Adult toys and summer heat

I’ve had my kids for a month

There just isn’t enough room in the house for everyone long term

The heat and humidity has been unbearable and I’ve had horrible insomnia

Lately I haven’t been able to have sex or masturbate

This usually doesn’t bother me as it’s my choice

But with the heat… Omg NOOOOOOOOOOO sex is evil and I’m not going hunting for it and no privacy to invite someone over or touch myself

But this morning I said enough is enough

I decided to mix and match some toys

While I like my Lelo, it’s not bad but not what I want ..  no I don’t know what I want

Today I needed more

I took a male toy and fit it to my female toy

There are a number of reasons why I love the pussy sleeves with an opening on both sides

Easy to clean

Great for male solo masturbation… Especially in the shower

Great for masturbating your partner and keeping him on the edge… Mainly because a guy generally comes more quickly than with a typical hand job

Also fantastic for simulating deep throat or blow jobs if your guy is either too wide, too long or both

Just pull it down over the cock and use your mouth on the part of the cock that is exposed and give a good hand job using the toy

But I figured

If the Tenga eggs can be reversed and put in the head of a vibrator for stimulation of males and females, thus turning the you into fun for anyone

Why not the pussy sleeve

So I put half in my pussy

Inserted my toy into the rest and… Oh my that was nice

There was fullness inside of me

A slight vibration transfer as well and very smooth addition to the vibrations running on my clit

I think a successful experiment

13 Responses

  1. My favorite part about make toy stories is illustrations. No stunt doubles 😈

  2. I’m a little confused: did you just use this externally or to make the vibrator thicker for penetration?

    • I added the sleeve to extend the vibrator so I could manipulate both at the same time

      So part of the sleeve was inside me and the other half was holding the vibrator to my clit

      Was rather nice and would be a good way for folks with shorter arms to play

      • Interesting.

      • I don’t have much feeling in my sexual nerves any more… Part psychological but part due to pinched nerve in my back

        So in some ways it’s like erectile problems in guys

        If I don’t find ways to try and stimulate, I feel less sexual desire and being demisexual when I used to be highly sexual… Omg it’s no fun and bad for the brain

      • I almost envy you. Still, I guess the grass is always greener …

      • Now that makes me curious

  3. Necessity is the mother of invention. My son just went back to school. A lot of pent up desire sate

    • Haha I try to make things work

      Not everything you buy is going to satisfy the way you need

      For instance, I was given a vibrating egg with remote. . . Omg I hated it, the damn thing sent vibrations into my stomach and it totally missed my sex zone

      So I put in ben wa balls first and then the egg, the balls helped to keep the vibrations in the zones I wanted and it was a much better toy

      If I could get free toys or afford to buy anything and everything… I wouldn’t be so creative but I’m on a SERIOUSLY low budget and have to find ways to use what I buy

      • Male toys tend to be awkward. Always wanted to try two bullets — his and hers — with one remote at a crowded restaurant or dinner party. Risk reward decisions

      • Depends on how much noise they make

        I’m curious about the toys that activate and vibrate to the beat they register around them

      • Never played with any other than phone connected toys. Another giving up of control

  4. Lovely ❤

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