick but it was before cell phones lol

      Did capture some cock cloud pics a few years ago, pulled to the side of the road cause I just had to get proof haha

  5. I really like the third image of yours, you can just make out more of your face in that one and Tin Mans image is quite frankly out of this world


    • I really am excited about his growing interest in photography and Photoshop… He’s very creative and plays beautiful music but it’s fun having him go into my world… Be it kink/erotica or photography

      I hope to add a few more blue pics tonight, internet permitting and I posted one on Facebook that was “safe” haha

  6. Love the atmosphere surrounding the images of you and the Tinman one is super cool – more from him would be great

    • I’m gonna try talking him into starting his own blog, it’s really good for him and he has a very poetic mind… Which is beautiful, confusing and fascinating to try and understand when he is writing in French

  7. Such a one track mind, Miss Shalla, not that I’m complaining of course. Nice of you to invite the TinMan… cool pic. Maybe he will get the bug.

    • Oh he’s been getting the bug but now he’s doing something about it and it’s wonderful for his self esteem

      You know how it is for guys, if you don’t have that macho look you get crap for it and having him in my blog, on and off, has really helped him with body positivity

      Which is why I do my blog, in part, because no matter what shape, height, color, weight or any of the rest… You can love the shell you’re in

    • Haha and my mind is rather innocent all things considered… I just know what others will giggle over

  8. Blue is my favorite color and there’s one of my favorite women, absolutely wonderful images and TinMan is a bonus 😉 ❤

    • Awww you are such a charmer! Many hugs my lovely, maybe one day I’ll get you and your lovely one in my blog 😉

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