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      September 2017
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    #SinfulSunday blue x2

    all sundays are about the image

    but this sunday has the special theme, the color blue and a fantastic sponsor Kink Craft

    click on the lips to see who else is sharing their sinful sunday images

    Sinful Sunday

    blue is one of my favorite colors

    i have a special light bulb that can change colors one at a time or rotate through the full spectrum or just a few color choices and all of this being controlled by a remote

    very handy for tonight’s theme

    i chose these three images due to the way the “smoke” from my ecig added dimension to the images


    the vapor /smoke in this picture reminded me of a dick… or jelly fish


    this too reminded me of a cock… a nice fat one


    but this one feels more innocent… like an image of the moon shining through the clouds


    for those of you who can count (i’m not much of a math person) are probly wondering why the x2 in the title

    my lovely TinMan has decided he wants to participate as well

    remember from my past couple of blogs, how i have been taking pictures each week with a different theme from one of my groups…

    well TinMan has been doing this as well 😀


    his entry was created for the gaming theme… he chose to use his first gaming console

    the blues in this made me so sure of the need to share and i’m really proud of the way he edited his image to add in the galaxy theme to fit his science fiction attraction

    as if a normal guy was brought into the game and let lose to create a more erotic corner

    i’m very happy he gave me permission to post this for him

    E.B. Starpointer

    erotic author and sex-positive male commentator

    An Accident In Space And Time

    Just your average, friendly Vulcan

    Exposed Loving

    Be Love. Bring Love. LOVE.

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